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After you’ve finished making changes to the format of your name and you’re ready to click Next to complete the processing of all files at once. It is important to confirm that the changes you made are correct and that you can verify that the EXIF data is recorded in the correct way. The tool immediately collects all fields that are corresponding, but there’s a good chance that you won’t be satisfied with the results. The information it offers is rather poor, leading to an unsatisfactory output. Namexif is a program that allows you to change the name of photos to reflect the date when they were taken automatically. The ability to do this using multiple directories and tabs is essential software for everyone who loves taking photos.

Namexif Features

Namexif is a basic tool that allows you to modify the names of images based upon their EXIF information, generating new file names based on the date and time that the image was made. We believe that this is an excellent method of quickly assigning meaningful names to large numbers of images. Because the time and date are recorded in every photo (assuming that it’s an EXIF certified digital camera) Namexif is able to rename the photos in accordance with the date. Namexif offers an easy method to create a chronological sequence using multiple cameras by renaming files using dates and then adjusting the time differences between cameras. We’d like to point out that occasionally it is possible to overlook a potentially harmful software program. To keep delivering an uninfected catalog of programs and applications we have integrated the Report Software feature in every catalog page, which transmits your feedback to us. The files you have downloaded will be displayed in a table and you can filter or remove those you don’t wish to add.

Be aware that Namexif supports only certain formats like JPG, JPEG, REB, RIP, GIF, BMP, and PNG. However, the powerful program permits you to tweak the parameters. However, it is true that some of them must be configured manually since only a handful of details are taken from EXIF information. As a default feature, Namexif renames photos starting with the year, and then the month and day, then a minute, hour, second. The chronological order is maintained at the moment your browser displays the names of your files in alphabetical sequence.

EXIF data includes a number of associated information like coordinates, as well as the date it was captured or taken with the cameras. With this information and details, you can change the name of your videos and images. Namexif is an easy tool to handle multiple videos and images and change their names. Because of the wizard assistant that it offers you will never get confused or lost when changing names.

On the first launch, it will have a setup assistant assist you in setting up the program. guide you through the entire menu of options. After you have completed the introduction, the tool will prompt you to include the files that you would like to change the name of. You can drag them into the main window or import them individually using the built-in browse feature or choose an entire with the photos and videos you want to change the name of. Anyone who owns a digital camera is aware of how easy to get an array of photos with no meaningless names for files; they’re typically just a series of letters and numbers which tell you nothing about the picture.

Another method to avoid getting this site from the future is to install Privacy Pass. You might have to download version 2.0 right now through on the Chrome Web Store.

How to Get Namexif for Free

Then, select the format of the new file name. every option is the year-month, month, date minute, hour, and second, along with various combinations of dashes and periods. It is also possible to add the file’s name as the initial one and/or add a suffix specific to the last line of your name of the file. The time can also be moved to accommodate the changes in time zones, or for incorrect EXIF information. Once you’ve settled on the format of your file then click Next. it will instantly rename the images. The program lets you change the name of your video or photo files in accordance with the standard EXIF information.

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As the day and the hour are recorded for every photo Namexif can alter the names of these photos in accordance with the date. If you’re at an office or sharing network, you may ask the network administrator to conduct an examination of the network for any malfunctioning or affected devices. The thing you could do is set up a generic title for your collection of photographs and include all the information about the dates and times the photo was taken.

Namexif is a software that allows you to automatically rename videos or photos files to reflect the date on which the photos or videos were taken. Digital cameras come with their own clocks, and they record the date on each of their photo with the accuracy of one second. Also, it is possible to incorporate the time shift when renaming making it possible to synchronize several video and photo sets or to alter the time zone. It’s easy thanks to its wizard-like interface. The first step is to select specific files or whole directories of files you wish to change the name of.

Namexif System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 70 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
Updated: March 3, 2022 — 10:36 pm

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