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Mosaic Tape

Pure cellulose, clear biodegradable, hand-tearable with a STATIC-FREE. Useful for sealing cartons in electronic industry 1.8 millimeters (0.46mm) thick… In order to successfully enable your product’s Native Access requires an active internet connection. If the segments of the mosaic tape are put into mortar or glue, ensure that the gaps between them are identical to the grout gaps in the sheets, and make sure that all the pieces are aligned. Once the mortar or glue has been set it is then eliminated by sliding it back, then the roll is then rolled back. Beautifully attractive when placed set on ceramic, stone, and glass tile. Perfect for pools and other wet areas that require total interaction between tiles and mortar, there is no backing between the material as well as the mortar.

Mosaic Tape Features

Meshmount is the very first business to design an exclusive tape for the tile and mosaic industry more than 15 years ago. Tile Tape is still the top mosaic tape used for front-mounting tiles of any type. Tile Tape remains the best mosaic tape used for front-mounting tiles of any kind. It is the fourth installment within the Mosaic series, Mosaic Tape takes us into the realm of tape analog.

With sounds that sound warbling and aging, Mosaic Tape is the ideal accompaniment for composers looking to join the modern analog tape loop sound movement, without the expense of investing in pedals and other outboard equipment. You can shop at WitsEnd Mosaic,, Make it Mosaics, and Mosaic Smalti all simultaneously with our easy-to-use shared shopping cart as well as secure checkout. Browse through each shop by clicking on the tabs for stores near the top of the website. When you’re ready for checkout just click on the shopping cart to view everything you purchased from every store in one easy spot.

With the power of the Mosaic engine, Heavyocity took the stunning warbling and decayed tone of analog tapes and created an approach to allow you complete control over them through the intuitive Kontakt interface. Much more than other software developers, Heavyocity excels in the creation of stunning sound design engines in Kontakt which permit composers to take their sound samples into new soundscapes. It’s amazing to possess a powerful engine, however, it’s not a big deal that only a few professionals are able to figure out the best way to utilize it. Heavyocity Media presents Mosaic Tape The fourth installment of The Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments.

Custom orders, defined as sizes specific to the application that are not available on our website, are not returnable without prior approval, except in the event of a Company error. For additional information on planning your mosaic, as well as cutting, grouting, and laying tile check out our Mosaic Frequently Asked Question page, or the How To Mosaic blog, or our Mosaic Information Guide. Be aware of the fact that Sample Library Review recommends products because they’re useful and valuable but not because of the tiny commissions that are earned if you decide to purchase something. Do not spend cash on these products in the event that you do not feel you require these items or that they could assist you in reaching your objectives.

Mosaic Tape continues the mission of Mosaic and delivers a unique sound palette that is built around the qualities that Heavyocity finds inspiring about the enchanting sound of analog tape. The analog tape’s sound is now a sought-after sound for numerous ambient and instrumental compositions. Heavyocity’s most recent release in the Mosaic series, Mosaic Tape, brings you all the decay and warble of analog tape, without the cost of buying external gear.

Mosaic Tape includes an extensive collection of presets for snapshots, and equipped with a highly robust sound design engine, Mosaic Tape can allow you to make analog-style sound effects to the fullest. Mosaic Tape is the fourth installment in The Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments. Mosaic Tape will continue the work of Mosaic and deliver a distinctive sound palette built around the things that Heavyocity finds inspiring about the beauty of old analog tape. The adhesive is water-resistant and will not lose its grip working in the office in the event of exposure to water. Another option for using tape is to not make use of contact paper.

Instead, put the tape over the pattern, with the sticky side in the middle Then, stick the tiles down to the tape. A roll of contact paper that is clear purchased from the supermarket is cheap and well worth the cost. Color Masking Tape with a coated crepe backing with rubber adhesive. The adhesive is designed for quick release and excellent adhesion to many substrates. The adhesive is designed to be released after installation and not leave the residue of adhesive on your tiles. The acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive system offers cohesion and adhesion that results in a permanent bond that has practically no edge bleeding. Stable long-term aging stability without the risk of yellowing.

How to Get Mosaic Tape for Free

The film’s adhesive bonds are strong enough to make mosaic tiles that allow sheets to be moved and handled however it releases completely without leaving any residue. The roll is 6 inches in width however it is able to be used on 12-inch sheets by simply making two strips that are slightly separated.

The tape is transparent, so patterns that are divided across multiple sheets are aligned and the grout joints can be matched. The tape is offered with a roll of 108 feet long. I’ve yet to discover an Heavyocity library that doesn’t excite me. Contrary to its predecessors, Mosaic Tape doesn’t come to the table with commonly played instruments or sound. In contrast, Mosaic Tape brings several typical sounds and instruments to the table, and it pushes the sounds through an engine that encapsulates the analog tape’s sound.

The product is 5.2 mil painter’s blue masking tape that has specially developed organic solvent-based rubber adhesion which provides clear removal characteristics and UV resistance that can be that is up to… The adhesive is released completely from all tile materials that have been tested and leaves no sticky remnants. The unique sound that comes from Mosaic Tape means it probably isn’t something you be using every day, and for all applications.

From altered strings and smoky keys to percussion that is tuned along with vocal pads, Mosaic Tape displays the dramatic potential of applying a process to tapes from a range of sources. It is the Original Tile Tape is a front-mount crystal clear, extremely robust adhesive film that can be used to create mosaics made of ceramic, stone, or metal tiles. Simple for use Tile Tape is resistant to stretching and breaking and is made to hold tiles securely until installation, and then removes cleanly and leaves no residue of adhesive on the tiles. It is Original Tile Tape is a front-mount crystal clear, extremely durable adhesive film to make mosaics made of ceramic, stone glass, metal, and other tiles. The Mosaic Mounting Tape 6 inches x 8 feet is a clear adhesive film that is used to face-mount mosaic tile designs that allow for quick installation.

It’s not a “con”, but just something to keep in mind. There is no heat gun or another device is required in order to use Tile Tape thus saving energy and money. When you make an order, we’ll calculate delivery and shipping times for you, based on the availability of your products as well as the delivery options that you select.

This application requires Native Access to install or register, as well as activation. Start the Native Access-Software, and log in using the Native Instruments credentials to start the configuration. Mosaic Tape is a truly unique hybrid instrument, however, the true power lies in the exciting combinations that are created by layering the sources of its source across the three channels of the Mosaic Engine. Rhythmic, lyrical, sparse, emotional, dynamic. The possibilities are endless and especially when Mosaic Tape is packed with more than 100 carefully-crafted Snapshots to help you get going. We are able to ship to almost every address around the globe. Be aware that there are limitations on certain products and certain products can’t be shipped internationally.

Mosaic Tape System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 2.4 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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