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ProjectLibre for Windows is a great and user-friendly software. it is an effective project management tool that includes both open source free software and cloud version software. ProjectLibre desktop software is a cost-free and open source project management program I would recommend this to my coworkers and friends. ProjectLibre is the top Windows software application for managing specifically for managing the use of ongoing projects or similar. It makes it easier for users to experience working on project files, sorting them out, and working on them at the same time.


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It is when a legitimate program is incorrectly flagged as dangerous because of an excessively wide detection signature or algorithm that is used in antivirus software. Refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy or Contact Us for further information. Based on our scanner system, we’ve concluded that these flags could be false positives.

Make sure you’ve chosen the start date and time frame for your tasks. This can be checked on the Critical Tasks bar at the top of your charts.

This allows you to create dependent projects. These are tasks that are not able to be initiated without a prerequisite project already completed. It is possible to identify the dependency of a project on the column of the predecessor by entering the row numbers of the project that is necessary to complete first. By using this feature, keeping track of the progress of your project becomes simple and easier. It can be challenging to track and manage several projects at once and that’s why ProjectLibre is here to assist you in this job.

The latest version of ProjectLibre was released with a significant update for global users. ProjectLibre is made available in 29 different languages and is available to users across seven continents. The 1.9.3 release lets project managers select the language from an options list. Alongside the language, it is possible to select the country. selected, which will also determine the project’s currency and date format.

ProjectLibre Features

We’ll soon be able to provide the most innovative cloud-based teaming solution called ProjectLibre Cloud. We’re having the same effect in Microsoft Project through the replacement of a costly, heavy, and complicated structure by offering a simple cloud login that is accessible from any location around the globe. I am a huge fan of ProjectLibre on Windows because it’s easy to maintain constant project management and oversight of the parties responsible for and deliverables. The interface does not only permit me to search for specific projects or tasks as well, but I’m able to determine the timeframes that are expected to complete those items at the click. I also like being capable of combining projects and schedule subtasks. It’s completely open and free of cost and can be a great alternative to other software like Microsoft Project.


ProjectLibre offers 5,500,000 desktop downloads across more than 200 countries… our innovative new technology makes use of AI and the existing PIM data to automate the organization of all your marketing and digital assets and make them ready for the go-to-market.

BlockedIt’s very likely that this program is infected with malware or has unneeded software. This software program could be harmful or may include unwanted software that is bundled. The program can be a Project Management desktop software, we’re planning to release an online version in the near future. The team is planning in Q to launch a cloud/saas version that will expand the desktop capabilities including enterprise and team features. ProjectManager has been awarded as an award-winning SaaS program for managing work and projects. It is a that meets the specific requirements of teams that are hybrid. By bringing together team members in various locations, with different types of work and different roles, into one system, ProjectManager enables faster delivery and better results… ProjectLibre was created to offer the Cloud and desktop version of the open-source Microsoft Project.

How to get ProjectLibre For Free

The powerful platform of Thinkific lets you easily impart your knowledge, expand your network, and expand your existing business. No matter if you’re training 10 learners as well as 10 million, you can be confident that you’re using the best technology and the best support available for your business.

It’s a program created through The ProjectLibre Community to aid users in tracking the development in their respective projects. ProjectLibre is enormous assistance to those managing multiple projects at the same time.

The laws governing how to use this program differ from country to country. We do not advocate or approve of using this software when it is in violation of the laws. In general, the program is user-friendly and easy to comprehend regardless of the level of skill. Based on our scanning system, we have concluded that these flags are most likely to be genuine positives.

Its capabilities are ideal for ProjectLibre that aims to keep track of how you are progressing with your diverse tasks. The Gantt chart can also reveal the relationships between the projects, which is well with ProjectLibre’s dependencies function. Utilizing a bar graph is an effective choice since it’s straightforward in its information and, consequently, extremely easy to comprehend. The vertical axis of the graph is where the projects you have shown, while the horizontal plane above lists the dates. The bars are then spread out across the table based on the amount of completeness and will be updated when attained. ProjectLibre offers a clean design and user-friendly interface. It lets you categorize your tasks and projects. When you launch the program, you’ll find a blank grid or table on the left-hand side of the screen.

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