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Fixed an issue in which remote Stage applications display content in an announcement layer. Fixes a hang issue when transferring a duplicate presentation into another library.


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The color of the text may even change in real-time after the parameters you set are changed. These changes take place throughout the display. This screen Configuration Panel allows you to set up an extra output screen that will be designed for announcements. Because that the Stage Display Editor is just the standard ProPresenter editor, users will get access to all the special tools for text and shape to design the most unique interface you’d like to have. With this creative power in your grasp, the stage artist will be able to count on high-quality timing devices, accurate text as well as notes.

Did you add a background movie to a slide in an arrangement, and then the group was repeated several times within your presentation? In the present, by default, if the user clicks on the currently active background video the video will not trigger.

ProPresenter operators can control slides on one display while presenting dynamically to an audience on a variety of screens. Fixes a bug with Japanese/Korean/Chinese text input in the slide editor.

Fixes a problem where the order of the playlist is not maintained when creating duplicate folders in the bin for media. Improves performance by multiple playlists with identical presentations. Corrects a problem where elements of slides that have media fills are reduced by just a few pixels in the output. Search Preview The search in your local library has been updated to include a preview of the text and contents.

Note that the same lyrics will be found in the center as well as the sides of IMAG screens, however, they are displayed in different ways by Pro7 on both. Today, Windows comes with every feature that Mac does, like the Capitalization option.

ProPresenter Features

Although you’ve had the ability to add a line fill to text, it’s always been in line with the dimensions of your text box. Now, thanks to gradient Text Fills, it is possible to achieve this without the need for an external program. Go to the download webpage to download the most recent Version ProPresenter. ProPresenter to Mac as well as Windows.


To qualify to receive any discount upgrades, additional features, or renewals, you need to verify your current license. Please supply the details below to help us determine what you’re eligible to receive. Read the following guidelines closely to learn how we calculate our pricing.

Connect one text box to another to create two boxes that have the exact text, but different formatting to produce other outputs. You can easily decide the color that the text in a certain text box should be at various countdown intervals. ProPresenter 7 lets you create complex slide layouts that could become difficult to comprehend when listening to the band’s lyrics when the text is tiny or contains a lot of graphics in the slide. When you press an icon, you can remove the images and increase the size of the text, making it easier to follow. ProPresenter 7 lets you show multiple Bible translations at once so that you can check out different translations of the same passage regardless of whether they’re in the same language or in different languages. Search within ProPresenter 7.7 has been improved to search for songs within your library, or to songs you want to Select by pressing a keystroke or the menu button.

How to get ProPresenter Free

Correction of a bug in which the color of text underlines in the imported PowerPoint document does not match the color of the font. It Fixes a problem where exporting PNG slides from the presentation do not draw patterns. Correction of a bug that caused copied content that has superscripts to be pasted with all superscripts. Corrects an issue that occurs when chord charts of previous presentations are not removed when a new presentation is open.

Customers are able to renew ProPresenter+ at any point within 12 months from the anniversary date. Renewals for ProPresenter+ are extended to the second-anniversary date of the initial purchase.

Corrects an issue in which the overlay editors and slide notes will not scroll when text isn’t sized correctly. Corrects an issue that was encountered when trying to import an existing PowerPoint presentation using the latest versions of PowerPoint version 16. Corrects an issue in which SongSelect searches resulted in errors when the search terms contained symbols.

ProPresenter System Requirements

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
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