Qsr Nvivo 10 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Visualize your data quickly with word frequency charts and word clouds. Compare diagrams are also available. Use specific queries to find themes and identify emerging topics. By providing deeper insights and expanding their areas of exploration, we empower people to make better decisions. QSR International believes technology has the unique ability to impact human outcomes.

Qsr Nvivo 10

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To compare data from different sources, link cases to assign values like age and gender. Collaboration Cloud makes it easy to share data, expertise, and insights quickly. Collaboration Cloud is an optional module that you can add to NVivo to increase your research power within a team.

Use powerful analysis to unlock insights in your data

With powerful analysis, you are one step closer to uncovering insights from your data. Log in to my Vivo to access your account. Or, click Sign Up to start a Vivo Account. To achieve effective outcomes, you must reach and present valid, logical conclusions. One Collaboration Cloud module can be purchased to support up to five researchers. Select An Organization if you are purchasing NVivo for your company. Non-Academic This classification is for people who work in non-profits, government agencies, and commercial businesses.

NVivo offers best-in-class capabilities for all researchers so that you can get more from your data.

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This option will grant you perpetual access to NVivo. You can use the product selector for the right type and quantity of NVivo license that suits your research needs. Upgrade to NVivo 11 and NVivo 12, if you are an NVivo 11 customer, at a very affordable price. Find out more about upgrading and the best NVivo yet. You can get started quickly by following the cues that will help you to ‘import, organize’ and explore’ data with ease. To help our customers and to support their use of our solutions, we have built an international network with selling partners and trainers.

There is an NVivo license for everyone, whether you are a student, an individual, or an organization. The student license gives you access to NVivo for 12 months, while the perpetual license gives you access for a lifetime. You cannot trial older versions of NVivo (including NVivo 12). You can use an older version of NVivo if you have an active license key. Each student can only purchase one license. The licenses are valid for 12 months and must be purchased with a valid student ID and email. QSR International may require you to verify the purchase of Student licenses.

Qsr Nvivo 10

Collaboration Cloud makes it easy to collaborate on NVivo projects. No matter where they live, Collaboration Cloud allows you to bring together the right people to produce robust research results. You can access my Vivo portal to download the NVivo 12 or NVivo 11 licenses.

We are proud to support people who want to make a difference in the world. You can take advantage of powerful automated transcription to allow you to concentrate on your analysis.

Collaboration Cloud requires that all members of the team have the latest version NVivo and the same operating system. The Download NVivo page lists older versions under the heading “Download Older Versions Of NVivo”. To download the most recent version of NVivo, log into my Vivo. Our modules make it easier to find them earlier and allow you to work smarter with data. When assessing the impact of articulating outcomes, it is important to have the whole picture. Ask tough questions about data to find patterns and connections that can’t be found manually. You can find common themes and evidence-based insights quicker, which allows you to do more in a shorter time.

Students who are enrolled in academic courses, and have a valid student ID, can purchase Student Student Licenses. Online ordering of student, individual, and small group licenses is easy. With the NVivo Integration add-in, it’s simple to import data and notes directly from Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word. All NVivo licenses include access to the NVivo Integration add-in for 12 months at no extra cost. You can organize the core metrics, people, and places of your analysis into cases.

Collaboration Cloud enables collaboration between up to five members of a team anywhere in the world. Transcribing audio and interviews can be time-consuming when conducting qualitative research.

You can find the older version of NVivo here if you have an older version license key. The version of NVivo you want to download is determined by the first two numbers from your license key. NVivo users who purchase new computers or remodel existing ones will need to reinstall NVivo. It is recommended that you only install the most current version. This can be accessed through my Vivo portal. NVivo allows you to get more out of your mixed-methods data. You can uncover deeper insights and create clearly articulated, logical findings that are supported by solid evidence. You can select the quantity of each module that you want, up to the number NVivo licenses that you purchase.

Qsr Nvivo 10 System Requirements

  • 2.0 GHz dual-core processor (64-bit)
  • 4 GB RAM (sufficient if other applications on the computer do not have high memory use)
  • 1680 x 1050 screen resolution
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Approximately 5 GB of available hard-disk spaceā€”or more depending on data storage needs
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