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Mosaic Bass

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the publishing company. Most software works on each Mac as well as Windows computers, however, you need to check to ensure. Proxy Access PresetHere’s an organ that is distorted in sound.

Mosaic Bass Features

If you’re unfamiliar with Heavyocity products, you should take a look at the Gravity Review and Walkthrough. The most recent Kontakt Library from Heavyocity is Mosaic Bass. It contains 3GB of synth bass samples, including around 200 snapshots as well as more than 1000 individual samples. The presets are divided into two categories: both mellow and aggressive. Each of them is subdivided into three sub-categories: Playables, Rhythms, and Pads.

More than 200 expertly-crafted snapshot presets provide the ideal starting points for the composer who is creative. Finding the perfect present has never been simpler than with instant digital delivery and the flexibility to pick among more than 58,000 music products. You can get a gift that any musician will appreciate -it’s a Sweetwater Electronic Gift Card. The filter cutoff determines the frequency at which it filters and the Res determines the resonant peak that the cutoff.

For me was even more impressive were the categories ‘rhythms. If you don’t use excessively closed chords that fall on the lower portion of the MIDI note range, they are incredibly inspiring and make excellent use of modulation options. Media composers can easily construct the foundation of a complete cue using just a single Mosaic Bass preset and, provided you’re willing to explore the engine by yourself you will have a huge potential for creating creation of your custom sound design. Mosaic Bass offers an extremely diverse and dynamic bass instrument. The strength of it is the incredible combinations you can build by layering your sources throughout three of the Mosaic Engine’s three channels.

This could possibly be said about pads in the categories. They make great use of envelope modulation and, while excellent for low-end pad applications, many can be used across a broad range of pitches for all-purpose pad tasks. Like you would expect it is true that the Kontakt 6 front end and sound engine are identical but the primary focus of the samples underneath is the synth bass sound.

The 3GB of content is divided into over 50 distinct bass and sub-bass sounds. the sounds are enhanced by an additional 50 sound layers, drones, and “attack” sounds. They can certainly be mixed in many different ways using 3 sound slots provided by the front-end. Heavyocity has over 200 distinct Snapshot presets, which are categorized into two categories, namely “mellow” and “aggressive’ with each having sub-categories for playable, rhythms, and pads. Like you would expect from the majority of Heavyocity products, Mosaic Bass is nothing more than an exceptional instrument.

How to Get Mosaic Bass for Free

One of the first things you’ll see is the massive circle that is located in the center of your screen. This is known as the Macro knob. It can be used to control the six sliders that you can see on the right and left. This will create a continuous movement that makes your standard bass and pads sound more thrilling. Every setting can control three channels since each preset has 3 channels or samples. You can switch each of the six sliders off or on and also limit the limit of the range.

You can set each one to an individual rate, with a varying amount of steps. Like the Macro Sequencer, you can select (Retrig/Legato/Free One-Shot/Run) for the types. Find one of the best loyalty programs across all plugin stores.

Although you can control the Macro Knob by hand This page lets you modify it automatically. You can alter the rate and Steps, as in addition to the Type (Retrig/Legato/Free run/One-shot) and the Shape that comes with the usual Heavyocity setting (Triangle Comb, Triangle or Ramp-Up/Ramp-Donor Random.) This is what makes the library awesome. In the lower-left on the screen, each channel can be depicted with a Mute/Solo as well as the Volume knob. You can also choose the name of the sample, and it will up an Options tab.

Made in the Redwood City facility, it includes a bolt-on maple neck with a fingerboard made of maple or rosewood and an adjustable headstock that tilts back to ensure maximum tone and string tension. When paired with an Ash body, the combination produces an instrument with warmth, punch, and clarity. With two specially designed narrow aperture dual-coil pickups as well as an active 3-band circuit it’s the Mosaic Pro delivers a wide variety of tonal shaping options and sound effects.

The synth bass has never before been offered this type of musical possibility. The Mosaic Engine gives you a powerful instrument for creative layering processing, sound, and design. The third release from Heavyocity’s Mosaic Series, Mosaic Bass is a great complement to earlier released Mosaic Voices as well as Mosaic Keys to create the tone for film television, game, and film soundtracks. Mosaic Bass is ideal to create those dark and brooding soundscapes that are brimming with imminent doom and danger which are fashion right now.

The pitch bend and velocity ranges can be adjusted for each channel. Through Mosaic Bass, you can modify the speed of motion by pressing the up and down arrows next to control and then dragging it either way. This sets both the lower and upper amounts to be controlled. Everywhere you can notice the link icon it will allow you to link three channels so that they are all controlled. Mosaic Bass was certainly developed for scoring (it’s Heavyocity, after all.) It’s perfect for ambient drones, as and pulsating tension cues for the Investigative/Lab scenes genre. Type lets you choose from a range of standard shapes. The options pages allow you to select and browse for examples of each channel.

Mosaic Bass System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: 2.5 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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