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Unsecured remote access points are responsible for the majority of network data breaches, regardless of industry. Instead of settling for a generic solution, switch to one that is tailored to your business’s needs. Your business deserves the best remote desktop software. No business is built on compromise. Remote access will enable your company to achieve a higher level of efficiency and reduce the time it takes to complete daily operations. Netop allows target devices to accept incoming invites to connect.

Netop Remote Control

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Remote access software shouldn’t compromise network security. Netop offers complete audit trails, multifactor authentication, and the ability to define user rights and permissions for specific network segments, devices, and applications. Our security features are the best available, so you can access your network and devices securely from anywhere. We are so certain that Netop remote desktop software is the best in the business, we will prove it to our customers.

Netop Remote Control is the best remote access solution provider in terms of security, flexibility, and pricing. Netop Remote Control is the only remote access provider that offers industry-leading security, unmatched flexibility, and transparent pricing. Find out why Netop is the best remote desktop solution provider by clicking on it below.

Netop Remote Control

It is possible to enforce a white list of authorized applications that can be remotely controlled. While cyber threats and data breaches are real concerns, remote access with Netop can be a minor concern. Netop Remote Control ensures that your business is successful, so you can focus on your core competencies. Netop Remote Control is remote access and remote desktop solution that can be used to protect your business. While we cannot guarantee security, it will make you less vulnerable.

Netop customers can easily and efficiently manage user access by selecting these criteria. Netop lets companies select from a range of access criteria including MAC/IP addresses checks, closed user group verification, callback verification, and end-user approval. Netop integrates with the authentication systems of our customers and supports multi-factor authentication via SMS tokens, soft tokens, and challenge-based tokens. We are so confident in our remote control software, we challenge you to compare it with your current solution. Remote control desktop software has greater flexibility, security, pricing, and price than any other on the market. Because we are sensitive to the difficulties of managing different environments, security-conscious IT professionals choose Netop.

Netop Remote Control was built around the idea that no two businesses will be exactly alike. Remote Control can be configured to suit your specific needs. While cookie-cutter solutions might be acceptable, IT professionals who are serious about remote access know that it is not enough. All Netop Remote Control clients have a security token embedded in their perpetual license records. This ensures that all endpoints belong to the same group of users and devices.

Netop is available no matter where you are and what device you use. Remote Control was specifically created to allow you to manage all aspects of your business from any location in the world. You’ll be able to see the whole picture on every screen, regardless of platform. Microsoft and others limit who can control the session, while Netop lets both the host and guest steer and view the sessions together. You deserve the best remote desktop software for your company. It should be future-proofed and designed with that goal in mind. Netop Remote Control allows companies to log and record remote control sessions, regardless of whether they are hosted on their own servers or in Netop’s cloud environment.

Secure Remote Desktop Features by Netop

Our technology is designed to enable connectivity within and outside local networks without compromising security. Netop’s multi-factor authentication features, detailed audit trails, logging, and user rights can help you to maintain compliance and adhere to best security practices. Netop Remote Control uses both SSL and AES 256 bits in combination with 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman private/public keys exchange, using a different key for each session. Combining identity control, multi-factor authentication, and authorization systems, secure privileged access management can be achieved.

Netop Remote Control is the remote assistance tool that you have been looking for. It protects your customer’s privacy as well as your business’s. It exceeds all compliance requirements of PCI DSS and GDPR. Netop is constantly protected against cyber threats and bad actors by keeping up to date with industry security protocols. Learn about Netop Remote Control, how it can help businesses securely centralize remote access management, and connect across complex networks environments. If they are on the same network/WAN, connections can be made between the helpdesk computer and the remote computer.

Clients who have a closed user group license are unable to access their copy of the software for network intrusion or data exfiltration. Netop Remote Control allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about cyber-attacks. Remote desktop software that protects your company’s privacy and security is not something you should settle for.

Ports 1970 and 1971 TCP/UDP, which are listed among the TCP and UDP ports numbers assigned by the IANA list, are reserved for Netop Remote Control communication. These ports were previously used by the Netop School suite. Netop Vision has replaced it. Netop Remote Control uses 6502 for direct LAN connections using UDP/TCP port 6502. Netop Remote Control was developed with three core values in mind: efficiency, flexibility, security, and safety. We deliver value to our customers and reduce costs. We can help you calculate ROI and offer a discount if your company is one of ours.

Remote security strategies should include a benchmark for compliance with standards, logging, and documentation of remote access activities. Netop allows companies to specify user rights and functionality down to the last detail. Netop allows organizations to centrally manage user rights. Netop allows companies to centrally manage user rights and access settings across their networks, rather than having each device configured individually. Companies can manage remote access via their servers with Netop, ensuring that corporate security policies remain intact. Netop gives companies complete control over their data and security.

Netop Remote Control System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
Updated: September 5, 2021 — 5:12 pm

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