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Except for the “Directives”, they are self-explanatory. Some sections may be relevant depending on what task you are performing. You may need to relaunch some games before an item can be downloaded. We want to emphasize that we might miss potentially malicious software programs from time to time. Because of our previous discussion about bytes, 255 is the maximum value. The max value of a byte is 255, which is represented in hex as FF. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Starbound Save Editor

Password 123

Starbound Save Editor has been given the project’s name by its incredible community. Advanced applications require an additional channel to get a total of 8 digits. Transparency is not used in player files. Every player in this folder has a.player file and a.shipworld files named with their player. This process only concerns the. player files. The screenshots show that the destination colors are 8-digits in number.

Starbound Save Editor Features

You don’t need to copy the entire directive section if you want only the colors. Copy the hairstyle, ears, and other details. Copy the. player files to your computer, so you don’t get lost. You can personalize your color scheme to make you stand out online. Go to the bottom and search for “Identity”. To ensure you are using the correct character, check the name property. Next, copy the values from the Template file. Although this is optional, I recommend that you dump all items and crew equipment into a container. Some items can alter stats in ways that the program does not like. Repackaging may cause errors regarding invalid values. This item has been added to your Subscriptions.

The template was not used for any purpose so there is no need to repackage it. This section includes key-value pairs that correspond to every aspect of the character.

If you have a problem, just spawn “paint tool”, and replace it. This mod might have been killed by an update. It won’t let you edit weapon stats. You can scan an item depending on which hand you have. It is not a good idea to store everything immediately. However, selectively adding items will make it more interesting. This backup would have been 6 months ago.

The. player and bak files for your character should be removed from the folder. Just like the dump script, you will need to create a RepackScript. This guide will show you how to edit your character’s name/appearance from the player file. Although it may seem like a tedious process, once you get used to it it is not. I am only trying to provide a thorough explanation. An appendix contains a more complex procedure to create unique color schemes. It is more difficult.

Starbound’s Python library and player save editor is available for free download on GitHub. This particular project had 685 commits. There were 4 branches and 21 releases by 9 contributors.

How to Get Starbound Save Editor for Free

This is a cool option because you can click on “Get Info” to get tons of information, including the colors and values. These details will help you color your character. These values can be manually edited to create color schemes that are not available in character creation. These values should also work in multiplayer, giving your character a unique look. Open the JSON file for your character.

After you have made the changes to your player file, you can repackage the file as described in Section 8 – Generate A New Player File. These directives will be the main focus of the Appendix sections on advanced color customization. To dump the characters, you will need to edit the script once more, change the player and run it again.

You can also create a backup copy of your entire player folder in case you have to make a change in step 3. The mod includes tools that allow you to quickly test colors. I recommend the first method. If you don’t wish to install the mod, I offer an alternative method. Simply copy the features that you wish to transfer once you have found the Identity section in the template.

A Template character is not necessary. You can skip section 1. Once you have the data.json for your character (section 4), read section 5 and then skip to Appendix A. These experts specialize in this process. Once you’re done, go to section 8 – Create a New Player File. You don’t need to use a template character for changing your name. Therefore, you can skip sections 1 through 6.

Starbound Save Editor System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 80 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
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