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Switch Miner is a free open source, lightweight utility for Windows which acts as a switch port mapper or switch ports discovery software. It assists network engineers to discover the devices connected to all ports on switches. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Switch Port Mapper

Create a comprehensive network diagram that shows an intricate diagram of your network’s topology all the way to switch ports, showing IP addresses and MAC addresses for connected devices. Complete end-to-end port mapping view that shows which devices are connected to ports on the switch. It is necessary to provide SNMP access to read details for the switch you want to connect. This tool called the Managed Switch Port Mapping tool software for Windows that locates devices connected to ports that are connected to the SNMP-controlled network switch. You can gain insight into your network’s topology, and quickly determine the switch port to which every device has been connected.

Switch Port Mapper Features

It can even find nearby switches using CDP as well and then scan these as well. With SNMP it scans switches and generates Excel .xlsx as well as .csv files. It is helpful to have this information on hand in order to save the time spent trying to resolve connectivity issues across the network. The automatic mapping of switch ports allows you to see what’s connected to the switch ports and what ports aren’t.

If you notice the uplink ports, that indicates that the device is connected to another switch. Do not stress about installing the software on every computer. Completely audit your network, find computers, servers, and IP-enabled devices in real-time or on a pre-scheduled across all your network segments, without the requirement for agents. You can easily locate all routers and switches in your network by running the complete network scan starting from wherever you are.

It’s played a key role in the growth and development of our customers. The ease of use, the customization, and outstanding support – regardless of the issue that makes Alloy indispensable. Customer support is an art of its own and Alloy is aware of the importance of this. Alloy Software goes above and over in its support for its products. Let Lansweeper what you need to know and we’ll make it available on every SNMP-enabled device. This greater flexibility lets you get the information you require.

You can now easily determine whether your switches have enough capacity for other devices. Find out the complete details for the network switches that are SNMP enabled, including description and IP address, as well as port mapping, and MAC information for each port connected. This Cisco Switch Port Mapper software is developed to allow users to connect to managed Ethernet switches via SNMP versions 1 and 2. This is among the free security tools that Secure Bytes offer.

Displays the connections to each port of a switch in a table format. By following our easy step-by-step configuration process it’s easy to configure and run our inventory software for your network within a matter of minutes. With total visibility of your software and hardware, it is possible to identify suspicious or unauthorized modifications made to your workstations and servers. Furthermore, the program can show each customer’s vendor of network cards, speed of port, and counters for incorrect and deleted frames for each port. This can be of aid when attempting to resolve problems with connectivity to the network. Know your software, including Microsoft and Adobe applications, Windows Hotfixes driver versions, and much more. Reduce security risks and threats while staying on top of compliance by tracking the expiration dates of licenses and when they expire.

How to Get Switch Port Mapper for Free

Simply open the device’s information via the network diagram or the asset page on the switch. go up and down on any network connection. Find the latest news, vulnerabilities updates, and network report.

The Switch Port Mapper can discover and display the MAC addresses as well as IPv4 addresses for devices connected with the ports on your switches’ physical sides. Give with the SNMP login details for each switch and then map them either manually or as an entire list of switches. Examine your network inventory information using flexible filters and custom reports that provide multiple perspectives and levels of depth. It is easy to integrate the inventory information from your network into your preferred tools and then launch them in a single click for simple control and administration of assets. You can access an automatic topological overview of your inventory network and make maps that are customizable for additional detailed overviews of your network infrastructure. Know the effect of software and hardware failures on your infrastructure. By using the port mapping tool, IT experts can quickly trace connections and trace them to identify issues and repair connectivity faster than ever before.

Fully supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 and bulk operations. Displays all MAC addresses connected to the port such as IP phones, computers, and so on. The ARP table is pulled from a router and displays the IP address of clients connected. All switch mappings are saved in the SQLite database for later review and retrieval.

Lansweeper operates with managed switches in the network and can report what ports are connected to switch ports and which ports aren’t connected. The overview of your network interface comprises clickable hyperlinks. This allows you to swiftly move from the switch’s assets page to the devices that are connected and the reverse.

This tool requires the IP address of the device as well as the Managed Switch IP Address, and it will show you the port number of the switch the device is connected to. In the initial release, we support a vast range of models of switches from well-known manufacturers like Cisco as well as 3Com. In the event that your model is not supported, call the Support Team and we will include your device in the next version.

Switch Port Mapper System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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