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Modulation Matrix allows Magma users to take their creativity and control to the next level by providing 8 LFOs (or 8 envelopes) that can be assigned to any plug-in parameter. LFOs, envelopes, and automation can automatically move knobs for you. This will bring your Magma FX racks to life.

Nomad Factory Magma

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The modular design allows for the interchange of racks and flexible routing to create custom effects chains. Chainer Module allows for the creation of FX chains within existing chains. MAGMA lets you mix and match effects and create & recall unique chains. You can also process your audio in new ways. MAGMA is like having a Virtual Studio Rack that has an endless number of effects at your disposal. Magma’s Virtual Studio Rack technology allows users to stack hundreds of interchangeable effects in an almost limitless number of combinations all within one plug-in.

Nomad Factory Magma

Magma allows you to easily mix and match effects and create unique chains. Magma allows you to have a virtual studio rack with many effects at your fingertips. Magma’s flexibility to swap racks and flexible routing allows you to create the effect chains of choice. Nomad Factory is proud to announce MAGMA as their next generation in audio effects processing. MAGMA’s Virtual Studio Rack technology lets users stack interchangeable FX in an endless number of combinations all within one plug-in. Magma, a Virtual Studio Rack host, allows you to combine infinite audio effects in four simple-to-use racks that have serial/parallel routing capabilities.

Nomad Factory Magma Features

Given the special nature of the effect, the reverbs are perhaps the most surprising. Purple Verb creates a vast ambient space that is both high-quality and low-power. Plate, on the other hand, is precise and colorful.

Magma effects have 65 rack effects. They are easy to use and offer a variety of interfaces that encourage experimentation. You can get the latest version quickly and receive full support from the manufacturer. It’s not a master-of-all-trades, so it has some limitations. However, as an easy-to-use, comprehensive effects rack, it covers all bases. Although the automation setup claims it will present all parameters for all racked effects to a host, our experience with Pro Tools was not ideal.

Magma has 1-rack-unit interfaces which can be loaded using up to four racks and then rearranged. It also features a flexible routing matrix that allows for serial, parallel, or combined routings. MAGMA allows you to combine infinite audio effects in just four racks.

Take a look at our vast selection to find the sound you are looking for. Magma is now able to access a vast array of third-party VST audio plugins via the VST Chainer. Each VST chainer can hold up to 8 VST audio plugins per rack. Magma has 16 rack spaces that can hold up to 16 VST chainers. This allows for a staggering 128 simultaneous third-party effects. You can mix and match Magma FX racks and 3rd-party FX, and save your favorites for later.

Studio Room’s harsh resonances are typical of an economy reverb. Spring, on the other side of the quality scale, doesn’t sound like one. Modulation Matrix contains 8 LFOs and 8 programmable 16 stage envelopes that can be synchronized with tempo.

Nomad Factory is proud to introduce MAGMA V1.5. This new category of audio effects processing features Virtual Studio Rack Technology. We will process your return once we have received your returned item and checked the condition. We will process your return within three days of receiving your item. It may take up to 1-2 billing cycles for your credit card bill to reflect your refund. This depends on which credit card company you have. Magma, an advanced plug-in suite, features 50 “single rack” audio processors. Each has a familiar interface and can be “mounted into” a rack interface. There are many categories, including Dynamics, Modulations, Equalizers, and Reverbs. More are in development. The all-encompassing Magma is unbeatable in terms of value and convenience.

How to get Nomad Factory Magma Free

The plug-in actually has four racks and a routing window which allows them to run in any of six parallel or serial permutations. For a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, email customer service. Once you have received an RMA number, pack the item in its original packaging and return it to the address provided with the RMA number. We don’t store your credit card details or have access to credit card information.

There are many effects categories, including Pre-Amps and Dynamics, Equalizers, Preverbs, Distortions. Delays. Modulation. Sequencers. Filters. Special FX. Click and hold to drag the effects to any rack position within MAGMA.

You can’t tell what the 100 parameters are because they appear as numbers and not labels. Seven distortion effects are available to cover all overdrives from Super and Fat through to the more warm Wurli-Drive. Although they have a common sound, especially regarding low-end distortions, the controls can be adjusted to give each one its own character. You can group the effects into Analy, Amps (or cabs), Delays, Distortions, and Dynamics (or EQs), Filters, Generators or Harmonics Modulations, Reverbs or Special Effects. The Nomad Factory website has a complete list of all included effects. The Distortions, Modulations, and Reverbs groups are the stars of the show.

Nomad Factory Magma System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 400 MB of free space required.
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