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ShareMouse lets you share one keyboard and mouse across several Windows as well as Mac computers. It is as simple as moving the mouse’s pointer towards the computer that you wish to manage. When you get to the edge of the monitor the mouse cursor moves to the next monitor. You then have the ability to manage the computer. Each computer is controlled by the keyboard and mouse from any computer. In contrast to the KVM switch, you do not have to press any buttons in order to change between different computers.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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You can create hotkey commands for the majority of the functions including switching to another monitor or remote copying of content. The power options and task manager can be synced. ShareMouse allows you to share your keyboard and mouse across multiple computers. Simply drag the mouse towards the computer you want to manage. When the mouse is at the edges of any monitor it will jump onto the computer opposite and allow you to control that remotely Mac and Windows PC. What the software allows you to accomplish is to effectively manage various screens and computers.

Sharemouse Features

If you are using Windows 8, a mouse must be connected in order to stop Windows from removing its mouse. I would use it if A) doesn’t cost you for each computer and B) allowed more than two monitors without upgrading to professional. There are children in my family who require this at school, for instance, they each have at least two screens. This is an unwise idea for them. We use Synergy. Set up Windows in an orderly order and create virtual desktops.

Other features that are extremely useful that this program offers include the capability to transfer files via Drag & Drop operations. As you are aware, moving data from one computer to another is not always simple. However, with the help of this software, it is possible to transfer the files you want across Mac as well as Windows operating systems.

This can be extremely useful for those who have several screens on their desktops. The bottom line is that technology is more or less encouraging users to use multiple monitors or desktop setups. Therefore, ShareMouse is an essential tool, allowing users to interact with network computers as well as multiple displays in a simple way. It is possible to create a customized configuration, set up hotkeys for operation as well as transfer files using Drag and Drop. Furthermore, the application lets you communicate with your clipboard and dropping and drag between connected PCs.

Resetting the cursor restores control back to the original PC. There’s a QuickJump hotkey combo also, and the Panic key that also switches back into the primary system. There’s even an option to use a password. The free software works well although it does require some time to master.

ShareMouse software doesn’t require any hardware like cables or buttons. The transfer of data and communications between computers running the software happens via using the network local to you. In addition, to ensure security you can set an account password for the built-in network. So, you’ll feel more secure and won’t allow anyone to abuse your account.

How to Get Sharemouse for Free

Also, you can have your monitors that are not active dimmed and adjust the speed of scrolling or tray notifications, and the remote control hotkey cancellation configuration. If your mouse crosses the edge of any monitor then it will magically move to another computer, and you are able to control the remotely Mac and Windows PC. To protect yourself you should only allow computers with an identical username to access clients. Both TCP and UDP ports may be configured manually.

The position of the monitor is also a factor in determining the communication lines between monitors. Use the same keyboard and mouse between several computers. Transform your Android or iOS device into an additional touch screen for your computer.

Once you’ve done that it will identify all the computers that are connected to the network. The list of clients within the preferences window. Click here to begin ShareMouse Pro free download.

To assist you in this, you’ll be able to set hotkeys to assist you in making certain procedures you perform with this application more effective and speedier. This is crucial when working on many devices or when you require to control computers remotely. With ShareMouse it is possible to transfer files from one PC to another, which will save you time and extend your mobility between different devices.

It is not necessary to have an additional keyboard or mouse for every computer, particularly when you’re working with both laptops and desktop computers with ShareMouse. ShareMouse can make your job simpler. The first thing you’ll have to do is install it on your host computer. This way you’ll be ready to begin as it’s the one requirement before you can use all the features of this program.

Drag/drop of files, modifier keys for switching, and multiple monitors seemed okay. Switch animation was a bit slow, but aside from this, everything seemed to work. Two monitors are on my tower that is trying to connect to my laptop.

Pop-ups show the message “purchase an affordable license”. Use your keyboard and mouse on multiple computers. ShareMouse is an extremely user-friendly, small, and lightweight application which allows you to access your mouse and keyboard across multiple monitors or computers. It’s easy and simple to use using hotkeys as well.

Sharemouse System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of RAM required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
Updated: November 17, 2021 — 12:49 am

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