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RocData is a toolkit that allows you to analyze rock and soil strength data and determine strength envelopes, among other parameters. CPillar allows you to quickly and interactively evaluate the stability of laminated roof beds and surface crown pillars. Rocscience is responsible for 17 civil engineering software that is currently on CESDb. For software support and product updates, please visit the developer’s website.

Rocscience Dips

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Settle3D can be used to analyze vertical settlement and settlement under foundations and embankments. RSPile allows you to calculate the axial load capacity for driven piles as well as analyze piles subject to lateral loading.

Rocscience Dips

Mining Software

Dips are intended for the analysis of features that are related to the engineering analysis of rock structures. However, any orientation-based data can be analyzed using the Dips data format. The slide is the most complete slope stability analysis software, including rapid drawdown, probabilistic and sensitivity analysis, support design, finite element groundwater seepage analysis, and rapid drawdown. Slide3 is a powerful and user-friendly 3D limit equilibrium slope stability program that can be used for all types of soil, rock slopes, embankments, and earth dams. RocPlane, an interactive software tool that allows you to perform planar rock slope stability analysis as well as support design. Dips is Rocscience’s most popular stereographic projection software for the analysis of orientation-based data. Dips can be used to determine joint sets and perform kinematic analysis on slope stability. RocTopple, an interactive software tool that allows you to perform rock slope support design and toppling analysis, is available.

Phase2 is an advanced 2D elastoplastic finite element stress analysis software for underground and surface excavations in soil or rock. With the kinematic analysis planar, wedge sliding, direct and flexural tipping failure modes, you can identify critical zones, vectors, and intersections in stereonet overlays. Export the kinematic results to excel. They will contain critical vectors, intersections, and failure modes. Visualize orientation vectors and density contours. Plans, intersections, and traverses. Rockall, a statistical analysis program that helps to assess slopes at high risk of rockfalls, is called RocFall. Swedge is an interactive, quick, and easy-to-use analysis tool that evaluates the stability and geometry of rock slope surface wedges.

PILEGRP, an MS-Excel spreadsheet program that allows for analysis of pile groups with rigid caps by the elastic method, is written in MS-Excel. POLEFDN, an MS-Excel spreadsheet program that analyzes a pole foundation. It assumes a rigid round piling at the top. The pier is subject to lateral and vertical loads.

Examine2D, a 2-dimensional plane strain indirect border element program for elastic stress analysis of underground excavations, is available. All software and resources found in the directory belong to their respective authors. You agree to take sole responsibility for any downloads or uses of software that is listed. The Hydrologic Engineering Center developed the Statistical Software Package (HEC–SSP). RocSupport, a quick and simple program that estimates the deformation of circular tunnels made from weak rock and visualizes the tunnel interaction with different support systems, is fast and easy.

SuperLog creates a boring log and test-pit graphical reports for field drilling or geotechnical investigations. This program is user-friendly, simple to use, powerful, flexible, and will significantly increase your productivity.

The new version of Dips 6.0 is now available, an important upgrade to our popular stereonet analysis software. It is capable of many different applications. The program was designed for both the beginner and experienced user of stereographic projection, as well as for those who wish to use more advanced tools for the analysis of geological data. Dips allow you to visualize and analyze structural data using the same methods as manual streets. It also has many computational features such as statistical contouring and orientation clustering, mean direction and confidence calculation, cluster variability, and qualitative and quantitative attribute analysis.

Software that digitizes graph data for Engineering calculations and analysis. Processing raw CPT data and exporting the soil layering and properties to LPILE. Program for non-linear retention wall calculation using elastoplastic anchors, anchors overloads, and excavation steps. Argus ONE is a series of general-purpose graphical Pre-and Post-Processors and Post-Processors that are designed for numerical modelers.

Rocscience Dips System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 MB of free space required.
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