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Contrary to that, however, RollBack Rx is a different approach. RollBack Rx technology functions at the level of the sector on the hard drive, and restores everything! It is located below Windows and, in the event that Windows fails to boot, there’s an alternative console that is booted prior to Windows. This lets you gain access to Rollback Rx and go back to a period where your system was without issue. After that, when you check your inbox, you notice an unavoidable system crash, and your computer is rendered non-functional. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Rollback Rx Pro

Supports all deployment options that are industry-standard including silent installations as well as pre-installation configuration. Explore search, browse, and retrieve folders and files from any backup. Return to the past from any program that fails, OS updates, and failed updates. You can go back in time for minutes, hours, or days and weeks months to any prior snapshot. Return to any prior date in just a few minutes.

Rollback Rx Pro Features

Its RollBack Home Edition helps users better manage and control Windows PCs that are based on Windows. After completing a bulk license purchase, you’ll be issued a unique product ID that you can use to enable as many PC’s purchased. (eg. 100 license orders will result in 1 product key, which is valid for every 100 installations).

We have added a few new options under Tools & Settings. The most significant one is that you are able to be able to automatically turn off RollBack Rx Pro prior to using Windows Updates that change your Bootloader. When you install, you’ll be asked to enable the automated installation for Windows 10 feature updates. Automatically schedule the snapshots that will be taken according to an established schedule or after the completion of certain files (ie. setup.exe) and manually.

RollBack Rx improves efficiency, allowing IT administrators to restore PCs back to their fully-functional state within minutes with no loss of data. Its RollBack Server Edition makes it quick and simple to install updates and service patches using a secure method of system recovery. It is a comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that allows users as well as IT administrators to restore their PCs back to any previous state in a matter of seconds. RollBack Rx offers a fresh method of managing PCs.

Drive Cloner RxDrive Cloner Rx is a basic metal recovery tool that allows professionals to perform simple system backups, image backups and help in the process of deploying. Many uninstaller applications, such as Windows built-in add/remove software, are patchwork solutions. The only solution is Rollback Rx. Rollback Rx can absolutely restore your system bit-for-bit to any snapshot from the past.

The issue with anti-virus software is that they’re always playing catch-up. They are constantly trying to detect and eliminate known threats as well as making changes to their definitions files. But, if the virus is discovered you can count on RollBack Rx to absolutely undo the damage, restoring your computer to the condition it was in before the infection. Unfortunately, the most recent snapshot was taken more than one week ago. …. RollBack Rx technology lets you go back to your previous state, without losing any data on the current computer.

The software is now fully functional with the latest Windows Updates. Previous versions were not compatible and had problems in conjunction with Creators Updates. We’ll have information on updated versions of RollBack Rx Server Edition, RollBack Rx Home Edition, Reboot Restore Rx Pro as well as Reboot Restore Rx over the coming months.

How to Get Rollback Rx Pro for Free

Keep an eye on our social channels as well as here on our blog for any updates. Stealth Options are of huge importance to the majority of our customers, and so we’ve added a function that allows RollBack Rx Pro is able to be removed in your Remove or Remove programs section of the Control Panel.

All unexpected incidents, like user error and viruses, as well as improper software installation can be quickly and completely removed in a speedy and efficient manner. It is possible to automate the process to capture snapshots while in the background. When you are ready to restart your PC, you are able to quickly go back to any prior state within the amount of time required to reboot your computer. FreewareDesigned to be used in public computing environments like Computer labs, schools kiosks, schools, etc.

Check our upgrade policy for software below to see if you are eligible to upgrade for free. People who love RollBack Rx Pro can expect an enjoyable delight. The new version comes with enhancements and new features that enhance our award-winning instant time machine software more efficiently. The RollBack Rx Home Edition is a no-cost instant time machine that you can install on your Windows workstation. It’s a complete Windows System Restore solution that allows users as well as IT administrators to restore their PCs back to any previous state in a matter of seconds.

It allows you to test software without risking the integrity of your system. RollBack Rx assures 100% recovery at the bit level, which is complete removal of any virus or software. Windows System Restore only restores Windows system files, as well as a few programs files. Additionally, when Windows fails to boot up to the point at which Windows itself isn’t able to boot (ex. BSOD) you will not be allowed to get access to the Windows System Restore points.

Its Recover Files feature facilitates access to any file from your system’s state that is crashed which includes that crucial document that was in your work. This feature is an absolute necessity for businesses that demand day-to-day disaster recovery that has zero downtime.

Rollback Rx Pro System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (all 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Processor: 800 MHz or higher processor
Updated: November 19, 2021 — 4:19 am

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