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Computers can be sorted by the interface with the same information. There is the option of switching between various perspectives other than the graphic map. NetworkView displays the computers in different tables of contents under various tabs.


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The monitor can be turned on for a single machine from the properties window. If the program detects a timeout of more than a specified number, it will notify you via email with a globally-defined address, an address that you can set on the same screen, or both.

Utilizing NetworkView with NetworkView, you’ll be capable of identifying the TCP/IP networks and building an image map with information about addresses for MACs, SNMP WMI, NetBIOS, and much more. The program will produce an extensive diagram of the network including information on every node. It allows you to perform various tasks like creating alerts and monitors and scanning ports, accessing logs and using a WMI browser, and many more. NetworkView does not generate any registry entries, so it can be used on portable devices too. Beginning with the release of Windows Vista it was revealed that the Network view application was revised to simplify the management of huge workflows within Windows. Network view is compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows 2021, Windows NT, and Windows XP. Network view is a free application with the GNU general license. For more information on Network view software installation and download, tips visit Online Windows Tips.

The window for properties contains many details about the individual computer. It is possible to export it as an image file, or copied to the clipboard, and certain details can be edited. NetworkView is a visual user interface that allows you to control the communications on the computer network. NetworkView provides a command line as well as GUI tools to control and monitor your computer’s network.

NetworkView Features

Network Monitor II Network Monitor II will show information regarding your network. Network Monitor II Network Monitor II is going to provide information regarding your network.


NetworkView is a program that focuses on the management of networks. If you’re the one who is responsible for managing an internet-connected network at work workplace, or elsewhere the software can help you find and fix issues. In all, NetworkView comes with a complete set of features aiding you in visualizing your network and finding the TCP/IP networks. Its advanced features pack makes it ideal particularly in the hands of network admins. The program provides a well-organized collection of features and offers users the ability to work using multiple tabs simultaneously.

Download the most recent version of NetworkView on PC Windows bit/32-bit. Download it now, secure and speedy through the official site. Its Export function is not available when you download the free version. If you’ve previously installed the application on a different computer, it could suggest Install instead.

64-bit version Updated SNMP as well as MAC OUI entries, bug corrections. Search and scan all the computers in your network to gain access to numerous resources. Version 3.62 solves the issue that caused Mac addresses that are not displayed correctly, and also includes icons for tablets. Now you’re sure you can be sure that your Windows OS is completely clean from the NetworkView application. Follow this Uninstall process by clicking the “YES” button. Choose Apps for a look at other apps available in accordance with popularity and featured apps.

How to get NetworkView Free

It includes tools for managing and discovering networks that are compatible with the Win32 platform. It is also able to detect TCP/IP nodes. NetworkView is a small and efficient tool for network discovery and management that runs on Windows. It identifies all nodes running TCP/IP in a network making use of DNS, SNMP, TCP ports, and MAC addresses. It creates a high-quality color map of any size that can be printed or saved for later use. It can also track the status of chosen nodes by using polling using ICMP and issue alerts when the system is down. To create the network map you must select from three different discovery options that require one IP address or a set of addresses. The third method involves typing your network’s address as well as a subnet mask. When you double-click any node in the map, you’ll be able to see the properties of that node in separate windows.

Editing options permit you to modify maps by adding new nodes updating, deleting, or finding nodes, and monitoring nodes according to a defined interval using polling options. NetworkView lets you import/export data from or into NVD formats, then export the map in EMF files, and print the data. The trial version is utilized for 30 days and it displays warnings but refuses to allow us to export data.

NetworkView is a graphic user interface that offers an easy yet effective method to manage the output, input, and communication of computers networks. NetworkView facilitates the effortless administration of several computer workstations in a small network which includes a wireless network. Your home network might not be that complicated, which makes it simple to determine the way it’s organized as well as the number of computers is included, and the like. In the case of larger networks, identifying and managing them is more difficult.

If you choose to Save, you are able to choose the location where you want to save it. For example, your desktop. Search for passwords and settings that are unsafe as well as suspicious add-ons and outdated software. The download will continue on the official NetworkView website. It is the only company that has the right to use the trademark and name of Filehippo.

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