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When you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll be able to gain access to the full version by using the key code that will be emailed to you. The design’s elements can be changed by simply clicking on them and changing the properties. You can create new designs that can be designed for boreholes, maps, or cross-sections depending on the data you have imported. Strater lets you export the data analysis in comprehensive reports and save graphics and images in specific file formats.

Strater Features

It is possible to create multiple reports at one time or save selected entries in LAS files. Furthermore, the software will assist you in transferring the data into Voxler to render cross-sections of wells, cross-sections, and other elements. The program lets you view subsurface data, and export the data as reports. Strater will help you build cross-sections of line logs or create them manually using new layers.

Strater is a robust and creative well borehole, log, and cross-section plotting program for geoscientists. It allows you to quickly visualize your subsurface data, and to create professional reports. Gain clarity and insight through the transformation of raw subsurface data into easily understood well logs borehole models, well logs, as well as profiles or cross-sections. You can easily create a professional geotechnical report which clearly conveys important information using Strater. You can include titles and scale bars, axes, and legends, as well as apply pre-defined or customized fill patterns that follow industry guidelines.

Transfer raw information from databases, LAS, ODBC, or OLE DB data sources and transform it into boreholes maps, well logs, or cross-sections. Visualize and analyze subsurface data, and then produce elaborate reports. Strater can import information from multiple sources, such as databases, LAS, ODBC, and OLE DB information sources. Strater is able to convert raw data into a borehole well or map plot and also lines, logs, and cross plots.

The additional logs you could create include zone bars percent, tadpoles post, classed post, and more complicated text logs and graphic logs. It is easy to create new projects, which are custom-designed for boreholes and cross-sections or maps, depending on the data you imported.

The tool comes with several templates you can choose from to become familiar with how raw data is managed system and different measurement units. Imports data from different sources including databases, ODBC, and OLE DB data sources. Communicate important information easily to stakeholders, clients, and colleagues.

How to Get Strater for Free

No matter the complexity of the data Strater’s visualization capabilities allow for an understanding complete and comprehensive about subsurface datasets. Strater is an extremely high efficient and creative borehole, well log and cross-section plotting software for geoscientists. When it’s displayed in Strater data, subterranean details become simple and easy to comprehend. The many features in Strater enable users to swiftly look at and analyze areas that are unobserved and make choices confidently.

You can also save standard templates so that you can create the same reports on a regular basis. It interprets raw data in terms of boreholes maps and logs of wells or cross-sections. This application lets you create and customize projects using stratigraphic and cross-section views. Strater can be used with the most popular formats for data and allows graphically displaying the data in fourteen completely customizable log formats.

Strater is a reliable tool for analysis of geology that can interpret the raw data in terms of boreholes, maps, well logs, or cross-sections. It’s flexible with layout and design customization and allows users to work in an easy setting. Furthermore, it lets users quickly view subsurface data, and then export their findings as reports.

The first time I heard about the software through a friend I was told about it as a mythological product. It wasn’t until I began using it that the description showed its true meaning. Utilizing these products is sure to improve the clarity and quality of my research findings.

Strater System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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