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To automatically calculate headroom, enter the dimensions of your stairwell. If the height is below an acceptable level, you can adjust the control value and be notified. You can design wooden stairs, or you can cater to other materials such as metal and toughened glasses. Handrails, strings, and handrails of variable width and shape are available.

Stairdesigner Pro

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This article explains how to change which steps are winders and which ones aren’t, as well as how to adjust the tightness. Also, we will show you how to adjust each winding step manually so that it is as simple to make as possible. How to display and modify your stair’s general parameters, including how to adjust tread width, riser height, and conform to the Stair Rule. To unlock all features, you will need to activate the software. This step can be skipped if you have already purchased the full version. You can download the free StairDesigner along with our updated StairDesigner libraries and view a video series to get you started quickly.

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The manufacturing documents for a test staircase are available at the bottom. StairDesigner automatically generates the cutting lists, which include the dimensions, weight, price, and volume of each piece. You can fit into stairwells with unusual shapes and make cutouts for pipes, columns, etc. StairDesigner adapts the plans to your project’s space and shape. The program prints all components at a scale of one-in-one. StairDesigner’s DXF processor allows you to customize the output to suit your production processes.

StairDesigner Pro-PP produces DXF files that can be loaded into the CAM software included with your machine. You will need to verify that the router comes with CAM software if you’re looking at buying one.

It doesn’t output any manufacturing documents, such as the plans and cutting lists. You can find sample output files at the bottom of this webpage. Either open one of the pre-configured models, which includes a landing, or add a landing into a project that you are already working on. You can adjust the height, width, length, and angle of the landing to make it more precise. Also, you can independently optimize the flights above and beneath the landing. This video will show you how to use the multi-flight option to create straight flights. You have a lot more control over how the shape can be designed. Multiple flights can be added, modified in length, height, and width. You can also adjust the angle between each flight, and edit the angles of the first and final steps.

Stairdesigner Pro

You have access to a wide range of resources, support, and training options that will suit your needs. You can draw any shape stair, up to seven flights, at any angle/turn. Each flight has its own length, width, and unique specifications. You can extend the step or riser housing to the edge of the stringboard at a customized angle. You can make your step any shape you like, including bullnose, half bullnose, or alternating steps.
Boole & Partners’ StairDesigner software is a smooth, helical, and balanced stair design program that can be used in the wood, stone, and metal industries.

How to Get Stairdesigner Pro for Free

The guide and control function determines the height and length of the extension and sets the parameters for the stepped rule. It then helps you to follow the steps. Boole & Partners’ StairDesigner software is a smooth, helical, and balanced stair design program that can be used in the wood, stone, and metal industry. The guide and control function determines the extension’s height, beam length, and parameters of the stepped rule. It then helps you follow the steps. It does not output any manufacturing documents, such as the cutting list and plans.

If you’d like to verify the compatibility between your CAM software, and StairDesigner, please consider a complimentary screen sharing session. VCarve offers basic nesting capabilities, while Alphacam allows you to nest. This will save you time and money compared to designing by hand, CAD, then manually entering the job into your CNC’s software. This information will be interpreted by the CAM software and generated the machine code that runs the CNC. We offer customized training and support services, as well as hundreds of video tutorials.

Avoid unnecessary design and marking up errors. You can manually adjust individual winders and limit your winders to the turn. StairDesigner uses unique algorithms to optimize stringers, step shapes, and positions.
Make plans to construct internal and external design projects. Straight and spiral helicoidal staircases, straight flights, turning stairways with winders, curved stairways, landings, cut strings and box strings, central-cut string stairs, and many more. StairDesigner’s manufacturing tools and libraries make it easy to apply assembly preferences to new projects. The print function adjusts to any size printer and increases the number of pages required to complete the jig. It can calculate all components of the staircase, including posters, columns, and shelves, as well as the margins, railings, and railings.

This model can be viewed in detail to confirm the design. You can also export multiple views for commercial documentation. You can create 3D models using wood textures and add lighting and transparency options. This program prints 1/1 scaled stair components. Each post processor can be configured to exactly match your production processes. Choose the post-processor that matches your CAM software/CNC setup.
Software for designing staircases that is suitable for small to medium-sized workshops, which can be used to create custom projects. In a workshop folder, you can print plans, parts, and cutting lists. As workshop mark-ups, print full-size part templates for cutting and milling. Export post-processor files to CAD/CAM programs or CNC routers. All common shapes, multi-flights, and helicoidal staircases can be quickly set up. Easy to generate plans for U-shaped and L-shaped spiral staircases.

Stairdesigner Pro System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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