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An arpeggiator that can be linked to the host’s speed. Two assignable LFOs are linked to the host’s speed. 3 oscillators with FM modulation 1 ring modulation, the synchronization of one sub-oscillator.

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My computer is Catalina and I’m using Logic however, it does not want to open, and does not authenticate the plug-in. This page should be updated with its source code. I’d like to try Synth1 again, but Logic Pro X simply won’t allow me. Pressing one button on the interface results in an instant crash in LPX. I’m running OS Catalina and I’m using the 64-bit version of Synth1. The Synth1/Logic Pro X problem has been around for quite a long time.

Alongside these important changes, the new version of Synth1 comes with a bugfix that increases the performance of the MusicMaker software. The moment of the version is a beta, with an expected stable version is anticipated in the near future. There is no change in terms of performance contrasted with earlier versions of the plugin. I have installed synth 1. and 5. preset banks to start. I’m unable to get one among the banks up and running. Do I need help with how I load my presets in this program? Should it have been preset from the beginning?

😉 Lots of neat effects and stuff as well. But if you make bad reviews every time you find that a VST isn’t working properly on Linux and you don’t know when you’ll have to be using your fingers in the near future.

Synth1 isn’t an amazing synth however there’s a reason it’s one of the most downloaded plug-ins ever. In terms of the sound of synths, you generally get what you get for the money. Because Synth1 is a free plug-in and is not a premium one, don’t expect it to create an uplifting trance tune or a soaring bass kick. However, this does not mean that the instrument won’t be able to delight you. I’ve been using the 32bit edition of the bridge in REAPER for quite a long period of time without issue, However, of course, a native 64-bit version is always preferred.

Synth1 Features

Instead, you can use them as a “guideline” and make your own to suit your preferences and style of music. Wine has been proven to be a better draw this year than in the past like it has done in the past.

It is required to have a virtual host in order for the application. I just received the synth, it’s apparently updated to the June 2021 version. Japanese website.


Two specially-designed LFOs are synchronized with the host speed. Three oscillators, one having FM modulation, another that has ring modulation and synchronization as well as a sub-oscillator. What exactly do you mean when you say setting it up, whether setting it up or doing something different? Concerning the installation, the only thing you have to do is duplicate the content of the installation pack into the plugins folder. It has been with me for over a long period of time and I continue to use it often. You can make use of Google Chrome site translation. This is how I downloaded Synth1 whenever I want to.

Children who are soiled, you probably have. If you’re familiar with the analog circuit, you shouldn’t face an issue with Synth1. In fact, one could argue that the instrument’s limited capabilities make it easier to use as compared to other similar instruments. The instrument employs FM synthesis and subtractive to create its sound.

How to get Synth1 Free

Could it be due to the more than 9000 presets loaded? The removal of them made no difference, as the bank’s associations are present and loaded into the VST host. It is my experience that I’ve got Synth1 running flawlessly smooth in the same configuration as yours, but using Reaper as well as wines. I am aware that Reaper is proprietary software, however, it isn’t expensive and provides excellent VSTis support for Linux. I’m running regular Ubuntu 12.04 and KXStudio repositories.

Users who have upgraded into 64-bit versions of Windows host software can benefit from this freebie again. The Mac crew is able to make use of the plugin with every DAW program that can host AU plugins. Synth1 integrates the popular sound synthesis technique of subtractive synthesis and FM synthesis. In structure, the software behaves like a modular synthesizer analog. I am awestruck by the amount of presets that are available for this synth, however, I downloaded one which has 16,000 presets. I’m not fond of the old-fashioned GUI It would be wonderful if this could be upgraded with a visual interface that could match the amazingness of the synth.

Many gratitude to Ichiro Toda for his continued efforts to improve the iconic instrument. A special thanks go to BPB user UserFX for giving me an alert about the upgrade.

Synth1 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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