Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2018 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

It features robust organization tools, color correct pass and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and many other features. Sony Catalyst Production Suite is a focused, streamlined environment for video editing. This makes cutting fast and easy. You can save time by accessing your Catalyst Prepare libraries and quickly and creatively assemble your project. You can start preparing by inserting your media card into the computer.

Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2018

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Catalyst Prepare is a powerful software package that allows you to transfer your footage from your media cards to your editing program. Although it is not intended to compete with more advanced non-linear editing software, like Sony Vegas Pro, it can continue the work that you have started in Catalyst Prepare and produce a finished edit with credits and titles. It is a competent editor, however. We’ll show you how.

Catalyst Production Suite is a powerful media preparation suite that combines fast, focused video editing and powerful media preparation to create the foundation for your video productions. Catalyst Prepare makes it easy to get from camera to post. It includes robust organizational tools and precise first-pass color correction monitoring. Metadata support is also available. Catalyst Edit is a focused, efficient video editing tool that speeds up your cutting process. Sony Creative Software encourages creativity with its award-winning products for digital video production.

Catalyst Production Suite is a combination of powerful media preparation and quick focused video editing that will provide the backbone to your video productions. Catalyst Prepare’s media preparation tools allow you to view and back up your entire media image, then import and arrange your clips into meaningful libraries. Color adjustments can be made, looks applied, in/out points set, multichannel audio assignments established, and even a rough edit created.

It is intuitive and simple to use for all levels of users. It is very capable if you just need to download files from media cards. This software can be used in many production environments.

Edit lets you render your final video in a variety of formats. You can also export the edit project to FCPX, Adobe Premiere, or Avid and open it in another NLE. You can drag and drop clips, as well as ripple delete.

Catalyst Prepare can support a variety of codecs and formats, but Blackmagic CinemaDNG Raw does not appear to be supported at this time. It’s a bummer, but Sony is aware and Prepare supports ProRes. Prepare played footage recorded on an SD card formatted in HFS+ perfectly. Although I am working on a Mac and don’t expect exFAT’s behavior to be the same with Windows systems, I know that Sony is working hard to fix it now that I have reported it.

Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2018

Fluid hover scrub makes it easy to search through clips in Media Browser. You can also mark in and out points to quickly add the material you need.

Edit mode allows for additional logging, adjustment of in/out points, and creation of sub-clips. Catalyst Prepare lets you organize media in project-specific libraries or folders, create subclips, and much more. For quick play-out, you can create, import, or export Sony Professional Disc clips lists. The Catalyst Suite is a powerful post-production and production tool that can be used by both experienced professionals as well as novice filmmakers. The Spherize stack is visible above the lens flare. This essentially affects the image but not the lens flare which sits on top.

Note that you will need to select None from the Convert To dropdown to open the Looks dialog. This lets you choose from a wider range of LUTs and even create your own. You can also set a default setting to apply to footage that has been identified as having S-Log2 for Source or S-Log3 in the Inspector pane. You can designate any footage as S-Log2 and S-Log3 for Source in the Inspector pane. Catalyst Edit allows you to pick up where Catalyst Prepare left off without missing a beat or dropping a frame. They work together as the Catalyst Product Suite to create a seamless integration that allows you to have a fast and efficient workflow.
* The ability to jump between edit points was one navigation tool I found conspicuously missing. Once you are ready to edit your project, all this preparation work can be seamlessly integrated with Catalyst Edit.

You can do it in a matter of seconds and there is no need to change anything. The metadata will be affected, but the original clip will not be altered. You can choose Convert To from the Inspector pane and pick a color space to work in.

For a real-looking view of your shot, use the Sony Pro camera’s color look setting to get a quick, accurate image. You can review the metadata and then copy each clip to your computer. The Inspector pane is more than just an information source. It is an interactive dialog box that lets you rename clips while keeping the original file name. You can adjust the speed and opacity of a clip, change its audio gain and apply effects. But let’s return to the editing tools. After you create a project, the interactive features of Prepare kick in. Drag clips directly into Edit using Catalyst prepare. They will retain any color adjustments that you made.

You can access your Catalyst Prepare libraries from your computer and quickly and creatively put together your project. You will find all the tools you need to transform your ideas into the creative expression of your imagination with the focused toolset. Edit and Prepare’s integrated file-browsing tool is something I love. Although it is simple to use, I found it extremely intuitive. A media window will display all connected media sources, including your hard drive and media card. It allows you to navigate through the media window to locate your media. This works well for dragging-and-dropping; we’ll discuss Edit shortly. The interface is simple, graphical, and specific to each file. The browser will only show the media file and not other files in that folder.

But, this is the original material you will erase from your media card. Checksum verification is an option. Although I wish I could back up to more than one drive simultaneously, once I have transferred my media, there is a way to copy to other drives without or with data verification. Transcode to a variety of formats including AVC/AAC, DPX, and ProRes. You can also use a variety of frame rates and resolutions. There are many presets available, from large-screen 4K displays to Internet and tablet-focused delivery. If you wish, you can include color adjustments and choose the output color space. What do you do now that your footage is on your timeline?

Sony Catalyst Production Suite 2018 System Requirements

  • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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