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The checklist lists items that should be added or removed on the checklist. The matching list is a list of words that must be matched to the right definitions. Printing and creating a high-quality exam, test, or exam has never been more simple. An otherwise tedious task can be completed faster and the end result is significantly more professional. A few of our clients have also said that creating tests is actually an enjoyable experience. Reuse and reuse your test by automating randomization.

SchoolHouse Test

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For an order for purchase, fill out the form and mail or forward it via fax to Schoolhouse Technologies at one of the addresses or fax numbers that are listed in the lower part of the form. Purchase orders are accepted for schools, districts, and other government institutions. If you wish to purchase using a cheque fill out the form, add the check and mail the check to Schoolhouse Technologies at one of the addresses in the lower part of the form. We would also like customers to be aware that there are free demo versions of our software are available to download. We recommend that you try our software prior to purchasing to ensure it is up according to your expectations. Schoolhouse Technologies is a company that Schoolhouse Technologies, we want you to be completely happy with the purchase.

Also, if you require an end-of-term or year-end exam then you can utilize the questions from your previous exams and quizzes to create your exam. Download Schoolhouse Test Professional from our software library for no cost. Making and printing a pencil and paper test, quiz or exam has never been simpler. Schoolhouse Test makes a time-consuming task a lot simpler and the end result is significantly more professional. A few of our clients have also suggested that making tests using the Schoolhouse Test can actually be enjoyable. If you’re in search of an expert test maker that takes the process of creating paper and pencil tests, quizzes, or tests, and tests, then Schoolhouse Test is the program that you need. It’s exam time and you’ll require an exam to pass.

Document ViewRibbon navigation puts the most frequently used features to the public, making them easy to use and eliminates the requirement for drop-down menus that conceal features and are often difficult to use. Document View is a basic Find and Replace feature to find questions that contain specific terms quicker and also replace words and phrases throughout the test or quiz quickly. Document View: Add an extra page break, and choose to allow questions and their answer to be split into multiple pages, should it be necessary.

SchoolHouse Test Features

It’s true, Schoolhouse Test is an exam maker that can reduce the most daunting task to a simple task. If you’re writing your exam question for the very first time, it is going to go much faster than you’d expect it to. Even difficult-to-write types of questions like matching tables, order, or a combination of both are quite simple to write. If you have tests and quizzes which you’ve been using during the course of the year, to measure your students’ learning, you could use questions from the Question Bank to create your exam by using questions you already have. The creation of tests, quizzes, and tests using different types of questions will make the exam more engaging and challenging to your pupils. It also makes it easier to judge the quality of learning in subjects that do not fit the standard multiple-choice format of questions.

SchoolHouse Test

Schoolhouse Test for Windows 10 is designed and developed by Schoolhouse. All trademarks registered, including corporate names, and product names or logos are the sole property and rights of the owners. Document View Customize questions and answers by using superscript subscript, bold, italic, and underline for phrases, words, or entire text blocks. Document View allows you to customize questions and answers by using superscript subscript, bold, italic, and underline when it comes to phrases, words, or entire text blocks. Document View has a standard user interface that makes you feel at home when you first begin using it. Each option is clearly displayed and the icons that are associated with them are easy enough to provide you with an idea of what they’re intended to serve. Every test you pass is intended to move your one more step towards achieving your goals.

Document View: Fill-in-the-Blanks lets you select a few words, phrases, or even entire sentences. Double-click on a word to delete any text, or select it using the select button. Create quizzes, tests, and tests with thousands, if not hundreds, of questions. Discounts for bulk purchases allow it to be economical to purchase several licensing and products for school as well as educational facilities in business government, educational, and other institutions. For example, worksheets and exercises, and tests can be put together into workbooks and other educational resources and made available to resell or distributed in large quantities. It’s the ideal test-taking solution for employers, teachers instructors, trainers, educators teachers, professors, tutors coaches, and others who requires a fast and simple method of assessing the quality of their students’ learning. Affordable audiences span from primary schools to high schools and academies companies, colleges, universities, and shops municipal departments, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

How to get SchoolHouse Test Free

Effective test-making features consist of randomization and question banks answers, answer sheets, and 14 types of questions. The question type “Order” requires students to write an order of things in the proper order.

It’s only a couple of easy steps to make an online test that can be used to print. Simply type in the text for the questions and answers, and then select the appropriate options. The test sheet and answer sheet are automatically created for you. There are a variety of options to alter the layout to meet your specific needs. Make printable tests, quizzes, and tests in a matter of minutes using the easy-to-use test maker software specifically designed for trainers and teachers.

With a single click, you can randomly select the selection elements of any multi-choice question (multiple-choice or checklist matching, etc.). Additionally, with test maker Pro Edition test maker, you can make the questions random to ensure they’re in the opposite order. Simply open the previously saved tests from the test bank, and then select the questions from every test in order to design a new test. Questions can be picked either by hand or through automated selection options that randomly select a certain percentage or number of questions. Document ViewMake use of Document View to select the Diagram option to present an image that is marked, or to make space on the answer sheet or test to draw diagrams. Schoolhouse Test lets you create a printable test, quizzes exams that test your learning in any subject. It includes multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, and more.

This includes all the Quick Facts and Classic Bingo game generators. You can also create your own customized games using The Custom Game designer.

After you have completed all the fields and you have completed the test after which you can change to “Document View” or “Answer Sheet View” to make any final changes to the layout of the page. However, the customization options for the design are limited and somewhat difficult to use. Get special upgrade prices for Schoolhouse Technologies software. Log into your customer care account and click on the exclusive Upgrade Buy button.

SchoolHouse Test System Requirements

  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
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