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It monitors your host or website on a regular basis and will notify you whenever something goes wrong. SiteMonitor will not only check at intervals set by timed tids to make sure that your site or host is operating as expected It will verify that the content is in order. With the graphs of response, you will easily be able to see the uptime of your server. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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SiteMonitor will be a program used to check your host’s websites on a regular basis and inform you when they’re not functioning. SiteMonitor will verify at these timed intervals to ensure that your website is operating as expected. It will also record the activity into the log file for later review. SiteMonitor will keep track of your host or website regularly and notify you when something occurs.

Sitemonitor Features

Additionally, the web interface is able to be used by any other user that was cleared previously of access by an administrator. SiteMonitor Enterprise is ideal for servers since it operates as a Windows Service. It is configurable using the Configuration of the SiteMonitor Enterprise Utility. The logs used for this purpose can be used to create responses and server uptime reports that are available through the SiteMonitor Enterprise web interface.

SiteMonitor can be used SiteMonitor not only to check your website but also servers that have the Web Interface such as Microsoft Exchange Servers and various different mail servers. We’ve not encountered any issues in our tests, due in part to this tool did not freeze, crash or displaying error message dialogs. It left a minimal footprint on the system’s resources, using a low memory and CPU. Customized graphs of response are available to provide you with an instant indicator of the websites that have a slowdown.

It is possible to add as many hosts or websites to the list of monitors as you wish, as long as you enter the appropriate information about the monitor’s type. Free download SiteMonitor Enterprise 4 full version standalone offline installer for Windows it will monitor your sites and hosts all the time and minimize the amount of time you are down.

In addition to the desktop client, SiteMonitor Enterprise features a web interface that is accessible from any browser. It comes with an overview of the dashboard and displays the status of all websites, along with log information. In SiteMonitor Enterprise you can view the status of your monitored websites. Utilize SiteMontior Enterprise to check your hosts and websites 24/7 to reduce the time it takes to shut down. The reports available include status reports as well as response time reports. You can also view histories of failed/good reports. Reports are available in pdf, Word, and Excel for further analysis or printing.

SiteMonitor can be used SiteMonitor not just to keep track of your website, but also servers that have the Web Interface such as Microsoft Exchange Servers, various mail servers routers, appliances, and many more. It is easy installation on your computer or Server and has full capability for alerting and reporting. The program shows a color graph of pings that continue to a host. The uptime of your website is vital and With SiteMonitor it ensures that you’re alerted whenever your host or website is down.

How to Get Sitemonitor for Free

SiteMonitor Enterprise records program activity and allows you to view the data in other files. It’s important to specify the name, URL as well as the socket information to be matched, checkup frequency, credentials, and SMS or email notifications. Additionally, you can arrange hosts into groups. The properties can later be modified, or entries are deleted from the list and the entire information could be transferred into CSV files. The display automatically starts when it is launched, and you can suspend or stop it with just one click.

Reports contain Reports include Reports along with Response times and Status codes daily. Additionally, the application allows you to create reports for every host based on a variety of factors, including responses times or daily status codes, to study graphs.

SiteMonitor dashboard on the web gives you quick overviews and warns users of any issues. The dashboard will automatically refresh to make any problems immediately apparent.

It can be installed on any Windows-based device as long as it is connected to the internet. You can see the status of your monitored host or website from anywhere as SiteMonitor Enterprise has its own web interface. If the website or host fails, SiteMonitor Enterprise will send an Email or an SMS message. It is possible to check the current status of the monitored host or website from anywhere as it is a web interface.

SiteMonitor allows you to keep track of your website/hosts with ease of installation on your server or PC with full alerting and reporting capabilities. You will be alerted when something is wrong through Email or SMS.Monitor Internet protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, and ICMP right through your personal hardware.

Sitemonitor System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later
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