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Novo Strings

If you have it and Analog Strings By Output, you will understand what I am referring to. Both have larger seeded libraries available in the Kontakt engine if you load another library into the same instance. This library is a new one for me. The more I work with it, the happier I feel. There are many options here. From the Traditional samples, I mentioned earlier to large collections of processed pads. Keep in mind that manipulation will bring more processing.

Novo Strings Features

It’s often jaw-dropping in a good way. However, it will suit certain ways of working better than others. The lower half of this window contains two curvy columns with clickable buttons that are labeled Env and EQ. Filter, Mix, and Perf. These buttons call up additional controls. It is interesting that settings for Env and EQ as well as Filter are stored per-articulation. The envelope is a standard ADSR with the switchable option of using a natural release sample or artificial ‘R” stage. The EQ is a three-band parametric EQ and the filter a resonant multimode type with peak, notch, low-, high, and band-pass responses. The filter has an envelope and key-tracking, which makes it a per-voice synth-like effect, not an all-smothering one.

Novo’s most advanced area, the Cycle can create rhythmic patterns from individual samples and granular synthesizing effects. Twist and Punish, on the other hand, are master-level effects that add attitude and motion. Even these textures are just a preview of Novo’s “evolved” instruments, String Designer, and Loop Designer. These instruments share some source samples, a similar ‘house sound,’ but they are deconstructed in a futuristic fashion and also include lots of looped and pre-treated material. NOVO Essentials, which combines the full functionality of the revolutionary NOVO engine with NOVO Essentials, gives composers the best sound-shaping capabilities orchestral strings VI ever provided. The effects are mostly used to layer different patches onto individual tracks. It reminds me a lot of 8dio Hybrid Tools, but it is built on the string library which gives it an organic feel.

The strings are brighter than other US-based libraries. However, you can easily melt the timbre using the FX onboard. Heavyocity’s Loop Designer allows you to create world-class sounds that are ready for production. It also enhances your creativity and workflow. Loop Designer is packed with more than 400 loops that can be arranged across three channels. It makes it easy to sketch and cue build for your short-deadline projects. You can create complex rhythms and multi-layer motifs with it. You can create each loop channel independently by setting the volume, pan, tuning, and start point. Heavyocity NOVO modern strings are a great choice for instant inspiration when creating your next cinematic score.

Heavyocity’s Novo instrument is a new approach to orchestral strings. It’s here in its traditional form, as a multisample section of a violin. The interface’s top features, which include a bow direction and round-robin, add realism to the experience. It is my only NOVO sound, other than the realistic strings. It is so clear and unique to the sounds that I’m mixing with it. You can create both dynamic and moving soundscapes with this combination. NOVO is a dream sound designer’s tool! I bought it on the first day it was released. It’s a great interface, but it’s still a bit overwhelming to see in Kontakt.

Ever felt like you spent your hard-earned money on an orchestral library and left wanting more? This is a common complaint among composers. It has largely to do with the description on the box or download page and how the samples compare.

How to Get Novo Strings for Free

All the loop combinations are in a 4/4 time signature, which is more practical. But there are triplet/compound/swung phrases as well as straight, and adapting any of the phrases for 3/4 or irregular time signatures is just a question of appropriate note re-triggering. The ‘Traditional instruments have a distinct synth architecture with per-voice filters, modulators, and modulators for each mic perspective and ready-mixed Full mix. The strings are quite dry and the spiccatos are aggressive. The high textures are beautiful and the legatos aren’t very prominent. Studio upgrades that I didn’t have the money for before will be a blessing now that I can devote a lot of my time to songwriting about climate and other issues impacting humanity.

It is possible to use loops and dictate pitch in real-time, with the additional benefit of fully-programmable Macro controls. Timbre is loaded using the same method as before. However, it is easy to find the right tone by using helpful sample types like a triplet, straight, and triplet.

You can assign these samples at the note level. Each note can have different samples assigned. The core note is assigned from within a trigger segment. It is possible to trigger the sample rhythmically or chromatically. This allows for a lot of flexibility in performance.

Although I don’t wish to judge anything, Heavyocity’s audio demos have a dramatic, unashamedly explosive quality. Add to that the movie’s relentless surges and hits and some Scandi-noir minimalism and a little Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares drama and you’re there. The NOVO built-in EQ has been very useful for me to alter the traditional string sounds to my liking. It is especially helpful when using the Link function which can dramatically change how they sound. After a few seconds of gating, strings were gating. It was very easy to control the parameters and it felt instantaneous. This is a refreshing feature in Kontakt instruments. The bottom of the instrument displays the controls for your edit palette. There are many options to choose from.

This distributes the CPU load across the many cores of my computer. How happy are you with NOVO Strings? And how helpful has this library been to you? Did you create custom sounds with the Loop Designer and String Designer?

Novo Strings System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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