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Almost every PC can support some tweaking for the diverse parameters related to the hardware configuration. The RivaTuner app is a popular graphics card overclocking programming, although it isn’t the simplest one to utilize. While its name suggests that it is anticipated to center around the NVIDIA cards, extremely well-liked brand installed on a lot of gaming laptops and computers. You can overclock and also underclock the graphics card.Do Copytrans Manager Download

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You can tweak the OpenGL display adapter settings created by Nvidia, comprising the GeForce series. On the off chance that despite you have to do so, it is recommended that the graphics card has a great cooling potential. Like this above all, make sure you have the best equipment for changing before you quickly ahead and set the higher memory speeds.Do Remix OS Player Download

RivaTuner Features:

  • It can support the LCD panel from the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard.
  • It can support a multi-display or multi-monitor system.
  • The overclocking tool can assist computers or devices in gaining additional performance by boosting the working speed.
  • It has an incorporated registry editor that permits you to change the registry settings on the win.
  • You can easily control the fan speed by simply configuring the automatic fan control.
  • The hardware monitoring module of RivaTuner is from chipsets and GPU producing heavyweights ATI and Nvidia technologies.
  • Besides being consistent with the different Windows versions, it can also run efficiently on any Vulkan, DirectX, or OpenGL compatible video cards. It does not support mobile graphics solutions or mobile solutions.


More About The RivaTuner :

It is accessible for the users with the OS Windows 98 and earlier versions, and it’s just accessible in English. The current version of RivaTuner is 2.24, and the last update was on done on 29 June 2009. Since the program has been appended to our selection of programs and applications in 2007, but it’s still managed to reach thousands of downloads.

About the download, the RivaTuner app is the one that occupies less space than the average tool in the Software utility section. It is often downloaded in a few countries like the Islamic Republic Of Iran, the United States, and Romania.

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • The file system redirection is not disabled anymore when running the patch script under the x64 operating system for preventing the problems with the lost file system browser dialog when hitting Continue.
  • The fixed bug in the hardware monitoring module reasoning the hardware monitoring based scheduled jobs to be overlooked because of the inappropriate initialization on program startup.
  • The fixed bug into the startup daemon RivaTunerStatisticsServer routine and D3DOverrider programs reasoning such tools to be started and reside in the memory without showing the tray icon under the definite conditions.
  • The heights of the sticky graphs in a group are now up-to-date accurately when editing the fixed graph height settings manually in any graph’s properties of a group.

RivaTuner Download

RTSS Or RivaTuner Statistics Server:

If you are a gamer or work in the domain where the work PC has to have a powerful GPU (graphics processing Unit), then the continuous tweaking is something that you’ll need to carry out. The RivaTuner Statistics Server is the genuine frame-rate monitoring, high-performance video capturing, and on-screen display service provider for the majority of graphics card utilities available.

Complete Tools In A lightweight Package:

The sheer amount of programs offered by RivaTuner is huge, and the most significant ones are as follows; RivaTuner Statistics Server provides competent frame time and frame-rate monitoring support to the client apps, with the statistics being gathered for OpenGL and DirectX apps.

The statistics of such apps are then given 3D acceleration usage statistics, which allows the app to determine if any 3D apps are working and if yes, then what profiles ought to be applied to those for the best efficiency. More so, if you do not desire to overkill the GPU or would want to limit the power consumption, you can always utilize the incorporated FPS limiter of the RivaTuner app.

Download & Install RTSS:

The RivaTuner app is now out-of-date as the final stable release was in the year 2009. Therefore, it does not really work well with the newest graphics cards. Hence, it’s advised to get the MSI Afterburner. RTSS can directly be downloaded, or it comes with an alternative of the MSI Afterburner.

You can check with the video card manufacturer to check if it allows access to the MSI Afterburner option. Video cards and EVGAs have a tool known as Precision X, which is an MSI Afterburner’s rescan, and it works with RTSS.

  • Download the RTSS setup first.
  • Download the newest MSI Afterburner version that has a stable RTSS build. Otherwise, you can directly go for the MSI Afterburner from the official MSI website.
  • Then, a zip file will be downloaded on your PC. You’ll get the setup file for the MSI Afterburner app upon extraction. Install it.
  • Make certain to choose the RivaTuner Statistics Server with the MSI Afterburner when asked to select the parts to install. Without RTSS, your on-screen display function would not work.
  • After that, follow the same installation procedure for RTSS.
  • Open the MSI Afterburner app > click settings > navigate to the monitoring section.
  • On the next window, you will see a lot of options given by the MSI Afterburner app for customizing the screen display such as GPU usage, GPU temperature, Core clock, Memory usage, and other settings. Save such settings in the custom group names.
  • Save the settings > click OK. It’ll open the RivaTuner Statistics Server app.
  • By clicking the Raster 3D section, a window will appear that allows you to change the font settings for your on-screen display. You can change the text color; make it appear smaller or bigger, edit the place where the text ought to locate.
  • While playing the game, all the chosen settings are visible in the stated position, in the same way.

Following the successful installation of RivaTuner Statistics Server, it is now time to test it by simply setting a frame rate limits very low and then attempt to play your game for verifying that it really works. After verifying that it does work, set it to the TV’s or monitor’s refresh rate.

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