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On the right side on the left, it shows the contents chosen. You can play music with the built-in audio player and evaluate songs and albums, make comments or comments, etc. Musicnizer is an organizer for music that lets users organize their collection of music.

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Download the details on the discography for each musician. It will be very useful to discover which albums are not included in your collection. The most well-liked versions among the users of the software include 10.0, 8.1, and 8.0. Many details are stored for every entry, which transforms Musicnizer into more than a mere database of songs’ titles and albums’ titles. The trial version is accompanied by certain limitations. It is important to note that it allows users to include twenty albums to the collection, download three images, and include up to 2 different versions for each album. To be capable to access the images and information downloads for albums, you’ll to be connected to an Internet connection.

In the end, Musicnizer can prove an excellent tool for keeping a music catalog well-organized. It lets users make reports about albums, as well as store different information and album artwork on every album, and also offers support for plugins, which allows users to easily transfer catalogs to other programs. The program allows you to include the number of artists and album tracks as you wish in the database. You can also include photos profiles, profiles, additional info playlists, etc… You can also play to listen to songs directly within the application. It is possible to add artists or albums to their catalog and also be in a position to give a rating to every song and song. Additionally, they can build a Dune catalog using categories that permit users to save albums’ covers.

It has a wide range of possibilities to organize your music with a database that contains biographical information, photos, and other details about your most loved artists. Musicnizer simplifies the way you typically access and look for music and it is also an application that will be useful for those who operate an online music store with a limited number of customers.

Musicnizer Features

If you’ve got an enormous collection of music that keeps growing each new day Musicnizer will assist you to organize it and add more details. Mp3Tag Pro 9.5 Sort and manage your music collection with the amazing tools from the MP3 tags editor. One of the best aspects of Musicnizer is its capability to identify links between albums and artists. Review of albums, album facts discographies, and more help to discover more about the music industry and to discover new products worthy of your attention. With Musicnizer you can determine the date and where a specific band was established, what albums it released, what the band’s former members moved to later on, and other things.


You can alter downloaded data and make personal remarks and ratings. Just specify the disc number and the location to be in a position to locate physical media quickly. To track borrowed items, you can utilize an inbuilt tool called known as the loan manager. The clever tool can remember the location of your disc and when it needs to return it. Through Musicnizer you can make an animated music catalog for the Dune Media Player to look up albums’ covers and other details on your television.

So, if you’d like to be in control of the music you own, then you must get Musicnizer. In addition, Musicnizer includes a practical loan manager, which is possible to keep the track of who borrowed the album and when it’s due to be returned. The production of illustrated catalogs as every album and artist will be easily evident through an image. With Group Operations, you can change information on up to three media entries. With this application you don’t have to be concerned about whether you’ve got an album and simply cannot locate it, simply remove the album from where it’s kept. Medianizer X Medianizer is the latest generation of music, film, and Book organizers.

How to get Musicnizer Free

It was designed with care to organize and manage a collection of music in any format and all kinds such as audio CDs, vinyl records to digital music files in various formats, including MP3, M4A FLAC APE, and others. Additionally, it provides users with all information regarding your collection including discographies of artists and your own feedback and scores in only a couple of clicks. The interface for the program resembles the appearance of a file browser and the use of its many functions can’t be simpler. On the left side is a navigation panel that organizes your music into genres, albums, artists in accordance with your scores, etc.

In the future, you’ll be asked by your friends how you are able to learn all this. When choosing an album, users are given information regarding its release year as well as its duration and artist’s name along with an album’s tracklist and information on length and scores being shown for every song. Musicnizer is an excellent musical planner to ensure that your collection is organized throughout the day. It is free to download Musicnizer 10.10 full-version, the standalone online installer for Windows it’s an extremely feature-rich music organizer for Windows. There are many applications that let users organize their collections, and Musicnizer is one of them, designed specifically for users who have large collections of music.

You can select the folders to scan and allow Musicnizer to automatically scan tags, identify the names of albums and create a catalog that has an easy-to-read arrangement. The alternative is to input CD barcodes with the barcode scanner, a webcam, or manually browse Audio CDs; enter album titles. While you are creating the database of your musical collection, Musicnizer can automatically download album reviews, covers, genres, and other information from an online music database you prefer and in your preferred language.

In addition, you can build lists of albums you plan to buy or download. Also, any additional information regarding your music, such as album covers, is available directly from the application. Are you overwhelmed by the amount of music stored on the computer and is everything becoming messy? You can begin cleaning it up using Musicnizer a music management software that you can make use of to effortlessly organize all your favorite musicians and albums. Create a visual music catalog that includes tracklists, covers and reviews of albums, and reviews of. Finding an album or track that is stored in the application is simple thanks to the built-in search tool. Additionally, the app lets users sort the entries alphabetically or take a look at the entire collection from an overview of trees.

The latest version of Musicnizer is built on an internal engine that is new that is the reason it performs faster than prior versions.

Musicnizer System Requirements

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB
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