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This update comes with 64-bit AAX that can be used in conjunction with Pro Tools 11 along with enhancements to AU VST, AU, and RTAS. It requires an Intel Mac running Leopard or more recent is required along and Ivory II already installed. Get More Softwares From Get into pc

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Synthogy Ivory II

The only difference is that holding your finger down when the pedal is in the down position, it’s similar to holding your finger down without a pedal. The sustenance “effect” they attempted to blend into the dry tone had the same sound. The Steinway B, along with Ivory II Grand Pianos, the most well-known and sought-after digital grand piano has elevated to a new height. It is among the best-recorded pianos that have ever been recorded, it’s Steinway B is widely considered to be the perfect studio piano. It has an ideal balanced power and dimensions that make it versatile to be used in any musical genre. This particular piano was picked to be used on Ivory II Studio Grands, later crafted in the Steinway & Sons factory in Astoria, New York.

Synthogy – Ivory II by JR Samples (KONTAKT)

Synthogy Ivory II Features

Ivory’s global critical acclaim and popularity have made it an industry standard, and also the virtual piano preferred by the most prestigious musicians in the world. The version below needs Ivory 1.7 to be installed.
Ivory 2.5 includes a brand newly developed Shimmer effect, a new Half-Pedal response, high-resolution MIDI speed response as well as Machine Authorization. Ivory II represents the most significant enhancement in the design of Ivory’s bespoke piano technology since its launch. It has been a long time in development Every effort has been made to ensure it is Ivory II is a true and worthy successor to the tradition that was established by our first Ivory products. It is important to have DVD #1 on your desktop for every installer to function. This update comes with Ivory 1.64 Plug-in for RTAS that is compatible with Windows XP and Pro Tools 7.

Ivory 2.5 includes a brand updated Shimmer effect, an added Half-Pedal response, high-resolution MIDI Velocity response, Machine Authorization, and many other enhancements. Note that the upgrades below only update the engine of the plug-in. If you have Ivory 1.0, 1.5, or 1.7 libraries, you can contact ILIO and request an upgrade. Ivory II. The update comes with 64-bit AAX that can be used in conjunction with Pro Tools 11 along with improvements to AAX 32 VST, RTAS, and. As a long-time Ivory 1 and 2 user and an accomplished classical pianist, I’ve discovered that there’s nothing more satisfying than this Kawai MP11 fronting a Macbook with Ivory II with a decent 24K interface and a great system, with the exception of a beautifully taken care of 7 grand. If you’re like me and have been waiting for the release of this software, but we’re not sure if you’ll need to spend the money that it comes with, this is the most comprehensive collection of piano-related samples they’ve ever made. The software cannot be returned after registration So please contact us for assistance regarding compatibility or the version.

Prior to recording the piano had to be tuned, voiced, and controlled by an experienced Steinway concert technician on the spot prior to being carefully played and recorded by members of the Synthogy team. The recording took place in the live room of Power Station New England in Waterford, Connecticut, which includes the replica acoustics of the famous Power Station New York. A Virtual Piano that started it all Ivory Grand Pianos revolutionized the possibilities of virtual instruments with stunning high-quality piano sounds with a robust, DSP engine, and a custom user interface.

How to get Synthogy Ivory II Free

A variety of piano-centric features are now available in Ivory II. Ivory II engine. One of the most important is Sympathetic String Resonance. It is which is a sought-after but obscure characteristic of authentic pianos that Synthogy tackles in a completely different and innovative way that reveals the full complex and subtleties of strings excitation. Harmonic Resonance Modelling is a revolutionary technology that doesn’t rely on the triggering of additional samples, sine waves, or recording in any way.
I spoke with the company and they told me they didn’t record any sustain samples due to difficulties in engineering. So, whether the pedal is either up or down and it sounds exact.

However, notes which are harmonically connected excite the complex overtones of the notes being played, much like unamplified strings sound in an authentic acoustic piano. Every Ivory piano is further refined and improved, with the ability to increase the velocity level, as well as soft pedal samples, as well as additional releases samples. Synthogy’s long-standing expertise in the field of piano development, together with its proprietary “timbre interpolation” technology combine to offer higher fidelity, unparalleled performance, and an experience that’s unrivaled. I’m a professional piano player and perform for a living, I own and tried various pianos that are virtual, addictive keys like the Alicia keyboard, the grand and Garritan CFX, EZ Keys, EW pianos. I was unable to understand why they were bad initially but I soon realized that the piano was lacking microphones, it’s impossible to combine different mics in order to create space, and despite all other controls, it’s useless in trying to create a piano sound that is real or lively, or even different.

If you own the Ivory Pianos 1.0 library or any other Ivory 1.5 product Please get in touch with ILIO as well as your regional distributor for an upgrade Ivory II. Ivory 2.0.3 includes enhancements on Tuning Table control as well as Sympathetic Resonance tuning silent Key thresholds, and much more. This update is available for 32 bit Ivory operating on OS X 10.4 and 10.5 on Intel and PPC.

Ivory II also delivers some of Synthogy’s top client requests, with features like Half Pedaling as well as Lid Position, Pedal Noise, and Tuning Tables to give you even more precision and control. In addition, features like Timbre Shifting, Parametric EQ, and the brand new Synth Layer control provide the latest sound-shaping capabilities for custom piano programming as well as sound design.

System Requirements For Synthogy – Ivory II by JR Samples (KONTAKT)

Before you start Synthogy – Ivory II by JR Samples (KONTAKT) free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Quad-Core CPU or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space required.


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