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Another cool feature of Power-user is the fact that you can make sticky notes to collaborate with other users who are working within the same slide. It is possible to add sticky notes with a single mouse click. This makes it simple to note notes during a presentation and then looking over them with your colleagues. It is also possible to utilize the default slides provided in this plugin. In the Library Browse through the 500 Templates contained in the slide and template designs. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Power User Excel & Powerpoint

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Power-user offers a wealth of features that enhance PowerPoint and make it simple and easy to find useful options within a single tab. The well-thought-out interface can be used to help you save time, energy, and energy by not having to switch between the various PowerPoint tabs. It also helps the business to preserve its brand’s integrity by allowing all users to use templates that are designed by the company with the company’s color, font, design, and so on. You can choose various objects to adjust their alignment in accordance with the design of your slides by making use of the various alignment options within The Alignment Section.

Power User Excel & Powerpoint Feauters

In the same way, you can utilize to use the Gantt Chart and Special Charts function within the Insertion menu of the Power User tab to create beautiful charts. Logos and stock images can be useful, since they’re all high-resolution, which allows you to design more appealing presentations without leaving PowerPoint or searching for them on the internet. Furthermore, they’re yours to use, without needing to worry regarding copyright problems.

It makes it simpler to create high-quality presentations and improves overall effectiveness. The add-in comes with an extensive selection of editable maps Gantt Diagrams, charts, and other icons. These can be added to your project without difficulty and can save you some time in the course of the day. Our data maps of over 250 are powerful tools for illustrating ideas using a geographical dimension. The maps are editable and are colorable automatically according to the Excel data.

NXPowerLite Desktop 2021

Get access to hundreds of professionally created templates from the Power-user add-in’s library, and add them in just one click. Create amazing presentations, store them to cloud storage, and then share them with others. While this was not the main focus of this article, this add-in includes Microsoft Excel and Word features. For more information on the ways that Power-user can help enhance your presentation check out the developer’s introduction video. The audience can be caught in a bind in the event that they do not know what portion of the talk is left. This may lead to frustration and the quick departure of those who expected that the presentation would take longer than what it actually be.

These options permit the aligning of objects to the left and right, top, bottom, middle, and center. Select “Save Slides” on the Power-user ribbon and they’ll automatically be saved to “My templates” to be accessible later on in any slide. Make use of this to build your own set of templates or to build an organization library to ensure that everyone is using the same slides from your company. Make use of Gantt charts to demonstrate the various stages of a project as well as their development. It’s an excellent tool for improving the layout of a slide within a short time. The Alignment section of Power-user has a range of alignment tools that aid in aligning objects and shapes and swap the positions of slides and stack shapes, etc.

How to Get Power User Excel & Powerpoint for Free

Increase or decrease the horizontal space between shapes in a single click. Pictures are loaded into PowerPoint with a size that is already optimized for your slides. It’s an ideal way to present concepts or to spark discussion without having to worry regarding the rights to intellectual property. When you’ve uploaded an icon, you can click on it and it will apply a style that you have already defined.

Power-user and Clean Formulas will clear all formulas of redundant data. When working with data using Microsoft Excel, you need to move cells every time there’s a blank. This program can help you by removing blank cells from any list. Arrange shapes so that they align with each other just adjacent to each other. Combine shapes by combining their text or split a shape into several shapes.

Power-user is a productivity tool that offers amazing new features that will save you time using PowerPoint as well as Excel. It lets you incorporate stunning material directly into your presentation through our library, which includes thousands of slide templates, icons and editable maps, diagrams photos, and advanced charts.

To accomplish this Power-user provides a variety of templates, themes, frameworks slides, and graphics that can be used in many fields. It is also possible to distribute objects vertically or horizontally either with spacing or not. There are options for symmetrically aligning different shapes along the middle axis on the slide.

Recently, we discovered a PowerPoint add-in with the name of Power-user. As the name implies, is a tool to assist novice PowerPoint users to produce presentations that look like the ones of a Pro. With just one click you can create professional-designed templates of minutes of meetings or CVs. Keep your team’s CVs, certificates, and your official corporate presentation in certain categories that can be accessed using PowerPoint at any time. Diagrams can be a useful tool for illustrating complex concepts and create eloquent slides dashboards in a short amount of time. Diagrams may include value chains traffic lights, gauges, relationships, pyramids and Arrows, and many others.

In addition to the templates and graphs that were mentioned earlier, Power-user comes with several tools that let you manage your work and assist your audience to stay in the right direction. Although anyone can design an elementary PowerPoint presentation, it requires an extensive amount of knowledge and works to design one that will attract your audience as well as assist you in getting your message across.

In just a few minutes, you can create stunning maps that instantly impress your viewers. In addition to these template templates, it is possible to also create common libraries with templates for employees in your company to let them have access to certain Excel spreadsheets at any point using the latest version of Excel.

Power User Excel & Powerpoint System Requirements

Before you start NXPowerLite Desktop free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
Updated: September 21, 2021 — 4:22 am

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