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Since 1997, we’ve been supplying musicians as music producers, composers and audio professionals, arrangers, and creatives with the best tools for music production using computers for more than 20 years. Thanks to the collective expertise of 21 amazing sound designers, every single raw vocal performance is spruced up to be a hit in the contemporary music world. The NI Native Kontrol Standard allows all Output products to in tandem in conjunction with Komplete Kontrol instruments and Maschine, allowing you to access a vast array of recordings and swiftly explore the world of sound design using custom-mapped control knobs. Output employed top record producers to record hundreds of vocalists from groups. There’s nothing wrong with sessions vocalists. However, they needed imperfections and raw performances.

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Output Exhale

Exhale is a fully-playable vocal engine that is designed for any producer, composer, and musician looking for the latest sound technology in the most innovative music of today. “As musicians, we’ve always wanted a vocal instrument that was cool, creative, and modern,” says Output Founder Gregg Lehrman. “So we decided to build it.” In order to create Exhale, Output enlisted a massive team of well-known record music producers, vocalists, as well as sound engineers to record and manipulate the sound. The result is a musical instrument that pushes the boundaries of creativity to a whole new level.

Exhale modifies more than 10GB worth of material and transforms it into a powerful, playable voice engine that is designed for composers, producers musicians, sound designers, and artists. There are over 500 amazing presets split into three different modes: notes, loops, and slices.

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As musicians, We’ve been looking for vocal software that could capture the contemporary sounds of the latest recordings and the most imaginative scores. When you start the program for the first time see that Exhale breaks down sounds and samples in three categories: Notes, Loops, and Slices However, you can access each of them by using a single Kontakt instance. There are more than 500 presets available in the instrument, and all of them are in one of the three categories.

To record Exhale, Output contracted top producers who listened to the individual vocalists and a large choir, with a focus on capturing emotions and flaws. Twenty-one sound designers worked for six months to manipulate the raw recordings using vintage analog equipment. Get the sound of the latest cutting-edge recordings and cinematic music using Output Exhale. EXHALE is a programmable vocal engine that was designed for composers, producers as well as sound designers, and artists. Output declares Exhale as the “first fully modern voice engine. This is pretty vague…based just on the description it appears more like a vocal processing suite for mixing rather than it is a VST.

Output Exhale Features

To refine your settings The Engine area of the plug-in is where you need to go. Click the link below to access the installation and download guide for this plugin.

Today’s most sought-after producers create stunning performances from the creme of the crop of session musicians, band leaders, and choruses. If you’re like me who loves random vocal samples that you can manipulate and experiment with Exhale is a gold mine! I’ll configure it to print out samples instead of using it directly via MIDI. You’ll then be able to manipulate and stretch the samples according to your preference.

Output Exhale

Engine designed from scratch featuring industry-leading modulation and tempo-synced FX pitch shifting, and much more. Save 35% off our FX and instruments, and also support Black Girls Code. There’s an area called Sources that is where the two samples which together to create a sound are chosen. The ‘Sources’ are routed through their own channel with multi-effects that include pan, tune envelope, EQ pitch, and reverse.

An engine created for any producer, composer, and musician who wants to create that modern, cutting-edge sound that is a part of today’s artistic music. Exhale is certainly more of a virtual synthesizer rather than a vocal sample library. Even when it’s at its most basic you can access a huge amount of vocal samples that have been processed for creating a composition. If are looking to dive into the depths, there are lots of effects available onboard for making adjustments, trying out with, and even more.

How to get Output Exhale Free

Under Source, you will find the Rhythm panel that has the ability to control things like volume, pan filter, and Exhale effects such as Talk Saturate, Phaser, and Talk. Output Exhale comes with 12 filters buttons, including Light, Dirty One-Shot, Percussive Electro Creative, Pure Heavy, Atmos Looped Complex, User, and Looped. These can be utilized in any combination for sifting through the 500 presets included in the program.

Loops Mode works a bit differently, creating 13 loops for each set across 13 keyboard keys, each having unlimited starting points for you to play and modify. Slice Mode is similar to Loop Mode in that there are 13 distinct sounds that can be which are split across 13 keys, starting at C2 through C3, however, In Slices Mode each sound has been split into many various bits, resulting in a new variety of options to use the music. To go further you can make your own unique, custom sounds by using Exhale’s Engine’s page and explore mixing, modulation, and effects that open to a new world of sounds design imagination. From the makers of REV as well as Signal is one of the more original virtual instruments ever made. Output’s Exhale is a thrilling vocal engine for modern-day producers. Exhale’s innovative technology captures vowel phrases and puts them through a variety of effects, such as the ability to sync tempo, stutters, tempo syncing delays, pads loops, and macros. It also has saturation, macros motion, flux, and much more. Output has hired some of the most renowned audio engineers to create hundreds of voices as well as an entire choir, resulting in an abundance of raw somewhat imperfect sound material.

Output Exhale System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM):4 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free space required.
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