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They let all parties concentrate on what the app does, not just what it appears to be. PowerMockup 4.0 allows users to develop central libraries of shapes which can be accessed by several users. The shape libraries are saved in PowerMockup servers. PowerMockup servers and synchronized with all users. You can set up who has access to the library’s shape and which access rights (administrator or read/write) each user is granted. Simply select a contour on a PowerPoint slide, then click “Insert Form,” and make a custom form.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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They provide all the stakeholders (clients and managers, designers developers, managers, etc.) the basic elements to work with, and facilitate discussions and input. The main benefit of wireframes is the fact that it helps abstract concepts become tangible. Wireframe models of screens of an application let everyone comprehend how the application is going to function and to determine if something is wrong or not working in the layout.

Powermockup Feauters

The components are built on Google’s guidelines for material design. PowerMockup is a software that is paid however we provide an unpaid trial version.

The study revealed that most developers are not aware of wireframing as a part of the web and software development process. This is likely to change in the coming years as wireframes become more prevalent in courses at universities and become more popular in the community of developers. This set of PowerPoint forms is available with PowerMockup Wireframe, a wireframe as well a mockup plug-in for PowerPoint. Some of the PowerMockup designs offer additional functionality that is beyond what PowerPoint can offer. For instance, if you change the size of the”Window” shape, PowerMockup ensures the window title bar is kept in the proper proportions.


With these components, you create prototypes of screens for mobile desktop, web, and mobile applications from within PowerPoint. The most effective method to make a wireframe using a program like PowerMockup. PowerMockup has a variety of UI elements that are easily assembled to design a full user interface. Since PowerMockup is based upon Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s extremely simple to use and it integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office ecosystem. With PowerPoint’s presentation tools you can create interactive wireframes that be used as working prototypes. This set of shapes includes more than 100 wireframe shapes suitable that can be used to create low-fidelity wireframes of all types. It’s flexible enough to design User Interfaces on desktop apps and websites, mobile applications, and everything else between.

PowerMockup recognizes synonyms, ensuring that the internet searches for”Input” produce results like “Text Box” and”Text Area” items. Click the button below to begin PowerMockup 4 Enterprise Free Download. This is a standalone installer that is an offline and standalone installation for PowerMockup 4 Enterprise for Windows. It will work perfectly well with any compatible version of Windows.

Simply select a shape, or category, then select “Copy” or “Cut” from the context menu and copy the category or shape into your preferred location. This option can be used to alter the way in which categories appear within the library of shapes. The default is that categories will be sorted by their names, however, when a source key is set, that key will be given precedence in the sorting process. The process of putting together complete prototypes, designs, as well as screens can be a challenge. If you aren’t able to provide an idea of where, to begin with, getting a developer to complete your idea exactly as you envision it is almost impossible. The PowerMockup’s search feature instantly allows you to find the perfect contours in an easy process. While you search through the list of contours, it is automatically filtered until you’ve found the exact contour you’re looking for.

How to Get Powermockup for Free

This means that options are easier to access and easy to use. If you’d like to arrange the objects in your library of shapes Use PowerMockup’s copy-and-paste feature.

It allows you to observe the way PowerMockup functions, however, the shapes available are typically not enough for a realistic project. DownloadDevTools.com was founded in the year 2020, and the purpose behind creating DownloadDevTools.com is to assist software developers from all over the globe.

To make it easier to find your way, you can organize your contours into groups and categories. You can also export and import your silhouette categories to make your work available to others. Although most specifications for user interfaces are written in plain text, it is not the ideal method to record UI specifications. Everyone doesn’t like reading long, boring documents that contain hundreds of case descriptions. One alternative to make abstract concepts more concrete is wireframe diagrams. Wireframes are basic line sketches to show the way that an application will appear and function.

Welcome to GetIntoPC where you can download the most recent applications for 2018 at getting Into PC. According to Google the results of the survey were collected from an accurate sampling of the U.S. population. If you are who are interested in the raw results can download them for free in Excel CSV format here. This collection has 17 mouse cursors employed for Windows applications.

There is no one left out All team members can contribute to development together. PowerMockup 4 Enterprise Free Download Latest Version for Windows. The program as well as all files are manually installed and tested prior to uploading. The program runs flawlessly without issue. It’s an offline, complete standalone installation that comes with PowerMockup 4.

Enterprise Free Download for supported versions of Windows. Note that the shared shape library needs an additional subscription to the regular PowerMockup license. The price for a shared-shape library begins at US$9.99 for 5 users every month. When in PowerMockup 3 these Smart Options were shown on an individual Ribbon tab and now are displayed in a floating window beside the shape you have selected.

Powermockup System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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