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This means that you reduce the time spent looking for items and alter the way information is displayed based on your needs. This feature first appeared within Start Menu X and is our own invention. Start Menu 10 replaces the yellow icons for folders with icons for applications. To open a submenu place the cursor in an area for about a minute. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Start Menu X

It’s an old-fashioned interface, which could make users nostalgic. It’s very simple to create new items and delete existing ones from the Start Menu X. You can change the design and theme of your start screen by choosing one of the attractive designs currently available. You can select the apps which should be shown in the menu, and remove the other ones depending on your preferences. Hotkeys can be assigned to open crucial documents by pressing a single key. You can also access your system settings to edit user accounts as well as passwords, images, as well as desktop background. This program comes with a no-cost version and the Pro version for users. There are no fees for the Free version, however, the Pro version must be purchased at $19.99 USD.

Start Menu X Features

It is true that the Windows 10 system menu and other applications that duplicated Windows 7’s menu Windows 7 menu force you to make use of a small screen to select the applications. This means that you must continuously scroll through the list, and perform a lot of unnecessary mouse movements. We’ve been creating alternative menus for over 10 years, and we’ve spent a lot of time finding the best answer for each user. With our new interface options, you’ll be enjoying working using Windows 10. It’s the ideal solution for those who are used to working with Windows Start Menu every day and aren’t used to the brand new Metro start screen on Windows 8.

This list includes the most frequently used programs, e.g. the apps you downloaded in the last few days. With the help of a clever algorithm, we’ve managed to ensure that the apps you use most often are accessible. This list is a mix of regular applications and Windows 8 apps. The PRO version lets users add an application as the primary program to any location and launch it by clicking on the folder. In all, it is a great choice for making it possible to set up the menus of your system. The Windows commands in this section were never flexible enough and often caused discontent among users.

The first time you launch the application that was launched is automatically identified. The application that was launched most recently is your directory’s “default app”. The above list of features is available in the Free as well as Pro versions. Cost Pro is $19.99. Pro is $19.99 however you can get the option to select from Pro, Pro Trial, as well as Free, during the installation.

This feature is useful for people who like to turn off their computer at night to finish work that requires a lot of resources and simply love listening to music while in the field. With our software, you can make a personalized listing of your folders.

Its Start Menu X can be a simple solution for people who want to perform quick functions adjustments or changes to appearance. Start Menu X can be used as a replacement for the desktop menu, moving you into the future with professional alternatives to the commonly overlooked Start Menu. The contents of the folder take advantage of the entire screen, and choosing an application is based on how quickly you can see.

When you combine this with using the “one-click to launch” feature the results are amazing. Additionally, the essential folders and programs are nearly impossible to access. AlternativeTo is a no-cost service that assists you in finding alternative products to those that you love and hate. We receive emails when posts are deemed spam and respond quickly. Examples include politics, religion, and posts about mistakes in listing.

How to Get Start Menu X for Free

The purpose of grouping programs is to should you wish, (office applications, graphics, and more.) without altering their place on the hard drive. The Free version allows only five. However, you have the option of trying using the Pro version for 30 days, and it’s offered in the setup process with additional features. Start Menu X has an extremely attractive and user-friendly interface that lets users navigate various folders and install programs on PC in a simple manner. It makes searching much easier and allows you to make custom folders to classify every application according to the specifications. It allows you to access games as well as documents, music, photos, and shutdown sessions swiftly and you can save the programs you regularly use.

The menu can be folded and show the contents on the screen.
The Start Menu X allows rethinking the arrangement of your folders and the way you navigate through your directories. It can group your programs based on their purpose, and without changing their physical locations. It arranges your tools in distinct categories that are based on their particulars. For instance, the games must be located in the appropriate fork, office tools on their own, and so on.

Start Menu X is a small size program that was designed to simplify the task on computers. It offers a Start menu button for Windows OS users and lets users conduct searches on different contents within the system memory. It’s a simple program with simple options and it is possible to get used to it in a short time.

Before installing this program ensure that your system is in compliance with all requirements, otherwise, it will not function properly and could cause you to struggle to find the necessary files. Start Menu X is an excellent computer program for people who are bored of the same menu and wish to enhance their experience. There are several versions of the program that is available on the Windows operating systems.

Start Menu X System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
Updated: December 1, 2021 — 11:27 pm

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