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Built for users who require full database connectivity to nearly any database such as SQL or Access. The Print Management tab, which allows you to move a print job to one printer spooler from another, is not available in Control Center 2017.

Nicelabel 2017

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NiceLabel 2017 does not permit additional editing such as adding a prefix or suffix to the output format, nor setting a date format. You can change the output format of the function by creating a variable, using the function data source for an initial value, then setting a different format. The utility Label Structure displays information about the label template design.

As a workaround, you can defineOnFormTimerevent and read the data from the serial port in time intervals with the actioned Data from Serial Port. Label Preview rotation. The rotation of a Label Preview inside the Label Preview object cannot be supported. Your label will not rotate if you set a different rotation angle than 0 degrees.

Rotating the entire preview control can achieve the same effect. Make changes to the forms by saving them in the new.NSN format. This section lists all the current non-supported functions in NiceLabel 2017. NiceLabel 2017 will inform you if you import or open a.XFF file. Designers ignore non-supported functions.

Nicelabel 2017

The size of the PDF-417 Barcode. NiceLabel 2017 adjusts the aspect ratio to at least 1.5 when opening a PDF-417 Barcode. This ensures standard compliance. NiceLabel 2017 allows you to display the PDF-417 barcode in a different size. While the data is still encoded correctly, ensure that the barcode fits on the label. NiceLabel 2017 is compatible with previous editions in terms of label design functionalities. Installing a print module on your workstations can be enough to omit the label design permissions. NiceDiag can be used to detect the type of your computer’s hardware key.

These settings can be applied to any label by using Set Print Parameteraction inNiceLabel Automation Enterprise. Download GetPrinterSettings. Small businesses that have one user and require low volumes of printing or few label variations. Designed for users who only require basic database connectivity such as Microsoft Excel or text files. NiceLabel 2017 doesn’t support creating custom stocks. The stock can be selected from a predefined list of stocks.

NiceLabel 2017 may reintroduce certain of the above-mentioned features in future releases. NiceLabel Designer Standard 6 offered the ability to combine values from different objects and use the merged value to create a new object. NiceLabel 2017 does not support such object data merging. NiceLabel 2017 does not support such object data merging. However, the functionality for the linked fields loads correctly if you import legacy labels (.LBL). This program extracts the printer settings from Windows and saves them to file.

NiceLabel 2017 can load such labels and detect incompatibilities while printing. Verify that the incorrect barcode object is set up. Distributed printing is not supported. Distributed printing was used in the past to support printing from Pocket NiceLabel. The Print button creates a NiceLabel JOB and sends it to NiceWatch. You can use the same functionality in your desktop PowerForms app by configuring it with new actions in NiceLabel 2017. For example, “HTTP Request”. The output format of functions is no longer editable.

NiceLabel 6 allows you to define different values of horizontal and vertical thickness. NiceLabel 2017 has one uniform thickness setting for Rectangle objects. The horizontal thickness is required when loading a Rectangle object using a NiceLabel 6 label. You can standardize your entire labeling process using one platform, whether it is in the cloud or on-premise. For small and medium-sized businesses that print labels, accuracy and productivity are crucial. Roman, Modern, and Script are examples of stroke fonts.

General Functionality Restructure

PowerForms allows you to export labels to graphics by using the appropriate actions such as Redirect printing for PDF. This generates a PDF file. The V6 label’s “Identical copies per Label” setting does not copy from the V6 label. However, the V6.LBL file can be used to save the number and copies of labels that were printed at print time. The printing functionality is handled by V2017’s auto-generated print forms. To change the default value, update the value of the variable named PrintingForm_IdenticalCopies which is generated for the printing form. You have complete control over the label quantity settings if you create a PowerForms app.

Combination of Software and Nicelabel

View log file. The local log is not accessible in NiceLabel 2017. LMS users can use PowerForms applications instead to view the consolidated printing history via the Control Center webpage. Close the label. Keeping the label open doesn’t consume significant memory resources, and it also provides an immediate response when the label is needed again. NiceLabel 2017 uses the new.NET technology. This action is no longer required. It is not possible to link the current label with a stock. It is not possible to print large labels in multiple bands or stripes. NiceLabel 2017 does not support the custom check digit functionality of NiceLabel 6.

Refresh preview. This action is used to manually refresh label previews on slow computers. NiceLabel 2017 uses the new.NET technology, so it does not require this action. NiceLabel 2017 works well with V6 form design functions. Most older forms will work as-is. A page label that has labels across might not open correctly when opened with a thermal printer. Document Metadata.Metadata about the current document. This includes author, keyword, comment, and file version. Borland Database Engine was a well-known database engine in years past when Paradox and dBase dominated file-based databases.

Any NiceLabel label can be opened. In the window, all design parameters for objects, variables, and functions are clearly displayed. In the label templates, you can also modify printer drivers. The system must be running at least the latest edition of NiceLabel Pro. The form application cannot automatically collect serial port data from the serial port, as NiceLabel 6 does.

Nicelabel 2017 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free space required
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