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After the setup process is completed after which the setup wizard will introduce a few additional features in your default browser. It also offers a variety of options for adjusting audio and video quality. As per our quality control system, this application could contain potentially dangerous or unwelcome bundled software. When you click”Download”, it means you are downloading the program on your own responsibility. FileHippo is not liable for any responsibility for this act. We recommend you look at these alternatives. Download and install a separate program in order to convert your videos. Create and share incredible training videos, videos, and screencasts.


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If you want to record your voice while making a screen recording, choose the right option from the drop-down menu on the same window for configuration. In addition to recording the screen and the voice of your user, SMRecorder is also able to record using your webcam. Select your audio and video device, then make a couple of adjustments, and then click on the OK button to start. recorder lets you record your entire screen or just a specific area that you select using the rectangle tool. In addition, you can choose the audio device you want to input, choose the duration you want to record for recording, and select the actions you want to take when the recording is complete. You can modify the quality of compression, select an alternative frame rate, alter the volume of the audio, the sampling frequency, and so on. The program also records the audio output via a microphone that is connected and saves it as an MP3 format.

SMRecorder lets you record whatever you see on your screen using a variety of options, without any type of difficulty. So, if you’re looking for an app that is free and allows you to record directly on your screen, you just must download SMRecorder. The tools for editing aren’t included in this program. When we tested it the program utilized considerable resources, however with moderate impact on the performance of the computer and other programs.

The final button opens an online manual that was full of photos. It was possible to access the manual directly on the website. SMRecorder maintains its interface as small and clean by using dialogs to do the most difficult tasks like an annotation tool for Screen Images, and the main page for settings and which is the New Recording Task box. The box was opened and began by choosing Capture Type on the General tab. The options we had to choose from included Desktop video, Camera Video, or Microphone/Desktop Sound. We selected the desktop capture option, which includes full-screen as well as normal resolution, and we set the duration as well as the Save Path. In the Video Settings tab, we could alter the quality of compression for video as well as the frame rate of capture along with the synchronization time interval, as well as other options.

SMRecorder Features

Frame rate, interleave interval, and quality of compression are all adjustable and can be used to improve the output of video. In the end, SMRecorder is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create audio and video content with a minimum effort. The user interface is compact and consists of several options that let you begin a new recording, stop or pause the current one. It also lets you access the output folder and make annotations to the screen.


A progress window will be displayed while recording and will display all information about the recording, like length and the number of frames. Its size for recording can be adjusted by the user using the drop-down menu. There are additional options offered, including cropping, adding text into the video, and changing the name to the file. SMRecorder is a prestigious software that allows users to create, edit, and manage their video recordings swiftly and effortlessly using the most modern PC and MAC. Details about the technical aspects SMRecorder is available for Windows 7 an enhanced utility to capture digital actions on desktops.

The wide range of features, the user-friendly interface, and the dependability of the program make it an excellent aid in the creation of the video. If you’re making video presentations and video clips, creating reviews of games or software, or recording videos using webcams, you can use SMRecorder to complete all of these. For instance, an unusual use for this program is the ability to record video from the Internet. If there’s no way of saving a clip taken from the Internet to your personal computer and then recording it with SMRecorder. Editing video using SMRecorder is easy and simple you just need to install and download the application onto your desktop computer or MAC and follow the prompts displayed on the screen. After installation, choose the video or audio track from your drive and select “Recording” to start recording.

How to get SMRecorder Free

SMRecorder is an intriguing and free application for recording audio and video clips from our webcam, computer, or microphone. It can be used to make presentation materials, training materials as well as video tutorials. It is easy to operate and, even with its tiny size, provides quite numerous options. With it, users can record an entire video sequence or just a portion of the image. It can also make recordings of any sound that is generated by the microphone or computer and also record the image and sound using webcams. SMRecorder allows annotations to be added to the saved image, in the form of images that can serve as instructions or remarks to the video. Prior to recording the program creates an additional task that the user can define their own parameters.

Unfortunately, the video output speed was much higher than the norm and we were unable to discover a setting that could slow down the speed. With the native ad blocker, no-cost VPN, Facebook access, Messengers with integrated messaging, and much more.

The Audio tab lets us choose the recording volume as well as the delay, channels, and also frequency of the digital audio sample and bit rate. You can also deactivate the Record Audio check box to allow the program to record audio-free video. SMRecorder is a basic recording program for desktops that can not only record audio and video from the desktop but also microphone and camera inputs. It can also add annotations on-screen and narration to create videos for tutorials, presentations, as well as embedded videos. This software is free and records a great deal of audio and desktop video.

With SMRecorder you can record every motion you see that appears on the screen. You can and record your voice, and synchronize the audio with the video playback, and much more. It is easy and simple, and it will not bog you down by offering more options than you really need. The software allows you to capture your screens as well as your voice simultaneously and record only your voice or use the webcam. The software lets you define a maximum duration for your recordings as well as create a series of audio and video adjustments. The interface is compact and easy to navigate. The choices are simple to grasp.

SMRecorder can be described as a recording tool that allows you to create a video recording by recording the actions on your desktop or the input of the video camera connected to it. It’s a useful device for making videos for tutorials and other films using your computer. Recording computer-related actions are the most effective method of giving instructions, explaining tutorials, or presenting an innovative application. Windows don’t have any screen recording capabilities, however, there are many programs to make up for its limitations.

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