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The use of analytic-based algorithms allows for instantaneous calculations and allows for ‘what-if?’ analysis in real-time. It is a great tool for modeling complex duty cycles, such as those of traction motor drive cycles, or applications like elevator load cycles. It is used to optimize the cooling of many motor types and cooling methods. It is extremely useful for modeling complex duty cycles such as those of traction motor drives and load cycles. Motor-CAD makes use of the most recent modeling techniques to give machine designers an accurate and fast analysis tool.

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Motor Cad

Alternate numerical methods can take days, weeks, or even months to model and many hours to calculate a solution. Motor-CAD offers a simple interface that makes it easy to enter data such as winding data, control strategy, and materials. Standard industrial tests for BPM machines can be described as electromagnetic performance tests, which take into consideration the thermal aspects. Modern electric machines require performance analysis across the entire torque/speed range. Motor-CAD allows designers to quickly and easily analyze the performance of their designs across the entire operating envelope, including field weakness behavior. This new release allows you to define the geometries of all interior permanent magnet and exterior permanent magnet electric machines using ratios. This allows for powerful workflows that allow design optimization, sensitivity analysis, and exploration of design space.

Motor Cad

Visual feedback is helpful for correcting data entry errors and giving the user an indication about the main heat transfer pathways. Engineers can use Lab to create efficiency maps, plot torque/speed characteristics, and study the thermally constrained operational envelope. They can also analyze driving performance over a range of driving cycles.

Ansys wants to help today’s students succeed by offering free simulation engineering software. Quickly assess designs against multi-physics performance requirements, including peak and continuous torque/speed characteristics. Ansys Mechanical was able to save significant time during the assembly of an oil-wellhead installation system. Fill out the form below to get in touch with a member of our sales team or an Ansys Inc. representative about your free trial. Motor-CAD is compatible with all major commercial software vendors through our partnerships.

Motor Cad Features

It has an intuitive user interface that allows for quick data input and easy interpretation. Motor-CAD supports many types of motors, housing types, and cooling types. Motor-CAD provides detailed information about the excitation force data over multiple operating points in both the frequency and time domains. Ansys Discovery, the first simulation-driven design tool, combines instant physics simulation with proven Ansys high fidelity simulation and interactive geomodeling in one user experience.

It has an intuitive user interface that allows for quick data input and easy interpretation of the results. Motor-CAD is an industry-specific optimization tool that has many features that were developed in close collaboration with customers.

This video will show you how to perform basic electromagnetic analysis on a motor using Ansys MotorCAD. Support for exporting non-template geometries from Motor-CAD into Maxwell. An enhanced link between the LAB module and Maxwell is available for efficiency mapping and drive cycle analysis.

This diagram is extensively used for post-processing steady-state calculations. The schematic’s power sources and resistances are color-coded to correspond with the components in cross-section editors. The resistances that are in a vertical orientation indicate radial heat transport, while those that are in a horizontal orientation indicate axial heat transfer.

Motor-CAD can be used in many complex systems, including hybrid/electric vehicles and aircraft motors. It also helps to design submersible pumps, hermetic compressors, and conveyor rollers. Our track record is excellent in providing value-for-money services. We use engineering expertise and software tools for products across a range of applications.

How to get Motor Cad Free

Ansys MotorCAD integrates with Mechanical & VRXPERIENCE to produce electric machine noise, vibration, and (psycho-acoustic sound prediction). It can also be connected to Ansys CFD solvers. This allows for the use of air, oil, and water-based cooling techniques to cooling system analysis and design. Additionally, it provides feedback into Motor-CAD’s thermo model.

It allows rapid, accurate multiphysics design and analysis for electric machines across all operating ranges. Ansys MotorCAD is a dedicated tool for electric machine design. It allows you to quickly simulate the entire torque-speed range using multiphysics. Advertising 4MotorCAD is an innovative software package that allows for the thermal and electromagnetic analysis of generators and electric motors. Motor-CAD is an innovative software package that allows for the thermal and electromagnetic analysis of generators and motors. The entire electric machine design area can be explored with the help of powerful geometry templates. These templates cover many different topologies, electric machine technologies, and cooling systems.

MDL’s FEā€“Therm module gives more detail about conduction heat transfer within various components. You can also add heating or cooling options to the model by using various mounting options. This is the first part of a video series that was created with FSAE Electric & Solar in mind.

Motor Cad System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
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