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Mr. Rubenking is an Advisory Board member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, an international non-profit association committed to coordinating and improving the testing of anti-malware products. Step one is to sign up for your My Steganos account online and enter the key you purchased with the product. After you have launched this installer, must enter your My Steganos account details in order to enable the Key. Alongside the standalone application, Steganos Safe is an integral part of the Steganos Privacy Suite. The suite also comes with Steganos Password Manager and other useful tools. Folder Lock as well as CryptoForge cost around five dollars more. Cypherix PE and CryptoExpert go for $45 and $59.95 and $59.95, respectively. The five-license bundle that Steganos provides is an exceptional bargain.

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Steganos Safe

We love that idea because the container is protected and won’t shout “secure data here” to anyone who is able to access the system. Any secured Safe created using the program is able to be accessed after the trial or license expires. Although there are many other programs that have similar functions for erasing files it’s still great to see this tool being included and readily available. To create a secure, we can begin by opening this Steganos Safe software and clicking on the safe button that is displayed below. Ben Moore is an editor for PCMag’s mobile and consumer electronics teams. In the past, he was a reporter for video streaming services as well as the security industry, GNU/Linux, and occasionally, a PC sport as an analyst with the PCMag software team. He previously wrote articles for Laptop Mag,, and Tom’s Guide.

After the user has decided about the first option After that, the user is given the option of selecting the option of destruction with one click. Steganos Safe also has a feature that will remember which items the user had previously decided to eliminate. Users are free to select any or all of the options listed above to meet their needs for erasure.

Similar to a standard safe, you choose the drive letter and name and then select what size the safe will be. Cloud saves, you’re not able to expand the size of the safe depending on the size you require, but you can make use of two-factor authentication. Make your password, watch for the safe’s initialization and you’re all set to go.

Steganos Safe Features

You should definitely make sure you have a unique password for each site and one that is complex enough to be a mystery to anyone who attempts to be able to guess the password. The suite comes with fully functional versions for Steganos Safe which retails for $34.99 as a stand-alone application, as well as Steganos Password Manager that costs $24.99. If you purchase the suite, it will save approximately $10, assuming you want to buy both items. In contrast, purchasing Steganos Safe by itself, without the poor password manager, is the sum of $25. The latest version since the last time I reviewed it, there’s now a top-row icon to activate this File Shredder. It starts by advising that you must be sure to verify the authenticity that the files are encrypted inside your safe, and make sure to regularly back up your safe. In the Actions tab, you’ll find the option of running the specific command immediately when the safe is opened, and another one when it is closed.

Steganos Safe

Instead of utilizing this Trace Destructor feature completely, users must access this feature through the notification area, where they need to right-click a Steganos icon. It is important to note that if they stop the shredding process and then start the shredding process in order to free up unoccupied space, then the program will be able to skip areas that it shreds before extremely quickly.

The Shredder was a separate technology in software however, with version 22, it’s now integrated into. Today, we’re reviewing a robust encryption tool that is designed to protect the files within an inaccessible bubble of math that only those who have the right password are able to access. Two other options within the menu settings are the “safe-in-a-safe” option and the “Hide” option, both of which allow for hiding our containers and making them harder to access and locate. Alongside the passwords you have, Steganos can store bank accounts as well as credit cards, private favorites, and even identities. Private Favorites are essentially bookmarks that are synced with your passwords so they can be used across all devices.

How to get Steganos Safe Free

In reality, it proceeded through the conversion but stopped halfway through the transformation by showing the user an error message. Additionally, users will be able to use two-factor authentication to access Cloud Safes. Cloud Safes. Our research suggests that users need to be prepared for one unexpected event. When that happens, it goes ahead to reveal that the password entered is in fact incorrect. Since if you make a mistake you’ll lose all your information from the secure.

The solution Steganos developed for small safes less than 3GB consisted of making the safe appear as an ordinary document, similar to an audio or video file. The system also permits users to select the existing M4A, MP3 WMV, AVI, or EXE file to insert the safe within it. The file can be hidden, which is something that we’ve seen other software do, but the drawback with this method is that backup software may not contain the hidden file when protecting the contents of the drive. Password management is now an essential feature in more extensive suites.

In fact, you can put the safe in the audio, video, or executable files. There’s also a bizarre feature known as Safe in a Safe, which allows you to allocate a specific percent of the safe to a different safe within it. But, you could be able to lose your Safe within the Safe by placing too much data into its “host” safe, so this option is difficult to use. Although you have to define a maximum size prior to its creation, it can only take the amount of space the current contents require. With Steganos and a lot of other safes, the safe is available to be used immediately. Similar to Editors’ Choice software CertainSafe, AxCrypt Premium, and Folder Lock, Steganos uses AES for all encryption. It does, however, increase the size of the key from the standard 384 bits up from 256 bits.

On the next screen, we are asked to write a description of the safe, and give a free Windows drive letter to access the safe in the future. Before purchasing a set of tools for privacy, make sure of what you have in your current security suite. When testing on common websites Steganos did not capture any information or data, and the option to manually select Save Form to Keychain didn’t work either. All your passwords are saved inside one account, securing the treasure chest becomes very crucial. Steganos offers two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator or a Time-based One Time Password utility.

The only issue we have with our concern with this 2FA change is that instead of creating one 2FA hyperlink for the Steganos safe user profile it creates a completely new link for each new safe that you set up. Each link has the same Safe name, however, having numerous links in the Authenticator list could soon get tiresome.

Steganos Safe System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 45 MB of free space required.
Updated: December 1, 2021 — 1:23 am

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