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Explore your ancestors’ journeys across the globe and identify the locations of significant family gatherings. Transfer your family’s data directly from your genealogy application then print and create personalized family maps. View and edit each piece of information about an individual on a single screen. Include as many facts as notes, notes, sources, and media as you want to each individual and their family. The event should be shared among several individuals and identify each individual’s contribution to the event.


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Whatever the complexity of your tree may be, RootsMagic lets you easily navigate through all the branches and roots. Charts and reports can be saved in more modern formats that are more compatible, such as Microsoft Word. DOCX, Microsoft Excel. XLSX as well as.SVG. We provide free versions of a few of our software which is ideal for novices. They come with all the features crucial to get started. If you discover that you require one of our more advanced features You can upgrade to the full version anytime without losing your work.

There is a possibility that you keep more than one user’s editor screen running at the same time. Additionally, you can make use of other features in the software as long as the edit screen remains active. The entire information of an individual can now be accessed from your edit screen. You can also view the edit screen for any family member, and then immediately change it back. RootsMagic is an award-winning genealogy program that helps you organize, research, and sharing your family’s history simply!

This powerful DataClean tool identifies and fixes errors in your name and the names of places. Maintain your tasks on course with the task management of RootsMagic.

RootsMagic Features

Data lists now have their own search boxes which allow you to easily locate items that are similar. Advanced tools for searching have been put together to make one simple screen. Once the app has been downloaded using the link above, search for the downloaded file and select which file to install. To make this application for free, however, we cannot provide support via email or phone for the app. In addition to the information base, we have an online community where users can ask questions and talk about the application in a group discussion with fellow users. Use the control of your mouse someone from one file to the next.


Simply click on the sidebar to toggle between screens, without getting lost. The lists of tasks, correspondence, and research logs have been put together into simple “tasks”. Tasks can be easily connected to sources, peope’s media, sources, and other resources while they are easily searched and filtered.

Create family trees documents, notes, sources, and media by creating your own website that you can host using our no-cost My RootsMagic hosting service. Select one family member from the list, and RootsMagic will show the map, along with pins showing where the person’s activities were held. Utilize the free desktop software to convert other genealogy files like PAF, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, and GEDCOM into usable RootsMagic files. The main window allows you to manage documents, people, locations sources, media addresses, tasks, and much more all in one location.

The RootsMagic app is compatible with your RootsMagic file. The easiest method of copying the RootsMagic data file onto your device is to use Dropbox. If your device runs iOS it is also possible to utilize iTunes to transfer your RootsMagic file to your device.

How to get RootsMagic Free

Reusable citations allow you to make an initial citation, and later add it to multiple events or people. In the new window, you can toggle between various screens (people locations, sources, people media, tasks, and so on.) without losing your spot. The brand new “Couple View” and expandable “Descendants View” give you new insight into your families. Select the database on the “On Device” list (in the “Files” area of the app) and you’re in a position to utilize the RootsMagic application. A folder titled “Apps” will be created at the folder’s root. Within that “Apps” folder will be made a “RootsMagic” directory.

It is free to download. RootsMagic Essentials is absolutely free and is the simplest way to begin tracking your family’s genealogy. If you’d like to see the features between these two apps, visit this link. The app shows thumbnails of your pictures but it won’t have access to the highest resolution versions of your images.

At RootsMagic, We create simple-to-use software to aid you in bringing together the past, present, and future. Offer Color Codes to individuals to show how they are part of the larger picture. Group people into groups so that they can quickly locate and utilize them anytime.

The RootsMagic app functions as a “reader” which allows you to read and display your data. The file should be listed in”In Devices” or under the “On Device” tab in the RootsMagic application. This means it’s been downloaded to your device and doesn’t need to be loaded via Dropbox unless you modify or modify the files on your PC. Click”File,” then click the “File” option at the lower right of the app and then click”File” and then the “Dropbox” option that appears. RootsMagic helps to organize your work and helps you locate new records, documents data sources, and monitor your work and tasks. RootsMagic will give you an edge by downloading your family tree by logging into Ancestry or FamilySearch.

RootsMagic System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 6, 2021 — 9:05 pm

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