Spread.NET for WinForms Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Make your formulas simpler to understand and increase calculations by using the LET function, which lets you give the local name for intermediate calculations. Develop .NET spreadsheet applications using Visual Studio, including VS19, and then roll them out on Windows 10 with no compatibility issues. It also includes Excel themes from 2016. If you decide to display the knowledge, you have options to create libraries and groups or sorting, filter, and conditional information.

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Spread.NET for WinForms

The print preview is available. preview, and you can customize the output of your print and output the data in PDF format. Additionally, using the printing API, you can modify the code to alter the printing process. The product can support more than 80 kinds of charts. Additionally, in an environment with graphics, you can alter and select the visual appearance of the chart you wish to display. Computing Engine can provide users with more than 300 functions that allow you to do different calculations. GrapeCity Spread .NET for WinForms assists you to create multi-functional spreadsheets in a shorter time using Visual Studio.

If a cell is populated with an array formula dynamically dynamic it returns multiple values due to the fact that the elements of the array get pushed into the surrounding empty cells. Contrary to generic arrays dynamic arrays automatically expand as data is added and/or removed from a range that they originate from. Pick from a range of printing options to personalize what your spreadsheet print. You can even have complete control of printing within your program by using the print drawing features of the owner to create reports easily on your data. GcSpread comprises .NET components for spreadsheets, templates designer, charting and charting components with a wide API, and much more.

Spread.NET for WinForms Features

Similar to Excel, Spread.NET is capable of sorting and filtering data, display of hierarchies and groupings, as well as datasheets. It also allows you to transfer and import data into Excel files, format, and apply security guidelines. When it comes to printing, this is also a way to get there and provides a variety of choices for printing data.

Spread.NET for WinForms

Use cell borders in a variety of styles and colors like diagonal lines, bevel borders double-line borders, and more. Include pop-up cell commentaries which display when the user is hovering over the cell’s note indicator, or use the sticky note notes for the cell, which remain visible in the sheet by using an arrow indicating the cell.

Developers utilize spread for WinForms control to integrate sophisticated Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet capabilities within applications like Windows Forms applications — options that are otherwise thought to be impossible to achieve. Check out some examples of ASP.NET spreadsheet programs and test Excel-like functions like Excel import/export as well as the ability to move columns and rows cells, cell types, and charts. You can, for instance, make use of sparklines to create tiny, precise cell-level charts or make use of Camera Shapes to combine information from multiple places within spreadsheets -even across different sheets into an interactive dashboard. Further data visualization options are provided by Spread by enabling Chart support, conditional formatting, filters, and grouping.

How to get Spread.NET for WinForms Free

Discover the potential of .NET enterprise applications with this non-requirement .NET component for spreadsheets. Print your worksheets with sophisticated options like margins, headers, and footers the best-fit column or row, and printing scaling.

You can add charts at the time of design by using Chart Designer and Spread Designer. Spread Designer or Chart Designer or via code that uses the complete Chart Model object. Charts can be tied to external data sources and let users alter the chart’s layout at run time. Spread for WinForms comes with designed-in dialogs for design for users to interact with the user to create and edit charts. Spread introduced a variety of technology options that were available to Microsoft developers, such as the first spreadsheet component with full-featured features for Visual Basic, and the first designer for spreadsheets. Microsoft’s Visual Studio(r) .NET versions added an array of Excel-compatible features and advanced options for customization. WinForms spreadsheet elements continue to offer the traditional Excel experience to the end-users.

The print preview can be viewed. preview; alter the output of the print, output the data in PDF format. You can also alter the print API in order to alter the printing feature. This program supports more than 80 types of charts and also in a visual environment, you can select and modify the visual appearance of your chart. Computer Engine The component can provide you with over 300 distinct features to run various calculations. Spread.NET is a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet application for using the Visual Studio environment. It lets you build spreadsheet applications for different web and desktop platforms in the shortest duration. Apart from creating spreadsheets, the program is also able to create grids, entry forms as well as information-based dashboards. It is easy to manage, analyze and calculate the data and then display the results visually using different charts within the dashboard.

Additionally, you might have to explore many software programs, including Wi-Fi Channel spreads and core spreads MetaTrader Terminal and Spread Studio for.NET v2, which may be related to FarPoint spread. Start the FarPoint SpreadDesigner EXE from the bins of merchandise to run the Spread Designer as a full application. Add the FarPoint.Win.Spread.Design dll to the list of references in your Visual Studio project. GrapeCity Spread.NET for WinForms, then select the FpSpreadDesigner component in the tool chest underneath the GrapeCity to unroll the section and drag it into the desired shape.

Create groupings in the style of Outlook with the built-in bar for grouping and personalizing group footers using the ability to aggregate functions within feet cells. Include a status bar and personalize it to display calculations based on the worksheet zoom and selection controls. Filtering and sorting drop-downs can be added within a table or range and allow your users to apply filters to the text, colors dates, numbers, and dates. It is easy to trace your formula’s references chains with built-in formula tracing methods that display arrows that go from cells to precedent or dependent cells. Also, you can examine formulas using DirectDependents, DirectDependents and Precedents, and DirectPrecedents. Use FpSpread.Features.ExcelCompatibleKeyboardShortcuts and the Excel Compatibility Input Maps to easily enable common Excel keyboard shortcuts in your applications for users. The API permits full customization for these Input Maps and the Action Maps to meet your requirements. The built-in assistance for using the Show Formulas command allows the user to switch between showing formulas within cells by pressing Ctrl+, the same way as in Excel.

Spread is able to be bound onto every .NET data source and comes with built-in support for the display of relational datasets. Its runtime-based support for columns and rows that are not bound inside bound data allows for the inclusion of aggregated information as well as for conducting what-if analysis. Spread also allows binding cells in a range to a source of data and provides a variety of cells as a source of data. Use the data within Spread through your application or export your spreadsheets into Microsoft Excel for portable distribution to your users. Spread can work with current versions of Excel and a variety of Excel formats, such as Excel ( the current version of XLSX), Excel 97 Text, comma-delimited text, and comma-delimited.

Spread.NET for WinForms System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
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