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It is not a crucial Windows file and could be removed if you know it could cause problems. It is a PC software was designed to run on Windows XP and is compatible with 32-bit systems. The most well-known versions of the program are 2.1, 2.0, and 1.9. The program was initially developed in the company of O&K Software. Our antivirus has scanned the download and declared it 100% secure. Prio might seem too complicated for novice users however, it’s an excellent tool for those who want to be in control of the processes that are taking place within the system.


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Electronic digital signatures are an element of an electronic file that is used to guard against fraud and to verify its authenticity. Many malware is disguised in the form of Windows operating system functions.

The first element that you’ll notice are three tabs (Users Services, TCP/IP, and Users) that have been added to the Task Manager interface. The first tab lists the active user accounts of all users and the third one lists the active services currently running while the final one allows you to check every network connection. Additionally, you’ll see an identifier color, which allows you to find processes that don’t have the proper digital signature, identified as red.

I’ve searched for some common ones, such as process lasso, however, it’s too complicated for what I need. Look for passwords and settings that aren’t secure insecure add-ons, as well as out-of-date software.

We’d like you to know that from time to time it is possible that we overlook a potentially harmful software program. To ensure that we continue to provide you with the safest catalog of software and applications Our team has incorporated a Report Software feature in every catalog page, which sends your feedback to us. Prio makes use of the additional TCP/IP tab that displays the established TCP connections as well as open ports. The rate and statistical data are shown for every connection. There are also helpful tooltips that provide information on the procedure that created this connection. Additionally, you can navigate directly to these processes via the pop-up menu. You can alter the priority of programs that are currently running.

Prio Features

My brother is using this software for about an entire year. It is highly likely that this program is infected with malware or has unwanted software. BewareThis program could be dangerous or could contain unwelcome bundles of software. CleanIt’s highly likely that this software is secure. You may have to frequently launch software with administrative access (e.g. Task Manager and Visual Studio) in addition to each time you have to go through a UAC request. For safety reasons, it’s not wise not to turn off UAC.


Fast access to system services and the control of them. Analyzing the TCP/IP connections that the PC is connected to. Verifying a digital signature for an executable file for every operation. It indicates that a variety of different applications are simultaneously running within the. It is possible to directly interact with some of them but others work without visible signs and operate independently. Priority in an application’s code is an indicator that informs the system of which task is more important than other tasks. For instance, when there are two applications that are running concurrently and have identical priorities, they will share equal amounts of processing time.

Prio (64-bit) It is a utility that saves the priority of apps and interface enhancements to an existing Task Manager. The primary function of Prio is to preserve the priority of every process. Finding the complete paths to executable files and providing the full details about it based on its name. program on the list of processes running within Windows Task Manager.

How to get Prio For Free

It doesn’t have an interface of its own; it’s integrated into the traditional Task Manager. You can install Prio and after that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager and access the new features. Prio will store the changes, and each time you begin this process from now it will adjust the priority that it has saved for it. I wrote about my experience just a few days ago. Right after installation, the program began to connect with .bz and .com websites. I’m not trying to promote Webroot however, I was writing about my experiences. Thus even though my experience is exactly similar to your opinion of 80% risk and 80% harmful, let the readers decide if it’s safe or not.

For instance, if have an application that renders videos on your personal computer It will utilize the free processor time, sharing it with, for instance, Explorer. However, if you choose to set a lower priority for the rendering program, it will consume only the time Explorer doesn’t require. It’s also a good idea to assign a higher priority to multimedia players, as the playback will go more smoothly. You can alter the priority of the processes on the Processes tab in Task Manager. Prio will detect any change in priority and stores them in its settings. The next time you launch this program, the prioritization will return to its original state.

The program adds an entry in the Task Manager’s contextual menu, in addition to an additional one on the bar menu. In this way, you are able to easily use Prio regardless of prior experience with computers.

The process referred to by the name of Prio Process Control belongs to software Prio Process Priority Control or eBoostr from O&K Software (). Add a comment outlining the reason for your vote.

Updated: March 17, 2022 — 9:54 pm

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