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Create quizzes and surveys using three different kinds of graded quizzes and surveys. Just select “Print” for printing the various forms of your test as you like, including answers that make grading extremely easy. Choose the option, and you may either remove it or, if not working in the way it should, do the Application Reset. Learn to type with a finger and improve your typing speed and efficiency. The majority of them will contain the application itself, a type of arrow, and an option to access your Applications folder. Double click your DMG files to access them and you’ll be able to see a Finder window.

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The quiz can be uploaded on the hosting platform so that students can take it on any computer with internet access. If you’d prefer to give the test in your class Print it out on paper. StarQuiz is the most popular computer-based testing solution that is available in the present. Teachers can make quizzes that include multiple choices and fill-in-the-blank or essay questions. There are many advanced options available and quizzes may include images and a time limit and online help. Once you have created a quiz, it is able to be distributed to students using a computer.

It’s simple to review and compare the scores of all students who took the test on the entire test or just a few questions. It’s also easy to distribute your quiz to your students and then view the results. Once the app cleanup is done, you can look over the log of deleted items, or return to your application list to uninstall further. DMG files are created by your system, similar to an equivalent of a virtual drive. Once you’ve finished installing the program It’s a good idea to demount the DMG within Finder. The time is now for the quick and secure process of uninstalling the app.

StarQuiz is a simple-to-use application that makes computerized test-taking a breeze. It is possible to create quizzes using multiple-choice, multiple selection True or False short answer fill-in-the-blank as well as matching, numeric, or essay type questions. Questions can contain pictures or movies, links to websites along with time limits and many more. Students can complete the quiz at a computer laboratory using star quiz NetClient and then view their scores as soon as they have completed the test.

StarQuiz Features

When you open the results file, you’ll see various statistics, for every student, as well as reports graphs, charts, and graphs. After the students have completed the test, the instructor is able to grade essay questions and see the final results on one screen. StarQuiz provides an efficient, simple, and reliable method of grading your students. Its simple interface and intuitive controls make it easy to make quizzes with minimal effort. Utilizing the free star quiz NetClient program, learners are able to connect to a computer and take part in a quiz. All answers and questions are protected by encryption to ensure total security.


It’s the most secure method to remove star quiz from your Mac without having to search all over your Mac using making use of CleanMyMac X. It doesn’t take much time or energy to set up the program on your PC. Its installation tool is tiny and the process of setting it up is simple. Another good thing is that it is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Mac Classic platforms.

Here you’ll be able to see that the starQuiz app is well-designed. You can select an answer method from the drop-down menu and enter the correct answer below it. If, for instance, you choose to use the multiple-choice option then you can enter your answers into separate areas, and then press a radio button in order to select the one that is correct.

How to get StarQuiz Free

Students will be able to see their scores when they complete the test. StarQuiz is a simple software application that makes computerized testing simple. It is possible to create quizzes using multiple-choice, multiple selection True or False short answer fill-in-the-blank, matching, and essay questions. StarQuiz is a simple-to-use application that makes the process of testing with computers a breeze!

One of 73 antivirus programs identified threats, see the report. The laws regarding how to use this program differ from one country to the next. We do not recommend or support using this software in the event that it violates any of the laws. Softonic might earn an affiliate fee when you purchase any of the products listed on this page. Another alternative to online-based testing is testing using a computer. By clicking a single button you can upload your exam on the internet with the help of the online quiz.

The majority of Mac OS applications downloaded from outside of the App Store are contained in the DMG file. If you download the starQuiz application for mac from this website it will download it as a .dmg installation file onto your MAC. Apart from creating quizzes, the program focuses on how you present your students. After creating your test, you are able to choose an option on the toolbar and select how to present the test to your students. You can give the test on your own computer, on an internet connection, or over the Internet and on an HTML page or simply print it on paper. Your results will be saved as the same file and stored at a location you choose.

It is possible to create quizzes using multiple choice, multiple select, either or not, short answer and fill-in-the-blank, and matching numeric as well as essay-type questions. The quizzes may include images and movies, weblinks, time limit, and many more. They have a range of answering techniques, ranging from multiple options for filling the blanks. If you’re looking for these types of tests teachers will certainly be impressed by starQuiz. It allows you to design any type of test and then calculate scoring for each of the questions.

StarQuiz System Requirements


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