Soundiron Olympus Elements Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

The Vowelmaster preset features the all-over arrangement that allows live staccato and maintains exchanging for vowels for every part, as well as stacking and layer mixing dynamic forming, as well as all-out execution control. Olympus Elements features a fully automated user interface, which allows complete control over sound shaping and performance.

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Soundiron Olympus Elements

Please visit the Help Page for instructions for installation and download as well as tutorials and an End User Licensing Agreement before making a purchase. Volume and release time controls for shaping the room and release accents. decay.

“I recommend Olympus Elements 5 out of five subs, and believe they hit the nail right on the head with regards to offering a premium high-quality choir library that comes with features and prices that everyone will be able to enjoy.” The library has a wide range of Vowel-based Choral FX ranging from low-frequency whispers through drones and groups that include tuning, shaping, and time-stretching choices.

With flawlessly recorded examples as well as a variety of verbalizations and components This Pack provides the fundamental elements of a huge ensemble in a useful overall arrangement. This library is optimized to work with the most recent version of Kontakt Player. It is free to download Kontakt Player (version 5.1.0 or later is required). The purchasers of Olympus Element can also enjoy a $50 discount on an upgrade of our entire Olympus Symphonic Choral Collection! Even in the event that you already own the complete edition of the Olympus Collection, Elements can be an effective tool when you need an easy-going, flexible group that can get the job done even when you have the most stifling timeframe for scoring. Owners of the Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection, Mars Men’s Choir, and/or Venus Women’s Choir can avail of significant savings for Olympus Element. Click here to view the complete comparison chart of features between the choral products we offer.

Soundiron Olympus Elements Features

This edition is available with Kontakt Player version 5.5.1 or later. It can be added to the “Libraries” rack. Dual-core CPUs, 2GB System Ram, SATA, or SSD hard drive are recommended to get the best results. The software is available as a digital download therefore a broadband connection is necessary.

Soundiron Olympus Elements

8 kinds of lead vowel sustain and release samples as soft pp as well as hard Ff. The 8 main vowel sustains with a release such as Ah Ee, Eh, Ei Ih, Mm Oh, and Available in soft pp as well as forceful Ff dynamics. The 8 major vowel sustains with release — Ah Ee, Eh, Ei Oh Oh, and available in both soft pp as well as forceful Ff dynamics. Dynamic swell controls enable the shaping of dynamically-changing performance in real-time and morphing of each section in turn. The sustained articulations are characterized by soft pianissimo and loud fortissimo layers that have the capability to effortlessly crescendo and decrease between the dynamics in real-time, and Macro control of lowpass filter attack, decay, and trigger reaction curves. Olympus Elements focuses on the pure vowel sounds that are essential to the sound, including, Eh, Ei, Ee, Ih OhandOo as well as being the classic sound of hummedMmsound.

How to get Soundiron Olympus Elements Free

Olympus Elements was recorded in a large acoustically-balanced hall, using a wide six-channel stage microphone array to achieve a natural concert sound that puts you right on the conductor’s podium. To record every nuanced detail, Soundiron used only the most superior-high-quality large-diaphragm Neumann microphones, as well as high dynamic frequency Sound Devices recording hardware. Enjoy seamless and effortless navigation and control of crucial parameters of the instrument like the vowel choice, ADSR settings, EQ Reverb options, and much more. The latest version of Olympus Elements makes use of the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard’s Light Guide feature, which allows users to view the position of their key switch and how vocals are distributed in each segment right beneath their fingertips. Swell and Blend controls permit live-streamed dynamic shaping of performance and changing. This version of Full Choir Choral Effects offers numerous creative effects to select from, from sweeps risers, swells shouts, trills, and shouts as well as drones, whispers, and dissonant or harmonic clusters. There is a wide variety of vowel-based effects for choral, featuring groups, rises, drops, rises Screams, rises, and more.

* 8 vowels sustain kinds with release samples in soft pp and powerful Ff dynamics. Within the primary Full Choir ensemble preset, you have the option of choosing between eight vowel sounds, switching between staccato and sustain articulations, and changing the volume and dynamic levels for the women’s and men’s sections in a separate way. Olympus Elements is a powerful choir instrument that packs the essential functionality and sound quality of our orchestra of 63 voices Olympus Symphonic Choir into a compact and user-friendly package featuring a variety of features specifically made for professionals and a price that’s suitable for all. This library from Powered-By Kontakt is made to be accessible to everyone, whether the first steps of your music career or are an experienced professional. If you’re looking for a stunning sounding, effective and user-friendly virtual choir that doesn’t have complicated lyrical phrasings or solo music, this is the library you’ve been looking for. The Powered-By-Kontakt library was created for all users, no matter if it’s your first music career or are an experienced professional. If you’re looking for a stunning quality, user-friendly and efficient choir with no complex lyrical phrasings or solo music This is the instrument that you’ve been searching for.

Components are also the latest version of our Phrasemaster that allows users to recite up to 16 distinct complex 16-venture expressions/staccato using your choice to use GUI, CC computerization, and key switch control. It is possible to assign each sequence to only the ladies, or men, or the entire ensemble.

You’ll be in complete control of Swell Attack Release Time, Volume Sample Start Offset, and panning for each section of the choral. The ranges of notes for the section are completely customizable and key switches can be used to swiftly select among all the articulations available for each layer. You’ll be in complete control of Swell Attack Release Time, Volume Sample Start Offset, and panning for each choral section.

Every preset is able to access more than 50 convolutions reverbs, as well as an entire three-band Equalizer. Additionally, we offer our unique versatile legato system, which can handle up to 6 parts of polyphonic harmony, complete with interval range as well as speed and intensity controls. The Vowelmaster set is a complete solution that provides live sustain as well as staccato switching for every vowel in every section, as well as layer mixing and stacking as well as dynamic shaping and complete performance control.

Soundiron’s hand-crafted choral sounds pads, soundscapes that are constantly evolving are also available to allow for more imaginative possibilities. Soundiron also offers our exclusive modular legato system that can be used for up to six-part polyphonic harmony with full interval range with speed, intensity, and speed control. Each preset is able to handle more than 50 integrated convolution driving forces for reverb and a full three-band equalizer. Many presets also feature a variable vibrato highlight to recreate the molto sound. We also provide our flexible legato framework that can be used for up to six sections of polyphonic congruity. It comes with the full stretch range, speed, and power control.

Soundiron Olympus Elements System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2.60 GB of free space required.
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