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The topic cover can be customized to look like text, images, or icons. You can transform any object into a Topic Cover by pointing your mouse at it, zooming in on the topic, and then making changes to the content. You can create unlimited projects with Prezi products. Prezi Next has a desktop app that allows you to edit your presentations from your Mac or PC. Classic has a downloadable. pez file. This is the biggest difference. Next must be synchronized with your online account. Although you can edit the presentation offline, the app will require an internet connection in order to save changes or load Prezis from the account.

Prezi Next

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Without having to know any slide numbers, you can jump right into any section of your presentation. The slide order is still there and you can navigate through your presentation as if you were before. Prezi Design Create stunning interactive charts and reports, maps, infographics, etc. Prezi Next is a new presentation platform that Prezi uses. Prezi Next is similar to Prezi Classic, but it has major differences in how the software works. Prezi Next runs on HTML5. This is Prezi Next, which opens up many new possibilities for Prezi regarding the potential features that could be added to their presentation software.

Prezi Next Feauters

You can track viewers’ progress as you present and see how much time they devote to each topic. We have many visuals and advanced image editing tools to make your presentations stand out. A picture is worth a thousand words. Our “smart branding function” will create a color theme for your presentations using your logo. Our pre-designed presentation blocks are easy to use in a variety of formats. You can create beautiful presentations that you are proud to call yours with smart branding and easily customizable charts, images, and layouts.

There are stunning templates available for every business case. These range from sales and marketing to HR and everything in between. This is a new and easy way to maintain personal connections in remote meetings or classrooms. Need assistance with designing a video, presentation, or graphic?

Prezi Next

Zooming in on a topic will allow you to add your content, images, and text. If you zoom out from the topic overview, no content within the topic will be visible. These topic areas can be used to hide entire presentations.Get support from our team. A presentation is a key element in many professional relationships. In the hope that prospects will listen, we spend a lot of time, effort, money, and resources trying to convince them to take our big idea seriously. Although the buildup can make it seem like an episodic event, our belief is that presentations can continue to drive results outside of the meeting room. Prezi Next is an entirely new program. There are some minor bugs, but also missing key features. Prezi Next will continue to improve and evolve over the next few years.

Prezi Next was released shortly after. It was also announced that Prezi had acquired info gr. am a website that converts data into interactive web-based charts. It is clear that Prezi Next was only the beginning of a larger plan. You no longer need to search through slides for the topic you are looking for. Navigate easily through your conversational presentation. You can use the “zoom show” function to zoom in on and reveal important details as your story unfolds.

Prezi Next’s new version isn’t much different than the old. The new Prezi Next is able to do the same thing as the older version, plus it offers a few more features and has the potential to be developed. You can record step-by-step narration to play as people look at your presentations. Many of the Prezi presentations can be shared, and many of them can be reused. You can find one that you like, and then repurpose it with your content.

How to Get Prezi Next for Free

These quick and easy ways will help you create the best presentations possible. You don’t have to scroll through slides looking for the right topic. Prezi’s unique open canvas allows you to organize and view your entire presentation. Present to your audience while appearing right alongside your content. Prezi is a tool that helps you and your team succeed in today’s hybrid workplace. Prezi Video Present your visuals alongside you while you present over video.

You can create presentations using HTML 5, and you can customize the content, embedded elements, and size, as well as the flow and flow of interactive parts. You can convert and present the project generated in the integrated environment using multiple tools. Prezi Next still offers the option to create a classic Prezi presentation. The “Zoom Area” function can be used to create classic zoom slide effects. This is the same thing you used in Prezi before. Without the need to use the new Topics function, you can create a new zoom area in Prezi. Although the Zoom Area function was originally created to highlight specific areas of your Prezi using zooming in, you can also use it to create a classic Prezi presentation. It is easier to navigate within your Prezi presentation with the addition of Topics.

Create stunning interactive visual experiences that allow you to adapt and zoom in on the most important topics for any audience. Prezi’s cloud-based software allows you to create, collaborate and share across the globe. You can create stunning graphs and charts. Then zoom in to see the stories within your data using supporting text, images, or videos.
In minutes, create engaging, inspiring visuals and then present alongside them. You can either record to share later, or you can go live using your favorite videoconferencing tool. Present live via video conference or save your presentation for later. The science. Learn how to grab their attention. Get expert advice on presentation. Talk to one of our product specialists to determine the right package for you and your team. Prezi Video allows you to connect with your graphics in real-time, creating professional-looking, seamless videos that you can create in just minutes.

Prezi Next System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
Updated: September 6, 2021 — 3:50 pm

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