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The diagrams that are exported by the application do not support SVG format and thus the program is only compatible with the formats supported. The entire functionality of StarUML is handled by using XML format. This XML parser assists in changing the code efficiently due to the simple-to-read structure. Because XML is widely used it is possible for anyone to use the parser to change the format of code to the language that is familiar to them. This allows them to use the application according to their requirements and also use the templates, too.


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Alongside UML In addition, it includes SysML, ERD (Entity-Relationship Diagrams), DFD (Data-Flow Diagrams), Flowchart diagrams, and numerous other features. StarUML is a modeling software tool that developers use to create and visualize software models and architectural designs. It’s not completely cost-free, but it does come with a free trial version that is able to be used for as long as you want.

Software engineers can make use of StarUML to better understand the software system by visualizing connections to software parts. StarUML assists programmers and software engineers to grasp the programming elements in a single glance. It provides an image representation of various elements of code and shows different kinds of connections between components. Other apps that are similar are ArgoUML as well as Diagram Designer. StarUML is a fantastic method to help you understand and teach software systems. This can be beneficial to professionals and students who are trying to educate, understand or create new software architecture.

Users should look for alternatives to this program or to be very cautious while installing or using the software. Freeware applications can be downloaded for free and without time limits. The freeware programs can be used at no cost for professional and personal use.

If required Platform-specific models can be made and the codes can be created according to the requirements of the user. A monitor with a higher resolution is recommended for this system to ensure that diagrams are drawn be easily observed and edited according to the preferences of the user. 1024×768 is the preferred monitor size to ensure that the diagrams are visible in full clarity. A mouse or other pointing device is required to draw diagrams within the program.

StarUML Features

A custom-made solution for both growing apps as well as established companies. BlockedIt’s very likely that this software application is infected with malware or contains undesirable bundled software. Beware that this software program could be harmful or could include unwanted bundles of software. To modify the program and set up the template files, 110MB of hard disk space is required. Since the application doesn’t require large amounts of space in the hard disk and internal memory, it’s easy for users to set up StarUML. StarUML application. The space needed for hard disks is the most basic requirement and getting it is simple.


The program is similar to Lego It allows you to create modules and programs. ,… The developers would like to point out that occasionally we might overlook a potentially harmful software program. StarUML is an open-source program which means that the source code of the program is accessible for modification and inspection. However, a license for the software is required for users who intend to use the software to use it for educational or commercial uses. StarUML is especially useful to help new developers get up to speed with projects, as well as to design new projects from the ground up.

These tools are free and for more demanding required requirements, they can be purchased from software providers of various applications. Intel(r) Pentium(r) at 233MHz and higher processors must be used to install the software of StarUML. The processor is essential in the installation of any software, provided it meets the specifications of the software. The processing speed of the application and extensions are dependent upon the processing power of your processor.

How to get StarUML For Free

Copy the newly created app. asar back to the StarUML contents. Follow steps three & 4 if you’ve forgotten where to put the car. Locate your StarUML app, choose +click to display the context menu, and select to show the contents of your package.

While most trial software programs are limited to a certain time period, some also have limitations on features. In certain cases, the entire features are not available until the purchase of the license. Demos typically are not limited in time, but their functionality is restricted. The diagrams, text, and icons are crisp and can be converted as High-DPI images.

The aim is to provide an effective replacement for commercial UML tools like RationalRose, Together, and so on. It lets you develop your own extensions with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js modules, and APIs for keymaps, menus, dialogs, UIs and preferences, metadata, etc. It supports a variety of shorthands in Quick Edit to create elements and relationships in one go including sub-classes and supporting interfaces, and more. Modeling data is stored in an easy JSON format, which means it is able to create custom code using user-defined templates. The biggest drawback to StarUML is that users are unable to use the program on various Operating Systems. Furthermore, the upgrades of UML are not compatible with StarUML since it only works in conjunction with UML 2.0. It’s highly likely that this is malware-ridden or has undesirable software.

The screen appears as follows in the version that has been evaluated. The file was scanned by VirusTotal with more than 70 antivirus software programs and no malware was discovered. It’s likely that the software is safe and clean to use. You can use the same UX across multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

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