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These logs are exportable and importable, allowing you to create a log to help your family member or friend in the removal of a stalwart application or vice versa as well as creating trace logs for personal use. With its innovative and quick algorithm for scanning before and after uninstalling an application, you can eliminate unneeded files, folders, and registry keys that are left on your computer.

Revo Uninstaller

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If you enable Hunter Mode, Revo Uninstaller’s main window will go away and a brand new targeting icon will be displayed instead. Drag and drop the icon over the window that is open or it will appear as a System Tray icon and/or Desktop icons of the application you’d like to manage, as well Revo Uninstaller will display any choices available in a simple menu. With its distinctive “Hunter mode,” it gives you simple, simple yet powerful methods to monitor and obtain information on the running and installed applications. Revo Uninstaller seems to be an extremely interesting combination of uninstall and registry cleaning programs. It is a good choice because it can perform each of these tasks efficiently enough to get a passing grade. If you’re really impressed by the program, you may consider upgrading to the professional version. It’s reasonably priced and includes certain essential features that aren’t included in the free version.

With its exclusive “Hunter mode,” it gives users simple, easy-to-use, but efficient and efficient methods of managing and get details about your running and installed applications. Revo Uninstaller Pro also comes with a powerful feature known as Forced Uninstall. Forced Uninstall allows power to the user while maintaining the security and accuracy result. It’s extremely useful in the event that the installation is affected by corruption and is unable to continue. It is the ideal solution to delete partially installed software or programs that have been partially removed or programs that aren’t found to be installed.

Upgrades don’t add any speed to the download, an essential element that is not able to provide. It forces you to wait until the first program is done before uninstalling another.

Revo Uninstaller Features

Drag and drop the icon on the window that is open or the system Tray icon as well as the Desktop icons of the application you wish to manage. Revo Uninstaller Pro will display all options available in a simple menu. This can be extremely helpful since a lot of programs load at startup and/or stay on the desktop with your permission, or perhaps you aren’t sure which application is. Forced Uninstall also works in combination together with another of Revo Uninstaller Pro’s additional functions -Logs Database — to determine the most efficient method to cleanly and completely remove the program as well as its left-over information.

Revo Uninstaller

This is even more frustrating because you’re required to go through each program’s integrated uninstall process, as well. Selecting the program to remove is simple and quick, however, due to the icon-based menu of the program. You can select from choices that include a simple uninstall, or a thorough cleaning that wipes every trace of the program off your computer. There’s also a very cool “hunting” mode that let’s uninstall applications or end tasks without loading the software. When the time factor is an issue or you want to speed up the uninstall process a little bit, having the ability to uninstall several applications in succession Revo Uninstaller Pro comes with the option of a quick or multiple Uninstall. This lets you remove multiple programs in rapid sequence, without having to only use the built-in uninstallers. Even if you’ve damaged or broken installations Revo Uninstaller searches for the application’s information on your hard drive drives, Windows registry and shows all the folders, files, and registry entries so that you can erase them.

Revo Uninstaller provides you with eight useful and efficient tools for cleaning your system. You can also choose to allow Revo Uninstaller Pro to make an entire Registry backup every day, on the very first day it’s activated. It is important to note this version was not intended to be installed separately for each computer the system it is to be employed. Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable is an uninstallable version of Revo Uninstaller Pro that does not keep any data in the Windows Registry and can be utilized on removable drives.

How to get Revo Uninstaller Free

Naturally, the extensions can be removed and every browser provides an option to remove them however, having to scroll through a variety of menus and windows in every browser could be a hassle and time-consuming. Instead, Revo Uninstaller Pro lists all the extensions installed that are installed on your system in a single window, organized by the browser. This, along with the ability to search through the list, lets you quickly locate and remove any undesirable extension. This is the reason it is the most simple and efficient method of monitoring installations to ensure that when the application is no longer required, the modifications to the system made through the installation of the program can be completely reversed to the way it was if the program had never been installed prior to. It’s so easy to operate that it needs just three mouse clicks to complete the entire process.

Additionally, when a program has been removed, it is common that there are multiple folders, files, or Registry entries left on your computer, which could cause a variety of issues when they are not eliminated. The trace logs can be customized and if you’re advanced in your use you are able to alter them more deeply by modifying and/or deleting any Registry entry as well as the folder or file in the trace log file. Revo Uninstaller Pro stored on the file of trace logs. This Uninstaller feature is part of Revo Uninstaller Pro’s main feature in instances where a program will not uninstall as it should or if there is a suspicion that an application hasn’t been removed completely. Hunter Mode is a great option Hunter Mode can come in handy when you wish to delete an unknown software (or at the minimum remove its automatic startup in Windows) This feature is one that isn’t available on any website, however, you will view its icon or window. Its Uninstaller program is Revo Uninstaller is the main feature to help you in situations where an application won’t uninstall in a normal manner or if there is a suspicion that the program isn’t uninstalled completely. Revo Uninstaller allows you to uninstall any undesirable programs that are installed on your PC.

Uninstall stubborn programs such as browser plug-ins, browser extensions, and injectors quickly and thoroughly. Revo Uninstaller adds some serious capability to uninstalling applications however, it’s not an enormous amount of speed. But it’s not the most efficient method to get rid of programs from your computer. Backups of any Registry leftovers will be displayed on the Backup Manager to make it easy to access and control. The portable version needs to be activated following download for it to function since it does not have a trial time. The license for Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable is per user but not for a computer. In terms of performance, the two versions are identical. Revo Uninstaller Pro is identical.

It is possible to uninstall both the built-in Apps that come pre-installed on your Windows as well as Apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Revo Uninstaller Pro comes with an option to monitor the process of installing a program. It provides you with even more flexibility and power through the ability to precisely follow the changes that are made to your system throughout the installation of a program. it does this in real-time – concurrently with regular installation. It also saves all the data in the form of a log. Hunter Mode is an innovative feature that lets you select an easier manner for the application to either uninstall or manage. When you enable Hunter Mode, Revo Uninstaller Pro’s main window will be gone and a new target icon will replace it.

These logs are kept on our servers Which means that you can access them at any time you want even if you’ve recently installing Revo Uninstaller Pro, and you’re not yet able to trace the installation of any software. You can uninstall software easily or get rid of leftovers from uninstalled programs, using the option for a more complete and efficient uninstall with the help of the logs in The Logs Database. With its sophisticated and speedy algorithm for scanning prior to and after uninstalling and remove unwanted files, folders, as well as registry keys that are left on your PC after you’ve uninstalled the application using the built-in Uninstaller. Every modern browser supports extensions or add-ons that are intended to improve the features and capabilities. A lot of programs install their own extensions for browsers without your consent, or even without your knowledge. It can be extremely annoying and irritating if they’re malicious, continuously redirecting you to unsuitable websites and disrupting other ways to interfere with your Internet web browsing.

Revo Uninstaller System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB
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