Secure File Deleter Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

The interface for users is extremely simple to use and there aren’t any complicated procedures required to use it. In addition to the security and optimization features, this tool can remove sensitive data without leaving any marks in the shortest time. It’s all about your personal information and the necessary steps you need to be taking to protect your personal information or important data. But, powerful tools mitigate the risk of leaks from files quickly. However, you may be able to recover some deleted files using the help of software. The best Windows 10 file deletion software that we recommend employs 13 sophisticated algorithms to erase the data. Smaller than about 1 kB is not kept in an individual cluster of disk drives and is instead stored within the MFT itself. It’s not something that every file eraser is capable of removing. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Secure File Deleter

You can also choose any folder or file by using the right-click button and then selecting “Delete” or “Delete” from the menu. You can also open this program, and move and drop your selected items onto the program’s main screen. Whichever option you select you will be asked to choose the security algorithm and will be presented with a variety of options to customize and the data will be permanently deleted.

Secure File Deleter Features

Secure File Deleter lets users securely and completely remove certain files from their computers. So, make the most effective use of the advanced features provided by this eraser. No matter what method you use to manage your sensitive documents, you’ll have assistance from your side. If you’d like to completely erase data from the PC it is necessary to use dedicated deleted files software. There are many methods for doing this, but the simplest method is by dragging and dropping files into the interface of the program, or placing them on the desktop icon in case there isn’t the program installed.

To erase any trace of the file in order to erase all traces of the file, the program will replace the file using random numbers. The amount in this setting is 5 as in five percent of the data will be replaced, the intention is to damage the file, rendering it inaccessible. The second option, deletion of File Usage Data erases certain specific properties of the file that are related to when the file was first created, altered, or used.

We do not recommend or support any use or application of the program if it’s in violation of the laws. Softonic could earn an affiliate fee when you click or purchase one of the products listed in this. If you’re committed to the deletion of your data, invest just a few dollars to purchase the professional version. I find it easier and faster as well as more secure to buy an entirely new SSD (at these prices, these times, it’s impossible to afford not to take mine out and then replace it with the latest one. and so on. Transfer the SSD documents to an HDD with the exception of the file you wish to delete.

There is the option of an enormous number of security methods to erase data. The program could write a mix of ones and zeroes to every sector of your hard drive, or employ different characters, rendering the targeted data unusable. To remove files without the possibility of recovering the only thing we need to do is replace the contents of the file with additional data by using any of these security methods.

If the file has already been deleted, we don’t exactly where it is on the disk, and we must overwrite the entire space on the disk, which could take several hours. The major difference with our software is that it’s operating after deletion occurs and it is aware of precisely where the file is. Therefore, there is no requirement to write over all of the available disk space. We simply replace the file that was intended to be deleted, which will take only a few minutes.

How to Get Secure File Deleter for Free

The new features added With new features, the software will stop all associated processes that lock a single file while when in Force mode. It comes with Uninstall and Startup tools to remove software and startup entries. You can also add an unpaid version of Windows as well. CCleaner also comes with Professional versions that offer additional options.

The Cleaner tool is able to scan the system for the Windows system as well as the third-party software junk files in order to remove large amounts of disk space. Secure File Deleter is a free utility tool that allows users to erase the files they have selected forever, without any possibility for you to recover them.

Shredding the file, however, will ensure that the document will not be able to be recovered. Explore our recommendations since you’ll find a variety of methods to secure your documents. The laws regarding how to use this software differ from country to country.

Secure File Deletion The files deleted by this program are not recoverable. Utilize a specially designed software solution to make your data inaccessible.

One way to do this is to move the document you wish to delete on the icons of the software exactly as you would put it in the Recycle Bin. There is no need to completely erase your free disk space, like other programs like WipeFile will require you to do in order to delete a file well. This means that the procedure will not take a long time and you can anticipate it to be completed within a matter of minutes.

Easy File Shredder can completely erase all information stored on any internal or external drive such as Flash storage devices and memory cards. Easy File Shredder makes use of not less than 13 of the most advanced algorithms employed by military personnel from the US Army and the US Department of Defence that erases information on a variety of levels, to ensure that the data can’t be recovered.

This includes any drive since it also can shred files stored on USB drives as well as SD cards. This is a very beneficial feature for those who use the media to move sensitive files. Because of the nature of how SSDs operate, it isn’t possible to safely erase a single file. File Shredder comes with a simple user interface that lets users delete files with just several clicks. This is why a tool that is this simple should be embraced by anyone who values data privacy and wants to secure the personal information of their clients.

Secure File Deleter System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
Updated: December 16, 2021 — 6:17 pm

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