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Its iOS operating system doesn’t allow downloading of images in the usual sense. the files are saved to an appropriate folder and later opened in a variety of different programs. PicBackMan is an all-in-one uploader to back up and transfer your images and videos to the top online services. Click the share button at the upper right-hand corner of any preview window, then click “Open In Another App” to open the file in a different application that you can use on an iPad.


Password 123

Select the location you would like to save the file you downloaded. By using SkyDrive for Android you are able to quickly access and share files while on the move. Additionally, you can upload pictures or videos from your smartphone to SkyDrive.

Select a directory to launch it, and then any file can be viewed. The most popular types of files include popular audio, image, and video formats as well as Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, which are opened in SkyDrive. SkyDrive application within the app itself. Upload and manage data and share folders and files with other users. PicBackMan was a breeze to set up and has been in operation for the past three days backup all of my photos locally to Flickr. My photos are very important to me, so it’s wonderful to backup them quickly up to a safe place.

PicBackMan can be the only tool you’ll require to backup your photos onto one of or several best online video and photo services. I began with the basic plan, moved to premium, and am now using their platinum plan, it’s well worth the cost for me. PicBackMan helped me save a lot of frustrating hours of work in shifting files across my different cloud services and photo sites and local computers. You can download the PicBackMan SkyDrive uploader software for Mac on the PicBackMan website and then begin backing up images and videos.

SkyDrive Features

This access is flexible and can be extended to Apple’s iPad line via an official SkyDrive iOS application that is a no-cost download available for devices that run iOS 5.0 or higher. Log in with the Microsoft ID, and you have access to all the documents stored within your SkyDrive account. The ability to download and modify them on your iPad depends on other apps you have installed on your device.


OneDrive (also known as SkyDrive is a cloud-based online storage service offered through Microsoft Corporation. It allows you to back up and sync your images and videos important documents and files to cloud storage, and access them from any place. OneDrive offers free storage of 7GB for users who are new and goes up to 200GB at a cost of $100 per year. Users around the world make use of SkyDrive to back up videos, photos along other crucial documents. If you’re one of the people who have uploaded videos to SkyDrive but don’t know how to download them onto your computer then read on. Below, we’ve provided the steps to download the videos from SkyDrive to your personal computer. If you are looking to download only a handful of videos, simply open the folder that you wish to download them from.

The program I was using to move my photos through Dropbox onto my Flickr with. Download, view, and upload any files you’ve backed up to the Backblaze Online Backup account. The official application of an official application from MEGA to manage 50GB of space on the cloud. The uploaded images and videos are marked as private by default. How do I upload this massive collection of images to a platform that blocks uploads?

How to get SkyDrive Free

You’ll see an option to checkbox in the upper right corner whenever you mouse across the video. Choose the video and click the “Download” button located on the menu bar. Alternatively, it is possible to “Right-click” & select the “Download” option.

I uploaded about 85,000 images in less than one month. It could take me nearly an entire calendar year in order to put all these photos where they were supposed to be. PicBackMan is exactly what it’s designed to. It operates quietly in the background and has done great job uploading over 300GB of photos to two different websites. After losing a lot of my personal photos due because of a crash to my hard drive It’s nice knowing that all my pictures are safe in two locations. You can choose three ways to download images from this album.

A journalist in the field of information technology from 2002. David Nield writes about the Web and technology, as well as both software and hardware. Nield is a seasoned editor as well as a proofreader, copywriter, and editor for web-based publications like CNET, TechRadar, and Gizmodo. Nield has a degree in Master of Arts in English literature and lives in Manchester, England. The steps listed above were tested using iOS 6.1 and SkyDrive. iOS 6.1 operating system and the SkyDrive application as from July 13, 2013. If you’re using different versions, then the procedure might differ. It permits SharePoint 2013 users SharePoint 2013 to connect their own document libraries.

Automate the backup and migration of your images and videos with support for all the top services. Click the “App Store” icon on your iPad’s home screen. lookup “SkyDrive” in the box located in the upper right corner. Click”Free” or the “Free” button next to the SkyDrive application developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation and then choose “Install App.” Click “Open” to launch it. It is compatible with many great applications that you already have. It is possible to grant these apps permission to access, sync, and save your files on your SkyDrive. Share and access photos, documents, and other files on the device of your Android device. I am extremely happy and amazed by Pic BackMan.

Create a safe copy of your entire photos in one location and be able to access them via any device. Upload all your photos to the cloud service Microsoft using your Android device and make them accessible from any device. Upload your files to your online accounts and keep your folder structure the way you like it. It allows you to control and access all your cloud storage in one central location.

SkyDrive System Requirements

  • Processor: 1.6GHz Processor Pentium IV or higher
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Windows Live Account.
  • RAM: 1GB or higher
  • High speed internet connection recommended.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB
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