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Rohos Mini.exe connects to a secured USB drive partition to an external disk drive on any computer. There are four methods to access data encrypted using BitLocker like TPM-only, TPM with PIN, TPM with startup key, or TPM with startup key and PIN. Check Point Full Disk encryption This is an application for complete disk encryption which automatically encrypts all data on the drive, including personal data of the user, operating system’s data, temp files, and deleted files. The application is integrated with blades from the Endpoint Security Software of Checkpoint, such as Check Point Endpoint Security. A trial version of the security suite for endpoints is available upon request.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Rohos Disk Encryption

It will push an encryption algorithm of AES-256 bits known as EasyLock on connected USB devices when it is installed with the Endpoint Protector application is installed on the PC. EasyLock will secure your data locally on an HDD folder or on a USB device, Dropbox, iCloud, or be burned onto DVDs and CDs. If you’re interested to test it the free trial is available upon request. AxCrypt is an open-source USB encryption software capable of protecting and encrypting all kinds of USB and flash drives by establishing passwords to prevent the access of anyone who is not authorized and unwanted.

Rohos Disk Encryption Features

FileVault is a complete disk encryption application that comes with Mac OS versions starting with Mac OS X Panther (10.3). The latest version of FileVault2 that is embedded inside Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and subsequent versions offers encryption for the entirety of the OS X startup volume and the home directory by using XTS AES-128 encryption using a 256-bit key. Rohos Disk Browser allows you to work and open the encrypted disk.

It also allows the creation of virtual disk containers as well as hidden encrypted containers using a Media file or USB drive. The most popular players in mobile and computer OS, Microsoft, Apple, and Google offer full-disk encryption as an option by default on their operating systems using encryption software that they can’t break because they do not have the keys required. Rohos Disk Encryption is a set of extra features and functions that provide additional encryption systems for your personal computer. The first thing to note is that this encryption method employs the NIST-approved encryption system as well as 256-bit-based encryption key length, which means there is no need to be concerned about security systems.

For instance, if you are carrying all of your company’s financial records on your laptop for official use the loss of it could permit an individual to gain access to sensitive information which could harm your company. With the encryption of your disk, it’s almost impossible to read the encrypted data within the stolen device. USB and other storage media that can be used for removable use also fall under the definition of the disk, and you’ll benefit from encryption of your USB as well as other storage media as well as encryption of local drives. The encryption software is accessible for Windows PC and has the capability to secure disks as well as a partition on the disk, too. Because of this, you could call it multi-functional encryption software.

Overall, it’s simple encryption software that offers sophisticated security capabilities and features an intuitive interface with highly customizable user options. EncryptStick software comes in two versions that include an ordinary version and a Full Version. One of the benefits of using this system is that it secures USB drives and the data inside them. It is built upon the encryption AES-256 method and is that is compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs, and requires no installation. VeraCrypt is a USB as well as general encryption program that can improve the security of your data by adding additional layers of security over it.

The greatest benefit of this encryption tool is that it is directly in line with the algorithms that work to secure partitions and systems encryption. This makes it easy and straightforward to encode the data or the device that the user wants to protect. Once encrypted, no one is going to attempt to hack your data because the encryption technology is able to withstand brute-force attacks.

How to Get Rohos Disk Encryption for Free

Kakasoft USB Security is a security system that provides protection designed for USB drives as well as removable mass storage devices. The software is designed to assist in safeguarding USB drives by offering encryption, password, and encryption for USB drives.

When the files are transferred, they are erased by the File shredder, and then deleted. This tool allows you to delete files safely, and nobody is able to recover the file after the files have been deleted.

BitLocker is a program for computer hard drive encryption program or complete disk encryption as well as security software that was developed through Microsoft Corporation. It was specifically designed to protect your data by encrypting entire volumes. It does not safeguard a system while it’s in use because the operating system is responsible for live and online security. The program uses the AES encryption algorithm and 128 bits of the key to secure the disk volume. Full disk encryption implies that all data on the disk is secured and that includes your operating system. If it is done correctly it blocks any unauthorized user from accessing information stored on the disk.

The software provides users with an easy and user-friendly background encryption solution that can secure digitally stored information with an integrated solution that is based on solid, widely accepted security technologies. Cypherix Encryption Software is an encryption and protection software developed to secure users’ USBs as well as other media that contains your personal data. It is intended for individuals and businesses to secure their digital devices from access to information that is not authorized.

I hope this helps you by choosing the best one that will meet your requirements. The risk of losing your data is not a concern When you use Rohos Disk Encryption it is not a chance of losing data. The option for resetting passwords on partitions lets you recover lost passwords on your Rohos disk in case you’ve been unable to remember your password, as well as your USB key. Rohos Mini Drive Portable allows the possibility of using an encrypted partition on any PC that doesn’t have administrator privileges or installing any additional software. Rohos Mini Drive Portable with Administrator rights can create a genuine Hidden Partition on a USB drive.

It still provides an easy-to-use, simple protection system for its users. You can utilize it to backup your data too in secure and safe conditions. Alongside encrypting your devices, you can also use the device for decrypting a particular USB device. This AES 256-bit certified EncryptStick Lite Software can convert your USB into a very secure and safe vault.

It doesn’t matter if it’s photographs, music files financial information, personal account details, or whatever else that you want to protect, this program will secure all your files stored on the drive. Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption is a USB encryption device from Gilisoft famous for providing encryption and password protection methods for computer drives. This program allows you to protect your USB by using a password to stop unauthorized access to the outside world.

Rohos Disk Encryption System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
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