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Common materials can be reused by using built-in libraries that include manufacturer information, symbols, and 3D model components. With a lot of help from colleagues and friends in Italy, Finland, and the USA, Colombia, and the Philippines, as well as contributors from around the globe, Ola and Markus from Sweden created this site. All the alternatives are crowd-sourced and make the site powerful and relevant.

Solidworks Electrical 2013

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Manage 3D terminal strips, renumber/set terminal properties, and add manufacturer parts, circuits, and accessory components to the terminal strip. 2D panel representations can be generated from an electrical schematic. SOLIDWORKS Electrical projects contain all components that are fully linked. Any properties that are applied to a component will propagate to the Bill of Materials and Single Line symbols as well as the schematic symbols and the 3D SOLIDWORKS models. A fully associated design allows for changes to be made once and all other symbols will reflect the changes. Software solution CAE for project planning, documentation, and administration of electrotechnical automaton projects.

Solidworks Electrical 2013 Feauters

You can quickly plan your embedded electrical system with single-line or multi-line schematic tools. With real-time bidirectional updates, design teams can collaborate on multiple projects simultaneously. You can integrate SolidWorks Electrical schematics with the 3D model and then place 3D versions of all electrical parts into the model, creating paths and connections with wires/cables/harnesses. You can create integrated BOMs with both electrical and mechanical parts. You can integrate electrical schematic design data into the SOLIDWORKS 3-D model of a machine, or any other product in a bidirectional fashion and in real-time.

SOLIDWORKS Electric comes preloaded loaded with tons of reports, including Bills of Materials and Cable Lists, Wire Lists. Drawing Lists. To-From lists. Electrical reports are very powerful as they can be updated based only on symbols, wires, and cables drawn on the schematic.
A one-user schematic design tool that is powerful and easy to use allows for the rapid development of embedded electrical systems. SolidWorks Electrical Professional combines the 3D capabilities and electrical schematic design capabilities in SolidWorks Electrical 3D into one package. SOLIDWORKS Electrical can only be linked to the 3D SOLIDWORKS Mechanical environment.

Solidworks Electrical 2013

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D allows wires, cables, and harnesses to automatically be routed in a 3D environment. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic defines which components are connected by the connections.

SolidWorks can take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor architectures. * Intel integrated graphics cards and gaming cards are not approved and not recommended. * Visit /sw/videocardtesting.html for a list of certified cards and drivers.Minimum requirement: SolidWorks OpenGL certified workstation card with at least 1GB RAM.SolidWorks Certified OpenGL Workstation Card with 2GB RAM – Recommended.

How to Get Solidworks Electrical 2013 for Free

After the harness has been routed you can make a flattened harness route for manufacturing. The 3D model can include electrical information from the schematic. This allows for detailed planning, visualization, and documentation of the product design. It also helps to ensure consistency in assembly from one unit to the next. ProVantage engineers use SOLIDWORKS Electrical software for custom-designed designs. Simple pictorial representations are all that is needed to create complex embedded electrical systems.

You can take advantage of number group options and reuse unused wire markings, natural ordering support, and enhanced DWG import capabilities. You can access a large library of industry-standard symbols for designing and adapting parts using easy-to-use import tools. You can import DWG symbols or title blocks to integrate your standards into SOLIDWORKS Electrical’s libraries. The Terminal Strip Editor allows you to add accessory terminal parts and specify terminal part numbers. The terminal strip can be completed and the terminal strip drawing generated by clicking a button. Javelin is a great company. A consistent group of people provides excellent technical support. It is appreciated that the support team provides low-pressure, reasonable sales assistance. SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows engineers and designers to quickly design the electrical interconnects of complex electrical systems.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical comes preloaded loaded with thousands of manufacturer parts and cables. If you can’t find what you are looking to do, you can visit the Electrical Content Portal, which has millions of downloadable parts. This is where you can organize PLCs, Racks, and Modules as well as create reusable sets of outputs and inputs.

SolidWorks requires a certified video card. However, a faster CPU will give you more performance. GoEngineer provides professional SOLIDWORKS training online and in-person for individuals and organizations. Our instructors are all SOLIDWORKS certified, and they teach thousands of students every year around the world. There are many certified SOLIDWORKS courses available to choose from. Each student will be issued a Course Completion Certificate as well as preparation materials for SOLIDWORKS Certification.

Automated generation of terminal drawings based on real-time design. SOLIDWORKS Electrical offers a wide range of customizable Project Configurations to speed up design. These configurations are used in project templates to ensure the correct design settings are in place, so you can get started designing. Configurations can be powerful. They can be used in multiple languages or to set specific symbol attributes. Multiple templates can be used to meet unique design requirements. These templates can be chosen when a new project is created. Easy-to-use schematic tools make it easy to create beautiful and fully associated documentation. To create components, simply select the symbol from your library and place it onto the schematic.

You can customize all reports to include almost any design detail. You can specify the wiring harness that they are part of, or both, in your Bills of Materials. Ever wonder what page has the cable cores for each cable? SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows you to quickly and easily design electrical schematics using customizable design tools. You can also create fully associated single-line diagrams, terminal strip drawings, and cabinet layouts.

Solidworks Electrical 2013 System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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