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Drag the chords you would like to sequence into the program to create a pattern that’s exclusive to you. A comprehensive and user-friendly tool that can aid everyone in making better music, note recognition of scales, note detection, along chord suggestion. Once you’ve decided on an appropriate scale, Scaler lays out basic diatonic chords to try out and then lets you explore the possibilities with myriad different chord voicings and chords you can explore.

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Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers are not liable for the contents that the item contains or the correctness of its description. With performance, phrases, and Rhythms composed by professional musicians and pianists, Scaler 2 isn’t just about making arpeggios and chords It can also lay down melodies too. More than 200 Expressions allow you to play with riffs and melodies that are locked into the notes of your scale or a chord. The Edit mode lets you alter the duration, Octave, inversion, and more chord parameters and also offers new ways to modify chords with a right-click. DAW Sync connects the chords you create to the playback of your DAW making it easier to test new variations or change existing chord patterns in the DAW project. Pad View allows you to build complete arrangements including moving chords and complete patterns on a more advanced level. Secure keys to chords and compose complex melodies using the intuitive shifting around the MIDI controller.

You can also create sophisticated progressions by dropping chords into the chord sequencer. Overall Scaler VST is a powerful and distinctive MIDI feature that can make locating chords and progressions enjoyable and easy. Scaler VST Crack is an additional plugin that supports VST, AU, and AAX hosts. It comes with an easy-to-read PDF guide and helpful user interface guides to assist you. The app comes with a limited collection of internal sound effects to allow you to explore the features of the app without needing to think about other instruments.

Naturally, the intention is to activate other instruments using Scaler and the way this is configured is dependent on your host DAW. When using VST hosts Scaler can be loaded by way of an instrument on the MIDI track that’s output is then sent to a different track through the routing system in the DAW.

Scaler Features

Record and perform directly from the instrument and determine the scale you’re playing on. Select a place on the circle of Fifths and Scaler will suggest a modulation sequence. Learn chords by borrowing them using Modal Interchange or make your own modulations using the presets of industry composers. Make use of Scaler’s MIDI Capture option to save all the music you hear from Scaler as a MIDI clip and then import it back into the piano’s roll. Any references to brands or products on this page such as references to instruments or brands are for informational purposes only. For instance, references to instruments brands are intended to describe the quality of the instrument, and/or the instrument that is used in the example. Plugin Boutique does not have any connection or endorsement from these brands.


With the onboard database of more than 2,000 scales as well as modes, including music genres as well as artist presets There’s plenty to keep your juices flowing. Users can quickly find every sound needed to determine which key and what scale you’re working on, and then suggest chords that are appropriate to your music. Scaler VST will determine what key and the scale you’re in and suggest chords that go with your style. It also can help you create to compose a new tune by providing a set of starting chords for a key that isn’t explored. After you’ve set your scale Scaler VST displays the fundamental diatonic chords available for you to play and lets you go deeper with hundreds of chord variations and the possibility of voicing. Through this program, you can find the keys to your music as well as explore different settings and scales.

Clicking on the button below, you can begin downloading scaler vst in full and complete installation. You should also install a file extraction tool such as Winrar on your PC since the majority of files are in zipping, RAR or ISO formats. Discover the keys of your music and discover new key scales, chords sets, and scales. Unique and exciting MIDI effect tool that allows you to find chords and progressions easy and enjoyable with Modulation and the sounds of pluck. Scaler is a plug-in instrument that can output MIDI and audio. The new Audio Detection Technology allows you can identify and analyze scales and chords derived from the audio source you already have.

How to get Scaler Free

Below are some notable characteristics you’ll encounter after Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 free download. Scaler is simple while providing its users with the basics of musical concepts. Include the capability to connect notes to “All” keys rather than “Only white” keys. Improve precision of timing – fix timing offsets in recorded performances and stop shorter notes being recorded MIDI in looping points and stop hanging notes from hanging. A musical ambassador, a long-time veteran in acid house and techno, a champion DJ pioneer and owner of a label, and the King of Ibiza.

Theorists can also gain insights into the function of each chord’s harmonic. Drag and drop chords into the sequencer, switch up inversions and octaves, modify the voicing, then take a recording or import the sequence to your DAW. Scaler 2 will detect incoming MIDI as well as audio information, and identify the key that your music is in. Then, it’ll suggest chords and progressions that are compatible with the song. Scaler 2 can transmit MIDI to an instrument that you can play in your DAW. It includes 30 instruments that you can play with. It can determine which keys and which scale that you are in. It can provide chords to correspond to the music you are playing.

With MIDI Capture the user can take a recording of Scaler 2’s output – regardless of whether you’re clicking chords or keys or playing progressions so that you can drag the resultant MIDI out of the plugin. It can also help you compose an original tune by providing a set of the initial chords for a key that isn’t explored. This interactive picture scaler software lets users see macro-scales to micro scales across a range of images. Find out what key and what scale you’re working with, and then suggest chords that fit your musical style. Scaler VST is a powerful and distinctive MIDI feature that helps in locating chords and progressions easily and enjoyable. It’s a complete yet very user-friendly toolbox that can help to create more effective music. A powerful and inspiring music theory software that allows access to a myriad of fresh ideas, expressions, and tunes.

Scaler 2 can be described as an inspiring, powerful, and sophisticated music theory software that gives you access to an array of fresh concepts, melodies, and expressions. With its powerful detection of MIDI as well as audio signals, Scaler 2 can determine which key and what scale you’re in and suggest chords that fit your music. It helps you find the perfect tune using expressive phrases, and can even suggest ways of changing between keys.

This is an offline installer and standalone configuration that works with Plugin Boutique – Scaler 2. With a built-in database of more than 1,700 keys and scales, including artist presets, genres, and genres, Scaler has enough to keep you motivated.

Scaler System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required.
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