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PanoramaStudio creates seamless 360-degree and wide-angle panoramic photos. The program combines the easy making of stunning panoramas in just a few steps and features for postprocessing for more advanced users. PanoramaStudio creates seamless 360-degree as well as wide-angle panoramas by combining the rows of images.

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The software blends the easy creation of stunning panoramas in just a few steps and features for post-processing that are incredibly powerful for more advanced users. PanoramaStudio Pro creates single-row and multi-row panoramas with up to full spherical 360×180 degrees panoramas. The tool can be used by anyone, even professional photographers because of an import filter that supports RAW formats as well as an extensive database of profiles for greater than 1200 digital cameras. The application also allows users to create interactive 3D panoramas and save every image taken from a panorama as a layers PSD file. There are many photos of stunning landscapes For instance, this app will enable you to speedily and efficiently combine your images into huge panoramic photos in only a few just a few minutes.

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There is the option of editing your photos to alter their size or orientation or replacing an image within the landscape and changing the dimensions of the whole panorama according to your preferences. When saving a project you can have it rendered with high-quality images, all right through the application within the application itself. PanoramaStudio Pro provides you with the possibility of previewing the images and zooming in or out, turning them in different angles or reducing the images using masks, applying them, and then checking the images’ information.

PanoramaStudio Features

The tools for masking have been enhanced and now support copying and pasting and saving and loading of masks. The application analyses the focal lengths of the photos and then stitches them into an image panorama using overlapping parameters. But, it also lets you change the focal length as well as the image alignment in order to make the panoramas that you like the most. It is only necessary to upload the images you would like to join then click align to check how they’re merged after which you can hit the saving button to create a panoramic Project (.pap document). You can turn on the automatic adjustments and corrections or manually alter the brightness, adjust the size of the panorama, increase the quality of the images and add hyperlinks. PanoramaStudio lets you quickly create stunning panoramas by combing the simple process of creating perfectly blended panoramic photos with powerful post-processing features that are designed for more advanced users. In addition to the simple and well-established creation of panoramics, PanoramaStudio Pro also allows stitching random images into panoramas.


WebVR as well as VR controller support has been added the support of VR controllers to the PanoramaStudio Viewer. Interactive panoramas can now be available in browsers for VR headsets like Oculus Go HTC Vive and many others. It is possible to use the orientation information in the metadata in DJI drone images to allow for better alignment of these images. A new technique to interpolate the missing content of images fills in spaces or areas of the undefined area within the panorama using blurred images of the adjacent image areas.

How to get PanoramaStudio Free

The software is able to combine the automatization of the creation of high-quality panoramic photos with numerous post-processing options for advanced users with an intuitive and well-organized user interface. The automatic panorama creation feature includes an automated alignment feature of the images with an exposure adjustment, as well as the seamless blending of the photos to the panorama. If they are available, the Exif data of the photographs are used to get the most effective stitching results. This means that the profile of over 2300 cameras is saved within the inside database. In addition to the automated assembling of the panorama and image processing filters to optimize the panorama, as well as the hotspot editing tool to edit virtual tours that are included.

Select the images you would like to use, and the software will stitch your images to create huge panoramic photos in a matter of minutes. This Windows piece of software can do what its name implies it lets you create beautiful panoramic photos using multiple images. All you require is a digital camera, and a bit of imagination. Any Windows version is able to be used to run PanoramaStudio Pro and any configuration on a computer. After uploading the desired images, the user will need to adjust the settings for making the optimal panorama. In order to do the purpose, the focal length of the camera lens needs to be set, since they affect the distorting effect that appears in the image. Furthermore, the images should be aligned so that they create the illusion that there is an image that is a single image in the program, not several images.

It has a simple and simple layout that allows you to make multiple-row panoramas or single-row panoramas as well as import an existing panoramic image (e.g. BMP, DIB, PSD, GIF) and edit it. PanoramaStudio can now import Raw files from around 1100 cameras, which includes Canon’s CR3 format, which is a new format. The use of WebXR to enable VR presentation of dynamic panoramas, meaning that WebXR is now supported on compatible VR devices, and also WebVR or split-screen emulation is available in older browsers. For presentations using the web panoramas, they can be saved as dynamic 3D HTML5 panoramics, also known as virtual tours. WebP supports also in the event of inserting graphics as well as to use hotspots as hotspots within Interactive HTML5 panoramas. Memory requirements are decreased to 50% while you import large panorama images. This allows for significantly larger images to load and process for more efficiency.

Version 1.6 can save Flash panoramas, comes with an additional 16-bit workflow as well as a better RAW import and a host of features have been enhanced. To create a professional workflow PanoramaStudio provides an import feature for hundreds of RAW formats. Additionally, it comes with a complete 16-bit workflow, complete color management, as along with an integrated Lightroom plugin. PanoramaStudio is created to allow you to accomplish more than just aligning images to make a panorama. It allows you to increase the high-quality of your photographs to ensure that the result is the most enjoyable experience.

The performance of WebGL has been improved for the PanoramaStudio Viewer to create interactive panoramas. The adjustment of the exposure provides better results, even in panoramas with huge areas of over-or under-exposed. In addition to the simple and well-established creating of panoramics, PanoramaStudio Pro provides the option of stitching randomly ordered images into panoramas. This feature allows for huge panoramas that go above the gigapixel limit.

After choosing the desired kind of panoramic image All the user has to do is upload the images to the program’s interface. The adjustments of individual images and the global exposure correction have been enhanced. PanoramaStudio Pro is an advanced software program designed specifically to help you create panorama images. Once the panorama is created, the user will be capable of saving the image in a variety of ways, such as screensaver as a panoramic EXE image file or as a standard image file in various graphic formats. Perhaps you’ve seen those beautiful panoramic images on various websites or in commercials. They are produced using high-end equipment and specially designed cameras.

PanoramaStudio System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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