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Similar to free VPNs, free ones are known for collecting and selling your information for profits. These are only a few of the many reasons it’s better to use an expensive VPN for your PC. PureVPN has support for P2P and offers special P2P servers specifically for this purpose. The services will not cost you anything, but earn profit from the data that they gather and then sell it to a third party to make profits! Provide your online data with the best level of security with secure 256-bit encryption. With the use of a VPN proxy Hotspot Shield ensures you are secure, private, and completely anonymous on the internet… You’ll never experience slow internet thanks to our specially designed servers designed to speed.


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A network that covers the globe, optimized for unparalleled performance. Get a private IP for you to ensure your security online. Access the video and audio content you enjoy without restriction from any location.

PureVPN can also support Split Tunneling, allowing you to determine which programs or browsers that you want to secure. For instance, if you wish to set encryption settings for one browser solely for banking, you are able to do this without impacting any other applications you’re running. Regarding the security of PureVPN, the company declares that PureVPN utilizes “complex protocols” and, specifically uses 256-bit encryption. PureVPN has earned a prestigious reputation for its continuous improvement of the features it offers in its most secure Windows VPN client and regularly updating it with advanced features. When compared to the other VPN providers, such as HMA VPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN, PureVPN Software supports various high-end protocols like L2TP IKEv2, SSTP, and PPTP. If you’re looking for greater performance and reliability, it is advised to use OpenVPN whenever you can, as it’s an open-source technology. From the most recent standards to the support for old versions, PureVPN gives you plenty of options for browsing anonymously.

Keep control of your security, privacy, and security regardless of when your VPN connection ceases to work. In the end, PureVPN offers a fast and secure method to safeguard your online identity and remove websites from your region. It could be because of the software being removed or has a security issue or any other reason. There are reports suggesting that the program could be malicious, or install additional unwanted software. They could be false positives and we advise our users to take care when installing this program. Trial software lets users try the program for a brief duration of time. After the trial period, the user is able to decide whether to purchase the program or not.

PureVPN Features

IKS ensures your data is secure throughout the day by shutting off an internet connection in the event that your VPN connection is lost. Our worldwide network of over 2,000 strategically located servers helps you to bypass any restrictions. The PureVPN installation procedure is easy and once you have it established, the connect screen is clearly laid out. PureVPN is easy to use after installation and you can connect to an account that can be used on five devices in both the paid and free versions, however, it is restricted to 3 days of usage. The laws governing how to use this program differ from country to country.


Files can be shared with friends at any time anytime using the app’s file-sharing mode. Make sure that your data is encrypted and send it over secure tunnels, which makes it impossible to track. Get around geo-restrictions and gain access to every piece of content available across the globe. There is nothing that can compare to the unrivaled security and privacy that it offers. Intrusion detection is a barbwire that covers all your data and devices. The most sophisticated algorithms are adept at distinguishing between ads and content and are even better at blocking advertisements.

With PureVPN just one click is all it takes to connect to the internet safely private, without restriction, and with no restrictions. Once connected, you are able to browse, access, download, and download without compromising security and privacy. But, you can join for a seven-day trial of the Android and iOS applications. It’s not available on other platforms, however, you still have the option of our money-back guarantee of 31 days. If you find that PureVPN isn’t right for you within the initial thirty-one days we’ll reimburse the money you paid. Change freely between over 6,500 VPN servers across more than 78 countries and access them without limits on bandwidth. Install PureVPN on your mobile to turn any public Wi-Fi into an encrypted Wi-Fi network to protect your data.

How to get PureVPN For Free

The Port Forwarding add-on lets you connect to your device or service from any location in the world safely. You may have seen “VPN” in the “Network and Internet” settings. The option allows users to “Add an existing VPN connectivity,” there is still the subscription of an outside VPN service in order for it to function. There are a few free VPNs for computers however we do not recommend making use of them because they do have some drawbacks. They, for example, offer minimal or no encryption, which leaves your online traffic open to hackers and snoopers.

In certain instances some cases, all functionality is off until the license has been purchased. Demos typically are not time-limited but their functionality is limited.

Find a dedicated IP for an area in just a few seconds. Select the location you want to connect from 141 countries with a couple of clicks. Choose the protocol you prefer or just use Pure VPN’s application for a fast connection.

Your streaming, downloading gaming browsing, and downloading will be extremely fast with our network of 6500+ servers in more than 78 countries. Visit the developer’s website for a complete list of the countries we cover and also for a status indicator to tell you if the servers are working or not. There are no bandwidth throttling connections, so even should you’re ISP is restricting your use, PureVPN can get around it. If you’re having trouble with specific platforms There are a few helpful tutorials available for each platform, and 24 hours of online assistance if you’re stuck. It’s easy to set up and PureVPN will select automatically the most efficient service for your location, typically the closest one to you. You can select manually a server, and even the city you’d like to connect the proxy to on the dropdown list. This license is usually used in video games, and it allows players to play and download the game at no cost.

Learn how to connect and run our PureVPN Application for Your Windows Laptop or PC. Your information is secured by top-quality AES security 256 bits encryption. Overcome geo-restrictions and censorship to access any service or website you’d like. More than 6,500 servers as well as more than 300,000 IPs are in place to provide complete access. PureVPN apps work with all gaming consoles and routers in addition to BoxeeBox, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Browsers plus more than 20 other operating systems and devices. A single PureVPN account grants you the capability to connect at least 10 different devices at once. Check for unsafe settings and passwords as well as suspicious add-ons, and outdated software.

The encryption is up-to-date and is virtually impossible to break. Additionally, disconnecting the kill switch feature can prevent your IP from being disclosed. This could be extremely beneficial for those who connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas that are usually not secure. After connecting, the users’ identities are hidden, stopping them from receiving unwanted focus.

While most free software programs are limited in time, some come with limitations on features. PureVPN allows you to protect yourself from snoopers and hackers browse in complete anonymity, browse restricted content, and even communicate safely. If you’re not getting enough guidance from the guides or tutorials, you’re able to make use of the live chat option on the official site. When you submit a question or question, it’s likely to be addressed in a matter of minutes. Although you shouldn’t expect to receive the same level of service that you get from premium or expensive services Live chat will solve many of your questions and queries. We provide ultra-fast VPN connections, but without compromising on security. Our intelligent algorithm selects the fastest VPN server to meet your requirements based on geographical location.

Updated: March 19, 2022 — 11:56 pm

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