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However, with some experimentation and practice, the majority of users should be able to get a grasp of it. Open Contacts is a daring attempt at tying all of these contacts together. The first thing that hits you is that it’s not the greatest appearance program you’ve ever come across. Open Contacts is more like an Excel spreadsheet, but with some bland-looking pink fields scattered around. But once you’ve gotten Open Contacts working, you discover that it’s much more than an ugly look. Open Contacts is a powerful application. Open Contacts application has preset for different kinds of contact specifically People and Companies. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Open Contacts

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Open Contacts Portable can be described as a portable variant of Open Contacts that is an attempt to be brave in trying to connect all of these contacts together. Of obviously, if you’re traveling a lot and are constantly making contacts on a regular basis the version you’re using is much better suited to your needs since it can be easily plugged into a Pendrive. The first thing you notice about the use of Open Contacts is that it’s not the prettiest software you’ve ever come across. It’s more of an Excel spreadsheet, but with some tasteless pink fields scattered around. Once you start working on it, you realize that it’s more than just an ugly appearance. It has pre-set for different types of contact, including People and Companies.

Open Contacts Features

Make sticky notes and organize them and reminders on your computer. You can search in any field of data, search birthdays, and connect to telephony applications such as Skype emailing, web/file browsing, etc. You can use a one-line address or multi-line address. Yahoo Maps and Microsoft Live Maps are also available through custom action plug-ins. In addition to predefined fields, you can include unlimited data fields that are grouped into sections.

Additionally, you can distinguish personal and business contacts and your search time will be shorter. Through Open Contacts you’ll be capable of organizing and sorting your contacts into groups (friends and family, business,…) look them up using letters, or establishing relationships when you require. Find any field in your data or search for birthdays of individuals. This means that a legitimate program is incorrectly flagged as harmful due to an unwieldy detect signature, or an algorithm utilized by an antivirus program. If you keep Google Desktop till the end of the day, you may still use this plug-in. google open contacts. gg at google Desktop was discontinued. All redistributions must contain any instances of the above copyright notice as well as the website addresses that are in effect. All redistributions made of Application files must preserve any copyright notices in effect and this list of terms and conditions with no modification.

The interface isn’t intuitive and can make the program difficult to use. It is highly likely that this software program is malicious or has unneeded software. This software program could be dangerous or could contain unwelcome packaged software. Open Contacts is a great electronic agenda that is aimed at users who require an agenda for personal or business use. It’s the best tool in order to keep all your contacts organized. The laws governing how to use this program differ from country to country. We do not advocate or support any use of this software when it is in violation of the laws.

It is equipped with an unlimited number of data fields that can save any contact information, and, along with predefined fields, you can include unlimited data fields that are grouped by sections. You can manage the relationships between organizations, individuals, and departments. It also provides comprehensive categories that allow you to view contacts for subcategories in a recursive manner.

We were thrilled to be able to click on an address to immediately go to the address on Google Maps, and that Skype users can make calls to their contacts within the application. We also loved the ability to cross-reference people and businesses. By making entries for George Smith and the ABC Widget Co. in separate ways we were able to create an association between them. This can be a time-saver in the event that you have several contacts working for the same business.

How to Get Open Contacts for Free

It is a ZIP file, which installs desktop icons that aren’t icons, and will leave folders behind after removal. This program is recommended for advanced and intermediate users or for people who are new to the program and don’t mind taking a while to work out the details. Each contact will contain every detail you can think of: telephone address, address, mail, personal notes, or even a photograph. It allows shortcuts from your contacts to your favorite Windows applications like Windows dialer Skype, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and map services, etc. You can save all contact information and concentrate on the most vital information of your contacts. You can take the address book data as well as the program onto an external device, such as a USB flash disk, and then run the application from your Windows PC.

Why bother when there are better simpler, more intuitive applications available? OpenContacts is a great program with some unique features that aren’t often included in the contact management software.

We’d like you to know that occasionally it is possible that we overlook a potentially harmful software program. To ensure that we continue to provide you with an uninfected catalog of applications and programs we have integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page, which relays your feedback back to us. Additionally, it opens instantly the mail client in order to send email to any contact, or open Google Maps to show you the exact location in which an address can be found. It is possible to make calls on Skype through the application or cross-reference businesses and individuals as well as launch Google Maps by clicking an address. The process of organizing contact numbers on your mobile could be difficult. Open Contacts seeks to remedy this issue with specific tools that are similar to the management of customer relationships.

However, contact management software tends to be quite simple and allows users to complete basic tasks like adding contacts straight off the beginning. OpenContacts needs more effort to navigate, and more clicks and looking through in the Help file. The interface, consisting of multiple windows, as well as a variety of drop-down menus, does not make it easy to add or modify information.

Softonic might earn the fee of a referral if you purchase any of the items featured on this page. If not, it is best to opt for a simpler alternative. CleanIt’s highly likely that the program is safe. These programs are suggested to make complete personal information management. Distributed as freeware, Open Contacts does not contain any adware/spyware/backdoors and does not listen to any port or send out info through any port without your consent. If you believe that the version that you have downloaded of Open Contacts which you downloaded from other sources has malware, please report it to us.

Open Contacts System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
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