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You can ramp the use of the product based on the value you see within your company. As a small-sized business, we strive to ensure fair licensing for everyone. Although we recognize that larger customers have greater bargaining capability, the value of the product isn’t diminished when it is purchased in larger quantities.

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Licenses are typically issued upon the payment being received, so we suggest buying them with a credit card in the event that the licenses are needed urgently. We don’t offer any discount or scheme that is specifically designed for resellers, however, it is possible to purchase licenses for your customers. All license purchases and quotes are handled via this site therefore there will be no requirement to call us directly for an estimate for your client. Since the Company Seat License keys are issued in the company’s name and not the company, and not by the individual developer in the firm, the keys are able to be transferred within the company. If, for instance, the developer quits the business, the license key will remain in the company and can be used by the new employee.

Blocking directories won’t usually work You must choose the individual files and then choose to either unblock them or remove the original ZIP prior to compressing it. If you can, it is strongly suggested to utilize the MSI in order to set up the NCrunch Grid Node Server. Manual installation of this component can be more complicated than the NCrunch Visual Studio application.

It is possible to apply it to as many devices as you want, so long as that you are the only user of the license. This applies to both company Seat Licenses and Named Users Licenses as well. This means that you will not be able to use the updated versions of the product after the maintenance period expires. This applies to both minor and major versions of the product. It is possible to use any older versions released during the maintenance timeframe for your license. Seat Licenses for companies Seat Licenses can be issued in the form of unique keys in the names of the buying company. Each developer within the company must use only one unique key.

NCrunch Features

While the licensed server has been versioned with the NCrunch client It is using a basic protocol that is seldom anticipated to alter. This implies that the server is usually fully forward and backward compatible with every version of NCrunch starting at 2.15 up to. In most cases, there will be no requirement to update the license server when updating client-side versions of NCrunch. Download the files in the ZIP file within your VS extensions directory making sure you can ensure that the contents are in Remco Software. If you encounter strange issues on the part of the license server or have lost the administrator password The process of wiping the database of the license server allows the user to restore the server back to its initial configuration state. The certificate has to be recognized on the client computers connecting to the server for licenses.


In any version of Chocolatey, it is possible to host your own package and cache them or even internalize existing community-based packages. If you wish to further tune the configuration of the service, you can also run NCrunch.GridNode.Configuration.exe. If you want to delete NCrunch it is necessary to remove the downloaded files and follow steps 5 and 6 over again. Please ensure that the files are unblocked prior to starting the IDE.

How to get NCrunch Free

Choose a name for your site (i.e. “NCrunch License Server’) and choose the physical path you’ve downloaded the zip file from. Choose the latest application pool to be used for the website. It is possible to create a new hostname or port based on the configuration of your network. Since v2.17 there is the option to change the unique ID by using an option on the license server that requires it to be the username for the user, regardless of the name the user has entered. The most frequent reason for the software to reject an application is when the username for the license was entered incorrectly. If the licenses are generated they have tied algorithmically with the identity of the company or user who is licensed. Since customers don’t always keep track of the name they have entered when they purchase the license, we always supply this name on the licenses.

If you decide to upgrade your existing license, you’ll receive the full 12 months of maintenance following your purchase. We won’t bring your upgrade back to the time of the previous license expiration as well as we will not add any additional charges for the time between renewals. This means that you’re totally in charge of when and how often you’d like to upgrade and you won’t have to upgrade unless you discover some new features that you are happy with. Any license keys included in the quote that is generated by the linked link above will be linked with the name of the customer and not the names of the business. Because the license keys are designed to only serve the customer they were purchased for, it’s essential to follow this procedure. Please ensure certain that the files are unblocked prior to beginning the grid.

Because of the characteristics of the repository, which is publicly available the reliability of this repository cannot be assured. The software offered here is dependent on distribution rights. This means they could require reaching further over the Internet to the official websites for downloads at the time of use. Community Packages Search is the most extensive online database of Windows software.

We’re not exaggerating when we say Windows may block them at the OS level, even when you’re confident they’re secure. Blocking directories won’t always be successful unless you choose the specific files and select to either unblock them or remove the initial ZIP file.

NCrunch analyzes the code coverage of your program in real-time and displays the coverage in markers beside your code. Maintenance release featuring 30 unique fixes, improvements to compatibility, and new features. The Feature Release contains HTML timeline report Tests Window toolbar improvements Performance and compatibility enhancements and many other improvements.

This is permitted by the provisions in the NCrunch licensing. After a token is given to the client the customer, the client does not require access to the server for the time period of the duration of the token. But, the user will attempt to connect the license server once NCrunch is enabled for the first time to connect during the session. When a connection is feasible, the token will automatically be renewed for a further 7 days. This means that a user is able to use the full functionality of NCrunch for 7 days after having access the license server has been deleted.

NCrunch System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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