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For detailed instructions for MODFLOW installation Please go to Section “Installation as well as Execution” of the MODFLOW 6 Release Notes, which are included in the download. A brand new Buoyancy package that extends MODFLOW 6’s Groundwater Flow Model of MODFLOW 6 to show a variable-density groundwater flow. This brand new BUY Package allows you to simulate issues that are related to saltwater intrusion deep-well injection storage and recovery of aquifers as well as brine migration. Another package is available to move water in a single package to the specific capabilities of the more advanced stress software. It is worth noting that the GWF Model also has packages to control the output of the model. To summarize Modflow Processing Modflow is a specific tool that can be utilized by experts to build an elaborate model of the flow in groundwater in order to present data in a more usable format.

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A surface-water flow model can be coupled with multiple groundwater models. The framework naturally permits future expansions to include simulation of solute transport. The GWT model used in MODFLOW 6 is a simulation of the three-dimensional movement of a single type of solute in groundwater flowing. This GWT Model solves the solute transport equation by using numerical methods and an extended CVFD approach that can be utilized using regular MODFLOW grids, or unstructured grids.

Also, refer to the USGS Water Resources Software User Rights Notice to get complete usage copies, copyrights, and distribution information. ModPATH is an extension to MODPATH allows tracking of particles inside MODFLOW 6 models that employ Discretization by Vertices and grids that are completely unstructured. Users do not require the approval of a license or permit to use the USGS to utilize this software. Users are able to obtain and install as numerous versions of this software as they want. The software versions below are offered on the internet for historical purposes only The pages could include incorrect information and broken hyperlinks.

Since its inception over the last 30 years, the MODFLOW program is widely employed by private consultants, academics, and scientists from the government to accurately, consistently effective, and efficiently analyze groundwater flow. While the MODFLOW versions typically are built on the base MODFLOW versions (previously MODFLOW-2005) There are a few limitations to their usage with different MODFLOW versions.

Modflow Features

A user-friendly interface that is graphical to make it easier and clearer the data input and visualization processes that work with results files that are virtually unlimited in size. Each version of MODFLOW that is listed above is built using the structured grid.


Additionally, it is stated that the software is made available under the understanding that neither USGS nor government officials of the U.S. Government shall be accountable for any damage caused by its authorized or unauthorized use.

The figure depicts the triangular grid, which is characterized by the fact that the area of triangular cell shrinks in areas that have huge hydraulic gradients, for instance, those around the shoreline of lakes and near pumping wells or along a stream. This kind of layered grid can be visualized using the Discretization by vertices Package in MODFLOW 6.

How to get Modflow Free

The various components of the groundwater systems could be addressed by using the modules as per the idea of the concept of a “component stereo model”. SWAT-MODFLOW is a hydrological model that combines SWAT land surface processes to the flow of groundwater in a spatially explicit manner. QSWATMOD is a QGIS-based graphic user interface that allows the linking of SWAT with MODFLOW. It also allows as well as running SWAT-MODFLOW simulations and viewing the results. MODFLOW is an executable command-line software that is written using FORTRAN it reads ASCII text as well as binary input files and writes ASCII texts and binary files to output. While skilled MODFLOW users might be able to create MODFLOW input files using hand, however, the majority of MODFLOW users use the GUI interface of a graphic used to create input files and then post-process to create output files.

Grid inputs and model inputs are updated at any point during the process of modeling as the objectives change, new data are collected, and a greater comprehension of the subsurface becomes apparent. When you upgrade to the most current version, your old license file won’t work anymore. Fill in the required fields in the Request License section then click Submit, and the program will download the new license file for you from the internet. This software release citation refers to the code/software itself (now called by USGS as”Software Release”) “Software release”) and refers to specific versions of the code as well as a release date. A program to convert MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOWNWT models to MODFLOW 6 data. For MODFLOW users who have models already and models, this MODFLOW 6 distribution comes with the conversion program to transform a MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW NWT model to MODFLOW 6 format. MODFLOW six formats. Limitations in the UNREGISTERED Version Demo is an application that opens existing Processing Modflow Processing X or Modflow, 11 models.

MODFLOW 6. It is an object-oriented software and framework that was designed to offer an environment that can support various types of models in this same model. MODFLOW 6 is the latest version. MODFLOW is referred to with the letter “6” since this is the 6th model of MODFLOW to be released by the USGS. With the new model, any number of models could be used in the simulation. They can be completely separate from one another, without interaction. They can exchange data between them or be tightly linked at the matrix level, by joining them into an identical numerical equation. The transfer of data between models is separated from exchange objects, which allows models to be created and applied independently of each other. In this new framework groundwater models at a regional scale can be integrated with groundwater models that are local in scale.

Water Budget calculator for computing sub-regional water budgets and inter-regional budget for water. It is also able to create time-series of the water budget for models that are transient. Processing Modflow is an integrated and comprehensive groundwater modeling software that is utilized by a variety of organizations, including research institutes and consulting firms, government organizations, and even entities belonging to the United Nations. Processing Modflow 8 is a follow-up to Processing Modflow Pro (7. 8. x) and comes with the following elements. The current editions of these programs work exclusively with Microsoft Windows, however previous versions of GMS (up to version 3.1) were designed for a variety of Unix platforms. It is available online as a guide to input that provides the input for the MODFLOW-OWHM packages it supports, and a formal document is available located at the USGS Publications Warehouse. A number of graphical interfaces were initially designed using the MODFLOW-96 program.

Advanced MODFLOW versions come with specific MODFLOW variations and versions of MODFLOW which use more recent formulations. ModelMuse is a grid-independent graphic user interface provided by the USGS for MODFLOW 6. MODPATH, SUTRA, and MODPATH version 1.51. Alongside the numerous features that have been redesigned or added as well as the MODFLOW 6-specific input layout is also revamped. The input files for package data are separated into blocks. Keywords that provide information are used to mark the data with numbers and to activate options. A new groundwater flow formula was specifically designed in ModFLOW 6 and the GWF Model in MODFLOW 6. It also increases the efficiency of the groundwater simulation where the grid of the model is not in compliance with certain geometric specifications. Therefore, the XT3D alternative is a viable alternative in place of the Ghost-Node Correction Package, which was created for MODFLOW-USG.

Modflow System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB if free space required.
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